Penny Barber - Mom Sexually Humiliates You

Penny Barber – Mom Sexually Humiliates You

Lately I’ve been hearing a wet, telltale, fapping sound outside the bathroom door whenever I take a shower. I know you’ve been spying on me for a while now—your own step-mom! I’m finally going to do something about it. Let’s see how you like it! I make you take your cock out and am blown away by how big and beautiful it is, but just because I’m enjoying myself doesn’t mean that this isn’t still a punishment, Mister! While you like the attention, you’re still chagrined when I roughly squeeze and spank your embarrassingly hard dick. I make you to lie on the floor, your fear boner pointing straight at the ceiling, and slowly, tantalizingly step on your cock with my sexy, red stiletto heels and kick you in your swollen balls. It hurts, but nothing seems to make that hard on subside! OMG, is my stepson a pervert?! Maybe you need a taste of your own medicine. You’re going to sit there and watch while I masturbate to you for a change. With my vibrator pressed against my eager, little clit, you watch me come, my fat, luscious tits exposed to your hungry gaze. You wish that you could stroke to this show, but I order you to keep your hands off of your own aching erection. Does that feel more like a punishment, you dirty boy? But I’m not a monster. You’ve been so thoroughly punished that I decide you can come. We drive out to a secluded parking spot. I know how much you love my breasts, so I pull my dress down as I reach between your legs and start to stroke your aching cock. You’ve been teased so much that only a few minutes into the handjob, you cover my face and tits with your hot, voluminous cum. Cleaning myself up with your clothes, I tell you to get out. That’s right: your wicked step-Mommy is leaving you out here NAKED! I’m sure someone will give you a ride home eventually, but you may have to earn it.

Penny Barber - Mom Sexually Humiliates You

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