Helena Price walks in with her Step-Sister, Nikki Brooks, and scolds her step-son, Elis Ataxxx, for playing video games all the time. They ask if the only social life he has is his game, and they tell him he needs to find some real girls. Helena and Nikki ask Elis if he’s gay, and they think they need to get him prepared for taking dick. The ladies put on strap-ons, and tell Elis he’s going to have to learn to suck dick. Helena tells Elis to get on his knees and suck her strap on. Elis sucks both Helena and Nikki’s strap-ons, and loves it. He bends over and Helena fucks his asshole while he sucks on Nikki’s strap on. Nikki takes her turn and also pegs Elis right in the ass until he’s riding her cock and wanting more. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Helena, Nikki, or Elis? Email us today.)


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Your Step-Mommy tells you there is nothing to worry about and has you touch her tits to help ease your nerves. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, your Step-Mommy exposes her bare pussy and bends right over infront of you to entice you.
She knows you’ve been exploring in your personal time and thinks it’s best you explore with her. She gets down on her knees and sucks your cock to get you nice wet and hard for you to slide inside of her. She backs up on your cock and fucks you until you blow your load deep inside of her.


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Your Step-Mommy is having breakfast and is stunned you’re even still in the house with the bus leaving any minute for school. She see’s you have quite the bulge in your pants and should send you to school like that to teach you a lesson. Instead, she tells you to sit down so she can give you a handjob before your stressful school day.
She pulls down your pants and takes out your cock and wastes not time. You are rock hard and throbbing in her hand. Slowly and sensually jerking you off, you leak pre cum showing your Step-Mommy you are ready to blow your load.
Eager to see your load, she lifts up her shirt and tells you to cum all over her huge tits just before the bus arrives. She sends you off to school relieved and milked. Now go catch that bus and get your ass to school!


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Nikki Brooks, POV, son begs his mom for the new ps5, it’s expensive and she knows that he’ll want games and extra controllers so his friends can play too, he offers to do more chores but she comes up with a special task for him to do instead, he needs to pleasure her and make her feel really good, he needs to sexually satisfy her, the further he goes the more stuff he gets for his game console, she strips down and encourages him to jerk off in front of her, masturbation encouragement, jerk off encouragement, masturbation, virtual pussy eating, pussy licking, he has to kiss all the way up her body, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, doggystyle, missionary, son fucks mom, son creampies mom, virtual creampie, family sex, fauxcest, older woman, mature, blondes, MILF** You could argue it all you wanted, Mom wasn’t going to spend 500 dollars on the new PS5. “Look, if all your friends have it, then why don’t you go to their house and play?” she responded. “I can just buy you a game and you can bring it over there.” You offered to do more chores, but you barely cleaned your room, and Mom said that taking out the garbage was a responsibility – you shouldn’t be doing it just because you wanted something. “Maybe we can work something out,” she replied, “it won’t really be a chore, but it’ll be a task.” It was an expensive console, and she knew that once you had it, you’d be on it all day long. That meant you’d need games for it, since you’d fly through them, and extra controllers so your friends could play with you. “I’ll get you the PS5,” she smiled, “under one condition. You have to make me feel really, really good.” “You’re a big boy,” she continued, “you know exactly what I’m hinting at.” When she wanted pricey, nice things from your father, what do you think she did? She used her pussy. Now it was your turn to show her just how badly you wanted that game system. “If you want all this stuff, maybe you should take off your pants,” she said bluntly. Just how far were you willing to go with your own mother? The further you went, the more you’d get for your PS5. It was your job to make sure she was completely sexually satisfied.


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Your mom Nikki Brooks is so proud of you! She told you that she wanted to see you get a little bit fatter for her and you went above and beyond! She questioned herself about if fattening you for her own satisfaction was the wrong thing to do, but you told mommy how much you love pleasing her and getting fat for her. Your mommy notices that you’re excited. It’s more difficult to see now with your huge belly in the way but your mom knows when your cock is nice and hard for her. She encourages you to let her show you just how much she loves fattening you up. She wants to help you cum. She tells you how big she plans to make you and how she knows that as you gain, you’re going to need your mommy more than ever. And you’re going to need mommy to take care of you forever. Mommy Nikki tells you how she is ready to take care of you in every single way. She is prepared to help you hold that big belly up so she can pleasure you when you can no longer reach. Mommy loves her growing boy so much!


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Scene 1: Mom Uses Me For Sex
Scene 2: Morning Nut To Clear Head
Scene 3: Gym Mom Shows Off Thigh Gap
Scene 4: Mom Seduces Hot Neighbor Into A Threesome


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Nikki Brooks, POV, mom and son, there’s a big family reunion coming up – parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents will be there, mom explains how she grew up in a very close and loving family, she tells you stories of how she bonded physically and sexually with her mother and father at a younger age – how they taught her the beauty of her own body and pleasured her, she also had to pleasure them and the rest of her family, free use family, it didn’t matter whether or not the relatives were male or female, it didn’t matter how young or old they were either, everyone was to love and pleasure one another and make one another happy, mom gets turned on thinking about how her parents used her, masturbation, mom masturbates, mom knows that her son will be used at the family reunion by everyone but she selfishly wants to be the first one to use him, mom fucks son, son fucks mom, virtual sex, cowgirl, riding, virtual creampie, son creampies mom, mom takes son’s virginity, MILF, older woman, first time sex, blondes, mom son, mother, family sex, dirty talk, taboo talk, fauxcest** You had a big family reunion coming up and all of your cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles were going to be there. “I want you to feel as close as I did to the family when I was growing up…” Mom began to say, “so, there’s a few things you should know.” Your family was different – they were extremely close and connected in a way that you hadn’t quite understood yet. “Growing up, we all had a special bond, a relationship that no one could break,” she explained. “My mom and dad taught me what it was like to truly care for your family and how to make one another feel good…to never doubt yourself.” It was important to go beyond the simple “I love you.” There were other ways to display affection, and what better way than physically? According to Mom, kisses and hugs released funny, little chemicals inside of your body that felt really good, and touching would do the same thing – it would cause both people to experience happiness and pleasure. Mommy told you about how her mother would kiss her on the mouth, and how Daddy would start to caress and massage her little breasts. “He would tell me that every part of my body was perfect,” she went on to say, “and I grew up feeling confident and good about myself…I felt empowered.” Because of this, she excelled in school and achieved great things – all from growing up in a loving, affectionate family. She went on to tell you stories of how her Daddy, your grandpa, would ask if it was okay to soak her little panties. He’d slide them to the side and show her all the special parts she had. “One of my favorites was when your grandma used to kiss me down there,” Mom said, her fingers now caressing her own pussy from being turned on, “and she would shove her tongue right into my pussy…” Daddy would climb over top of her and shove his big, thick cock inside her tiny mouth. “I want to feel like an accomplished parent like my father and mother were to me,” she confessed. “Mommy wants to watch all the family touch you and pleasure you…but Mommy selfishly wants the first round.” This type of family dynamic would allow all of your relatives to touch you in any way they wanted, whether they were pleasuring you or being pleasured themselves – it didn’t matter whether or not they were male or female. Everyone would love one another. No one would ever be rejected or be made to feel unloved. Everyone deserved pleasure and happiness. It was a special family where parents, cousins, aunt and uncles, and grandparents would bond in a physical and sexual way no matter how young or old they were. And now, it was your turn to bond, and you’d start at a younger age with your own mother. The rest of the family would soon follow.


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Scene One: Step Mom Is Desperate
My step-mom came to visit me at my new job, and she can clearly see that I am a big shot at work! She confesses to me that she is having some financial troubles and she really needs my help. “How is this my problem?!” I ask her. “It’s not your problem! But I really need money, sweetheart,” she tells me. She offers to work for me and make some money that way. “Please give me a chance and I won’t let you down!” she begs me. I tell her that I’m not sure if she’s the right person for the job, but I am willing to let her prove to me that she can do the job. “You are going to have to do some things that you might not want to do… I will need you to be naked around my office all the time!” I tell her. She thinks I am kidding at first, but I tell her that I am completely serious. “I will give you cash if you get naked for me and do some other things for me…” I tell her. She is unsure about what to do, but she really needs the money! I show my step-mom a stack of cash and she starts to strip out of her clothes for me. She takes off her bra and undies and before I know it, she is completely naked in front of me! “It’s nice having you on board, step-mom!” I exclaim. I tell my step-mom to walk out and leave my crowded office, completely naked! She must humiliate herself if she wants this stack of cash! She is nervous, but she does what she is told!

Scene Two: Why Are you Not Naked Step-Mom
I walk in to my step-mom’s house and she is fully clothed in the kitchen. “What are you wearing?! GET NAKED!” I demand. She laughs because she thinks I am joking. “I am serious! Take off your clothes right now or you are fired!” I exclaim. She starts to strip out of her clothes for me, because she is afraid of losing all of the money that I plan to give her. Once she is fully naked, I demand that she get down on her knees in front of me. I pull my hard cock out, right in front of her face. “Don’t be afraid of it! Give it a little kiss!” I exclaim. I convince her to put my cock in her mouth and give me a blowjob. “I haven’t had dick in so long! And you do have a really nice cock!” she admits to me. She keeps sucking on my cock and my step-mom isn’t too bad at this at all! “Stand up now, step-mom!” I tell her. I tell her to lean up against the kitchen counter so I can fuck her. She grabs her glass of wine and takes another sip first. I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy and she starts to apologize for being a mean step-mom towards me back in the day. After a few minutes, I cum inside of her. “Did you just cum?!” she asks me. “That’s part of our deal!” I remind her.

Scene Three: Step-Mom Cleans My Cock
I walk in to the living room to find my step-mom vacuuming and she is completely naked, like I asked of her. “You are dressed appropriately!” I tell her. “I’ll be right back step-mom, but you should keep cleaning!” I say. I walk back up to her quickly and I grab her big, natural tits. I push her down on the couch and I instantly shove my hard cock inside off her pussy. “You are taking your new job very well!” I tell her. I keep fucking her pussy harder and she tells me that I can do whatever I want to her. I know that she is so focused on the stacks of cash that I am giving her, that she does anything I want now and I love it! “This deal of ours is really starting to pay off for me!” she exclaims, while I fuck her. I flip her over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind while her big ass bounces up and down. “May I cum on your cock?” she asks me. “Yes, you may,” I give her permission. I fuck her in the missionary position next. When I get close to cumming, I make her get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in her mouth. She swallows it all, like a good step-mom should!
***Nikki Brooks Exclusive First Time Swallow!!!***

Scene Four: Step-Mom Has a Secret
My step-mom has a little chat with my step-dad and she is so angry with him, that she confesses to my step-dad that she has been fucking me! “Your son had a solution to my financial crisis after you screwed me over with that divorce! Your son fucks me all the time now!” she laughs at him. She calls me in to the room and I get on top of my step-mom, right in front of my step-dad. “How does it feel that your son is about to cuckold you!?” she asks. I lick my step-mom’s nipples before I shove my cock inside of my step-mom, while my step-dad sits in the room watching us. My step-mom keeps talking down to my step-dad while I keep fucking her in the missionary position. “I’m cumming all over my son’s cock now!” she moans. I fuck my step-mom until I creampie her pussy while my step-dad continues to watch!


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