Scene One: Masturbating to Mom
My step-mom is sitting in the kitchen wearing a bathrobe and drinking a glass of wine. She is waiting for me to get home, when her sister starts sending her some naughty photo’s. Since I am not home yet, my mom decides to send some dirty photo’s back! She takes a few pictures of her big tits and then she asks my aunt to send some upskirt shots next. “God, her pussy looks so good!” my mom moans, while she rubs her own pussy. She decides to take a short video of her rubbing her pussy and she sends it back to her sister. Then my mom stands up and takes some butt shots to send next. “I’m being a little slut for my sister!” she giggles. While my mom is masturbating, I walk in to the house because I left the party early. My mom doesn’t notice that I am home so I watch her masturbating and I start to jerk my cock while watching her. As she is cumming, she looks up and she finally notices that I am home! “Luke!! Oh my God! I told you to call me when the party ended!” she exclaims. I tell her that my phone died, and I ask her what she was just doing. She lies to me and she tells me that she was just online shopping, and she tells me to go take a shower. When I leave the room, my mom ponders whether or not I was just jerking off to her… and she decides that she wants to find out if I am going to finish…

Scene Two: Mom Wants a New Lover
My step-mom is standing in the kitchen and she is wearing a see-through black onesie that is also a thong! She starts to ask herself about how she should talk to me about what happened the night before. I walk in to the kitchen a few minutes later and she starts telling me “sometime it is better to keep things in the family.” With the outfit she has on, I can barely keep my focus on what she is saying to me! “Sweetie, are you starting to get excited?” she asks me, as I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants. “Well, look at what you’re wearing!!” I tell her. She tells me that she is flattered, especially since my dad has been too busy for her lately. She takes advantage of the situation and she gets down on her knees and pulls my cock out from under my shorts. She licks the tip of my cock before shoving my hard cock in her mouth. “I’ll keep you satisfied if you keep me satisfied,” she tells me. She pulls her onesie down, exposing her big tits to me. “You can squeeze them all you want!” she tells me. Then she bends over the kitchen counter and lets me grab her ass cheeks and rub her pussy with my hand. “Do you want to be a really good boy? Your father hasn’t fucked me in weeks! Big boys fuck their step-mommy’s… so be a big boy and fuck me!” she exclaims. She bends over the kitchen counter and I stick my cock in her pussy. She starts moaning really loud as I fuck her. “Let mommy fuck your cock,” she insists. She backs her ass up on to my cock and she starts to cum pretty fast. Right after she cums, I cum inside of her pussy. “Oh sweetie! Did you cum already?” she asks me. I am a little embarrassed at first, but my step-mom tells me that she’s really proud of me and that I did a good job… “By the way, call me mommy! Don’t call me Nikki anymore!” she tells me.

Scene Three: Mom Cures My Porn Addiction
I am in my bedroom looking for some porn to watch and jerk off to, when my mom walks in on me! My mom tells me that I don’t need porn anymore , because I have her now! She strips out of all her clothes and she tells me to jerk off while staring at her naked body. I do what mommy tells me to do! Then, she gets down on her knees and she starts to lick and suck my cock. “If you ever want some dirty pictures when I’m not home, you can just tell me and I will send you some!” she tells me. I tell her that I want to put my cock inside of her, so she lies down on the bed in the missionary position. I slap her clit with my cock before I put my cock inside of her pussy. “I was thinking of bringing my sister over to watch us!” she tells me, while I fuck her. I tell her that she can bring my Aunt Cory over to watch if she wants to. Then my mom flips over in to the doggystyle position and I fuck her pussy from behind. “I’m your mommy and your girlfriend!” she tells me. Her big ass bounces up and down on my cock and she reminds me that I am allowed to cum wherever I want! “You should cum all over my face and then I will kiss your father with my cummy lips!” she giggles. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off on to her face and in her mouth. I cover her face with my cum, just like she asked me to…

Scene Four: Step Mom Shares Aunt Cory
My mom and my aunt are making out with each other in bed, when my mom decides to tell my aunt all about what we’ve been doing lately! She admits to my aunt that I caught her masturbating the other day and that she saw me jerking off to her as well! She also tells my aunt that I found out that she secretly does porn and that I even jerk off to her porn sometimes! My mom gently pushes my aunt down on the bed and my mom starts to lick my aunt’s pussy. “I’ll teach him how to eat pussy! And I want you to watch him as he fucks me!” my mom tells my aunt. I walk in to the room and my mom tells me that I get to fuck my fantasy girl and my mom at the same time! I stick my cock down my Aunt Cory’s throat while my mom is still eating my aunt’s pussy. Then I shove my cock in Aunt Cory’s pussy while my mom sits on my aunt’s face and has her pussy eaten. “Aunt Cory normally gets paid for this, but she’s doing it to you for free because you’re family!” my mom tells me. My aunt sucks my cock so she can lick her pussy juice off of it! Then my aunt flips over in to the doggystyle position and I fuck my aunt while she eats my mom’s pussy out some more. “Do you want to see me cum in Aunt Cory’s mouth!?” my mom asks me. “Yeah!!” I tell her. I stick my thumb in my aunt’s ass while I am fucking her pussy with my cock! My aunt cleans my cock off with her mouth before I shove my cock in my mom’s pussy next. I tell my aunt and my mom to kiss each other while I fuck my mom’s pussy. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out of my mom’s pussy and I cum all over her face! Then she kisses my aunt again so the 2 of them can share my cum… I hope we can do this again soon!


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An intense taboo fantasy – not for the faint of heart. VERY EXTREME! Created for those interested in something far more than your typical family video.
Mom let out a big, tired yawn when you and your two buddies entered her bedroom. “Hey boys,” she smiled, “how are you? I’m not an old lady! What time is it? Okay, maybe just a little. What’s up, babe?”
She had ordered you boys three pizzas and a movie to watch, but now you guys were finished and bored. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?” she asked. “Stop! Stop jumping on the bed, I’m tired guys.”
Your buddies brought up watching an R-rated movie and Mom immediately shut down the idea. “I’m sorry if that makes you look uncool, sweetheart…” she whispered, “I’m going to respect what their parents say.”
However, after some coaxing, Mom reconsidered and went to reach for the remote to rent the movie. “Hey, don’t do that,” she said strictly with wide, surprised eyes. “Your friends are here, stop it.” You tried to show off by grabbing your mom’s big tits in front of them. Mom tried to pretend it didn’t happen, but they noticed, and she awkwardly had to explain that that wasn’t okay to do.
“Whoa, hey, you should keep your hands to yourself,” Mom said frightened when your friend joined in and shoved her. “Don’t you think, sweetie, that your friend should keep his hands to himself?” she turned towards you desperately. “Right?”
She could tell things were going in a bad direction, so she threatened to contact everyone’s parents about their behavior. That was a bad move on her part. “Excuse me, what did you just say?” she narrowed her eyes at your other friend, then turned towards you. “You’re going to allow your friend to say I’m dressed like I’m some slut? Really? These are the people you choose to be friends with and bring into your home?”
Mom wanted the party broken up – everyone needed to go home. On top of that, she made it clear that you were never going to hang out with these guys again. “Watch your tone,” she snapped at you. “You’re grounded: 1) for not standing up for your mother, and 2) for letting your friends disrespect you in your home.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Mom pulled back from your violent grab. “No, I’m not going to show you my fucking tits. I should slap you across the face for the way you’re behaving. Who are you right now?” You were beyond embarrassed for the way she talked to you in front of your friends and for the way she was treating them.
The three of you were going to teach her a lesson. She was practically begging for it with her little, slutty nightgown. You and your buddies would grab her, touch her, shove her, and force her to stroke and suck your cocks. You’d each have your turn penetrating her tight, pink pussy and fucking her as she begged for you to stop.
“Sweetie, tell your friends to stop, please,” she cried and screamed. “Do something!” She tried to fight it, smacking your hands, but it was helpless. “Baby, please listen to me, these are not your friends. Let go of me!”
The three of you would break her. Traumatize her. Take advantage of her. She’d never be the same again. She’d never disrespect you again.


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“So, first off,” Mom said with a sigh, “I’m so happy you’re here – it’s so good to see you. Um…so, your nephew has developed into a very interesting, young boy.” They were talking about you. You were the reason why Aunt Sydney, your mom’s sister, was over in the first place.
“He’s picked up this weird obsession with magic,” she went on to explain. Of course you didn’t consider it an “obsession” so to say, it was more of an infatuation for you. Mind controlling someone, freezing them – the idea of being able to make someone do whatever you wanted them to do was fascinating.
“All I’m saying is just humor him when he comes in,” Mom told her sister. “He’s going to come in here like a bat out of hell with a million things to show you. He’s really sweet, he’s still the same sweet boy.”
When you heard Aunt Sydney was visiting, you couldn’t wait to show off your magic wand. This one was special because it was handmade. You had shaped a piece of wood into a long, thin stick, then decorated the bottom of it with a beautiful, pink crystal. “Hey, whatcha got there, man?” Auntie asked when you ran into the room.
You pointed the wand at them and gave it a twirl. Mom and Aunt Sydney suddenly become sultry and sexy. “I’d love to wood work his wood, if you know what I mean…” Mom smiled devilishly. “Would you like that, baby? Would you like to stick that nice piece of wood right where it belongs in Mommy?”
Mom and Auntie giggled as they smacked one another’s butts and said all types of dirty, naughty things to you. Once the magic wore off, though, Mom and Auntie looked confused as if they hadn’t had any clue what just happened. “That was strange…” Mom said awkwardly, her eyes narrowed. “Did he have us turn around?”
“We are ready for your magic trick, sweetheart,” Mom said with a smile as if you hadn’t started. Another point and twirl and they were stripping down. “I can make things disappear,” Mom said seductively. The two groped their perky tits and jiggled their asses as they gave you a sexy striptease.
Once the magic wore off, they were in utter shock and embarrassment from being naked and exposed. “Oh, sweetheart!” Mom screamed trying to cover her body, and the two hid underneath the blanket. However, with another twirl of the wand, they’d be sucking your cock.
“Does Aunt Sydney suck your cock really good, sweetheart?” Mom asked as she watched her sister wrap her wet, warm mouth around your throbbing cock. They were crazy about your cock, desperate to taste it and pleasure it. “Doesn’t it taste so good?” Auntie asked her sister.
“Oh…my god, did we just…” Mom’s eyes widened in horror at the taste in her mouth. They were starting to piece together was going on. “Sweetheart, put it away! Sweetie, listen…” There was no way you were going to stop now – this was getting way too good.
Another twirl and Mom and Auntie were begging to have your mouth and tongue against their pretty, pink pussies. They wanted you to lick them and to get them off. Right as you were about to finish up with Mom, the magic wore off, and she looked down to see your face in-between her legs.
“Ah! Get off!” Mom screeched. “What is going on…what is going on. Everyone just needs to calm down. Stop with the wand, I’ve had enough with the fucking wand.” Another twirl and they wanted your cock inside of them. You fucked Auntie doggystyle, then Mom got on top to ride your cock.
“Why do I feel so good?” Mom said uncomfortably. “This is so fucking wrong.” She had hopped off of you and hid another the blanket again. “Uh…sis, it’s dripping out of you,” Auntie told Mom. Mom then looked down to see that her son’s cum was leaking out of her pussy.
“Oh my god…maybe-maybe that was just me,” Mom tried to comfort herself, but she knew the truth. In an attempt to finally get control of the situation, the two tried to chase after you to take the wand, but you froze them in place. They were completely stiff with unblinking eyes. Perfect – it’d give just enough time to hide the wand so you could do it all over again.


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A must-have mom & son clip! (We actually did find & use an older porn magazine we found of Nikki for this video.)
You looked at Mom, then down at the magazine, back up at Mom, then at the magazine again – it was definitely her. Mom struggled to see the TV from over your head. “Why do you always do that? You always sit right in the middle,” she said with frustration in her voice. “What? What is it? What’s up?”
You tossed the nudie magazine on the bed and Mom gasped in horror. “Where did you get this?” she snapped and hid the magazine behind her. “You know, that looks like Mommy, but it’s not Mommy.” Of course she was going to deny it. It didn’t matter, though, because you knew it was her.
“I’m…I’m not a liar,” she tried to defend herself, but gave up when she realized it was pointless. “I knew this would come back and haunt me. What I…what I mean to say is that…I don’t want to lie. Yes, that’s Mommy, but that was a very long time ago, decades old. I…I don’t want to say I didn’t know any better.”
“Mommy was just…uh…very curious,” she went on to say. “No, no, that does NOT mean you can do the same thing.” She tried her best to explain everything in a way you’d understand, in a way that didn’t make things sound bad, but couldn’t find the right words.
“Mommy was a slut,” she said bluntly, “and Mommy did things that she thought were going to be fun and exciting and they were, but Mommy didn’t think of the future. Mommy acted very spontaneously.” She did it because she needed money, because she needed to take care of herself, because it was easy and convenient at the time.
“Oh god, no, your father doesn’t know about this,” she laughed nervously. “Are you crazy? You can not tell your father about this – you understand that, right? No, you’re right, Mommy shouldn’t lie…” Something in your tone made her uneasy and cautious of what you might do, of what you might say, so she attempted to talk through the dicey situation.
“No, we shouldn’t keep secrets between family, but maybe we should keep this a secret, okay?” her nail tapped against the magazine. “You wouldn’t want Mommy and Daddy to get divorced, would you?” It was obvious that she was desperate to keep this hidden, which meant this was something you could take advantage of.
You were curious about what exactly it was that she had done in her younger years. She flipped through the magazine to show you, and to her surprise, had found even more perverted, disturbing, sexually explicit images of herself that she didn’t want you to see. “You already looked through the magazine, didn’t you?” she said defeated.
“See, this is just natural,” she showed you the nude images of herself. “When Mommy and Daddy are together, this is what Mommy does anyways. She just let someone take pictures of her. Wait, what did you just say to me? You will most certainly not tell your father. Are you…blackmailing me? My son, my young son, is blackmailing me?”
If she wanted to keep this a secret, you wanted something out of it. Since you really enjoyed the images of her in the magazine, you told her to pose in that exact same way for you. “No, I didn’t fuck anyone,” her eyes narrowed in anger, “and excuse your language. Since when do you use the f bomb around here?”
Okay, fine, she didn’t fuck anyone, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t lie to your dad about it. “There are no pictures of me sucking anyone’s cock,” she flipped through the pages. “Oh, I see…you’ll show him the magazine, then anything else you say after he’s just easily going to believe, huh? Well sweetheart, two can play at that game…”
Wait, what? Where was she going with this? Her tone turned seductive and vindictive. “I bet Mommy can do something none of the girls at school can,” she said, her soft hand wrapping around your stiff cock. “Oh, what’s wrong? Are you feeling a little uncomfortable? Isn’t it a little intrusive how I grabbed your cock and started stroking it? That’s how I felt when you came into my room and threw a dirty, porn magazine from decades ago in front of me…”
“What if Mommy just did this…”


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By far, one of the most intense & disturbing taboo clips I’ve ever released…
“Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting him a therapist,” Mom told her daughter. “Someone who is well educated, or at least someone who specializes in special cases.”
“Maybe he will be okay with it…” Mom went on to say, “he has to know that what he’s doing is wrong.” They were scared of you. Ever since Dad was out of the picture, you declared “man of the house” and made sure that Mom and your sister, Anastasia, knew who was boss.
You had become terribly sexually violent. You didn’t care how many times they cried, how times they begged you to stop – you got what you want. They couldn’t defend themselves against you, and it happened quite often. So much that they sat together quietly trying to find a solution to the aggressive, inappropriate behavior.
“Hey,” they put fake smiles on their faces when you entered the bedroom. “I was just talking about you,” Mom quickly said. “Your sister is going to go to her friend’s house, and why don’t I invite your buddy over and order some pizza? You guys can rent a movie…”
Friend’s house? No, she wasn’t going anywhere – they knew the rules. “Why can’t she go to her friend’s house?” Mom let out a nervous giggle. “It’s her friend…Dacey. You know Dacey’s mom likes taking the girls to the mall and…excuse me.” You had snapped at your mother, telling her that your sister was dressed like a slut, and she defended her.
“She does not look like a slut,” Mom said angrily. “No, there’s not going to be any boys at the mall. Why are you concerned with your sister’s life like that? Let her do her thing, okay? Sweetie, we’ve had a really tough couple of months and I understand everyone is re-adjusting to everything. Just let your sister go have some fun.”
They tried really hard to get you to hang out with your friend – a little too hard. “Why don’t you call him, huh?” Mom repeated, but that only pissed you off more. “I’m not trying to get rid of you, sweetheart.” You violently yanked on her arm and Mom comforted your worried sister who now wanted to stay to protect her.
“Your sister is going to go, okay?” Mom said sweetly. “Listen to me, sweetheart, you don’t run her life, okay? She’s growing up and she just…” Another arm jerk for the stupid bitch who thought you gave a damn what she thought. This, once again, upset your sister, but you knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. That neither of them could do.
“You know, bro, I’m not going to Dacey’s tonight or anything,” Anastasia blurted out with a smile on her face. “We were talking about a sleepover, but we didn’t set a date or anything.” Things were getting awfully suspicious, so you decided the both of them needed a reminder of who was in charge.
You yanked down your sister’s dress revealing her young tits, and she embarrassingly tried to cover up. “D-did you hear him? He wants me to…” Anastasia turned towards Mom with a shocked face, and Mom attempted to cover her up. That was until you told Mom to take them back out, and she did so obediently. “It’s okay, Mom…” Anastasia comforted her.
Mom tried the whole “rent a movie” bit again, which only caused you to become more frustrated. It was time for them to pleasure you again – it didn’t matter if they were willing or not. You’d yank on their bodies, shove their heads down on your cock, then push them back so you could see the tears in their eyes from gagging on it.
Mom and Anastasia tried to defend one another – how sweet. It didn’t matter, though, you always got what you wanted in the end. It didn’t matter who sucked your cock first, who you forced your cock into last – they both got it.
They needed to respect you as man of the house. They’d do everything you said, no matter what it was, or they’d be trained into obedience. It didn’t matter how many times Mom cried, “It’s not right.”


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“I know, I know, I’m not going to give you a list of things to do…” Mom began to say, “I just need you to do a few things, okay? Yes, throwing out the garbage, although that is a normal chore for you…”
Mom was dolled up in a black dress and ready to enjoy an evening out with her friends. “If you must know, Mommy is having a girls’ night!” she said excitedly. “Okay, so listen to me – you have food, videos games, and no bedtime. I’m the coolest fucking mom!”
In the middle of the conversation, however, Mom’s head started twitching to the side. “G-g-g-g-girlfriend mode enabled,” she stuttered as sparks and smoke shot out from her body, her eyes wide and blank. “Or maybe you can spend the night with me…” she flirted. “Aww, why do you look so surprised? Girls’ night? Who needs a girls’ night when I have you? So sexy. Ooooh, what’s this?”
Her hand brushed up against your cock and you quickly smacked it away. “Hey! Ow, that wasn’t very nice. Oh come on, don’t you want your girlfriend to touch right there?” she purred, her hand once again caressing your cock.
You had no idea what was going on. Mom had never acted this way towards you – was she calling herself your girlfriend? “You’re not being very fun,” she pouted. “I know what you want. Do you like it when I’m naughty? What do you mean? Who said I couldn’t be naughty?” She got on all fours, lifted up her dress, then shook her big butt in front of you.
“I bet you love it when I tease you,” she smiled, “and put it right in your face.” Suddenly her head started twitching, sparks and smoke shooting out from her body, and she started talking normal again – like a mom.
“And then me and the girls are just going to get some drinks and some food, then I’ll come home,” she went on to say. “You’ll probably be asleep on the couch. What are you talking about? Why am I acting weird? Because Mommy, for once, wants to go out.” She had no idea what had just happened. She didn’t acknowledge the flirting, the teasing, or caressing your cock.
“You know, believe it or not, I do have friends,” she said. “Excuse me, it’s none of your business what I’m wearing underneath. I…I didn’t show you anything. Anyways, it’s none of your business. So, Samantha’s number is on the counter…”
And just then again, right in the middle of her talking, Mom’s head twitched and sparks and smoke shot out from her body. Her arms were stiff and bent in front of her and you could hear her mumble, “Girlfriend mode enabled.”
Mom turned towards you again, a big smile on her face, and let out a cute giggle. “I say you and me have some fun,” she said happily. “Oh, come on, take it off! I dare you, no, I double dare you! Come on, take them off! Okay, I’ll do it for you. Stop it, silly! You’ve been hiding a dirty, little secret from me, haven’t you?”
Mom’s personality was so bubbly, sweet, and seductive – she was acting like the perfect girlfriend. “What do you mean why am I acting strange? How am I acting strange?” her voice was sultry and sexy. “Don’t you want me to act like this? Of course I’m acting sexy! I can also be slutty – take this off! Give it to me!”
She pulled down her lingerie to reveal her big boobs, then dove down to wrap her warm, wet mouth around your cock. “Did you like that?” she flirted. “I think we should do more fun stuff, like take all of this off. Why do you keep saying that to me? Why do I have to act proper?”
Mom slipped off her lingerie, then masturbated and moaned in front of you. “I wanna be your slutty girlfriend,” she said. “Come on, play with yours – we can play together.” When she couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled you over and stuck your hard cock inside of her.
“That’s it…nice and sl-sl-slooow,” she stuttered as you fucked her, then returned to her bubbly, seductive personality. “Don’t you want to cum in me?” She got up, pushed you back onto the bed, then got on top of you to ride you. “Your mommy? I mean, if you wanna call me that, if that’s what floats your boat. I prefer to be your slutty girlfriend who gets to make you cum…”
Her body twitched wildly as she fucked you. She giggled, then became completely quiet, her head shifting downward. “What’s with that face? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Don’t you want to cum in your slutty girlfriend?” she asked as she continued to ride you, unaware of what just happened.
You finally came inside of her, which stopped her completely. Her eyes became wide and blank, her voice monotone and robotic. “Liquid detected. Shutting down. Sh-sh-sh-shutting dowwwwn,” she said, sparks and smoke shooting every which way from her body, her head then falling down. A huge blast of sparks and smoke shot up from her back.


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Your family loved traditions. Things like sitting by the fireplace right before opening Christmas presents, shopping for lights, drinking hot cocoa, and wearing matching pajamas. It was a special, fun way to bond, and you had grown used to those things growing up.
“Now we know you’re very young and it’s still a few years before you hit puberty…” Mom went on to explain, “but in our family, we like to start things a little early.” It was another family tradition, Auntie Carmen told you, and it would also serve as a learning experience.
“A coming of…maturity,” Mom told you. “See, our dad, he was a very traditional man…and although we weren’t always in agreement with it, Mom told us that one day he would come in and set forth the steps for us to become a woman.”
“He would show us what it would be like to be in bed with the opposite sex,” Auntie went on to say. “And what better way to learn than with someone you love dearly like your mom and auntie?”
Mom and Auntie explained that their father took their virginities, and continued to have sex with them from there on out. Sometimes it hurt and sometimes they didn’t want to do it, but they understood it was family tradition. “So, the good thing is that you don’t have to suffer through that hurting,” Mom comforted you, “unless you have a daughter…but that’s a different story, we would help you through that.”
“See, our dad was a little more forceful, he didn’t have patience…” Mom explained. “I don’t want that for you. I want you to see how enjoyable and awesome it is – it’s all through love.” You couldn’t say no to this tradition, it would upset Mom. It had been running in the family for years, and now it was her turn to pass it down to you. Auntie would assist her just in case you were a little shy or uncomfortable.
Mommy would start off by touching your pee-pee while Auntie undressed. “That way you don’t feel so embarrassed about this…” Auntie told you. “I’ll show you all of my stuff if you show me all of your stuff.”
Mommy and Auntie went back and forth taking care of you while you groped their beautiful, mature bodies. They then put your pee-pee inside their wet, warm mouths as they comforted you. Once they had you erect, Mommy put your pee-pee inside of her to get it wet, then let Aunt Carmen fuck you first.
It was very important in family tradition that you cum inside Mom, so she went next. “You did a good job, honey,” Auntie smiled at you. “And we can show you so many more techniques and ways so you’re prepared when you meet that right girl…”
“And if you don’t meet that right girl,” Mom said quickly, “Mommy and Auntie will always take care of you – we’ll make sure you’re never lonely…”


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Warning – this is an EXTREME taboo clip. One of my favorites!
“Oh, he’s so cute…I got him this set,” Mom smiled at your aunt. “We’re going to play a really fun game,” Auntie went on to tell you.
You had been wanting a doctor play set for so long, and now Mom finally gotten one for you! “I thought me and Aunt Carmen could have the same one…” Mom said cheerfully, “totally cool, huh?!” To start things off, Auntie wanted you take off your shirt so she could hear your heartbeat.
“Yes, just like at the doctor’s office!” Mom told you, then let out a little sneeze. “Oh no, you’re going to have to check me! I think Aunt Carmen should teach you how to use those tools.”
All of this seemed so exciting and fun to you, but what you didn’t know was that Mommy and Auntie had an ulterior motive. “You know, sometimes this is too tight,” Mom said taking off her bra. “You know at the doctor’s office how they make you wear that gown? That’s so you don’t have any stuff covering you up.”
“I think we can hear Mommy’s heartbeat much better without clothes on,” Auntie explained. Mom continued to take deep breaths as Auntie moved the stethoscope on different areas of Mommy’s chest, including her nipples, which you didn’t even you could do!
“Did you know, sweetie, that there’s a heartbeat all along the entire human body? Because the b1ood pulsates through arteries, which run all over our body!” Mom told you. “So, let’s see if we can hear my heartbeat from all the way down there…” Auntie pressed the instrument against Mommy’s panties and told her to breathe in.
Once you were finished with Mommy, it was Auntie’s turn. After you finished checking her, Mommy and Auntie wanted to check your whole body. They first listened to your heartbeat, then checked your little wee-wee. “See, the doctor has to check everything,” Mommy told you. “We have to make sure you’re healthy,” Auntie said.
Auntie then had to touch and pull on your pee-pee to make sure everything felt right. “It’s very firm,” she told you, “and it feels good, you’re very healthy.” And since Mommy was feeling a little warm, she needed you to check her temperature, but the thermometer needed to go in a very special spot.
“And since we can’t stick one of these in your special spot,” Mom went on to explain, “if we put your wee-wee in our mouths, that’s the best way a mommy and an aunt can tell if you have a fever.” If your pee-pee was warm in their mouths, they could tell whether or not you were sick.
So, Mommy checked first, putting your little pee-pee in her wet, warm mouth, then Auntie went next. After inspecting your private area, you needed to learn how to inspect theirs, so Auntie taught you how to use a doctor instrument to check Mommy. Of course, they also taught you to put a finger inside to feel for anything, too.
“Oh, that feels really good, sweetie,” Mommy said as she made funny sounds you had never heard before. Auntie said you were making Mommy feel a lot better. “You know how else you can check someone else’s temperature and see if they’re feeling good? Is if you stick your wee-wee inside of them…”
So, you put your wee-wee into Auntie’s special spot and Mommy listened to her heartbeat. Next, you put it inside of Mommy, and Auntie made sure that Mommy was okay, too. Something eventually spilled out of your pee-pee, but Mommy and Auntie said it was okay – it was a special medicine that they both needed to swallow.


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“So, how was it?” Mom asked enthusiastically. You had told her and your sister, Anastasia, that you were finally going to ask out your crush from school. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” her face dropped at your reply. It was a painful rejection.
It was humiliating, embarrassing…and you were so ashamed that you wished you had never done it at all. Mom and Anastasia tried their best to make you feel better, but it didn’t work. “We are the only women you need in your life…” Mom told you, “your mom and your sister. We’re always going to be here for you.”
It wasn’t the same, but Mom understood that. “I hate to break it to you,” she began to say, “but there are going to be a lot of times where you just may not be the right fit for a girl…and girls get rejected, too.” Of course Anastasia tried to act like she had been rejected, but you knew it was a lie to cheer you up.
“The point is, sweetheart, you’re still a handsome boy,” Mom comforted you. “You’re a great looker, you’re charismatic, you have charm…you’re romantic, smart…you’re funny, you always make me and your sister laugh…” So, what Mom was trying to say was that you shouldn’t get hung up on this girl because you were something special. But if that were true, why did you get rejected?
Truth was – you didn’t think you were handsome or “sexy.” And you didn’t really believe that your mom or sister thought you were either. “We can’t act it out. I personally think you have a really nice body, sweetheart, but that doesn’t mean I want to do anything with it…” Mom said awkwardly. “No, not because you’re not attractive. Ugh, we’re fucking ourselves on this one…”
And who knew what was between your legs – it could be something really big that could intimidate girls. “No, I don’t want to see it,” Mom told you, but you really wanted an honest opinion. “Well, because you’re my son…and I shouldn’t.” But after a minute of begging, she finally agreed to see if it was “attractive.”
“Wow…that’s interesting,” Mom’s eyes widened at your big cock. “Well, that was her loss. Congratulations, sweetheart, the dick fairy truly spilled his pixie dust on you.” Mom and Anastasia had grown so incredibly embarrassed and distracted by the size of your cock, that Mom was mixing up her words. You asked them to touch it, and they agreed for the sake of making you feel attractive. “This will prove that you’re attractive, right? If we do this… Okay, that seems justifiable.”
And with that one touch, they were hooked. They found reasons to wrap their wet, warm mouths around your cock, then to have you penetrate them with it. “Honey, even your sister wants to fuck you – doesn’t that prove how sexy we think you are?” Mom said after an overwhelming orgasm.
After coming inside your sister, the two of them sat in front of you with big smiles. They reminded you that they’d always be there for you no matter what happened. “You’re a sexy man and I love you,” Mom said sweetly.


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