Honey,” Mom shouted, “I need you.” She closed the door behind her, sat down on the black, leather couch, and kicked off her heels. After a long day of work, she was ready to relax, and your daily task helped her in doing that. “Can you…do that thing? I need you; I need to relax. I had such a long day, I’m stressed out…” she said as she unbuttoned her shirt and slid off her panties. “I need one of your special little massages. You know just what Mommy needs, don’t you?” This was completely normal for you. When Mom stepped through that door after work, she was ready to be pleasured. Now that she bare and exposed, you started sucking on her big, perky tits, and twirling your tongue around her nipples. She moaned softly, enjoying all the sexual attention you were giving her, and you made your way down to her pretty, pink pussy. “Oh my god, yes…” she purred, her body twitching to your licks, “just a little bit longer, then Mommy needs your cock.” When she was ready, you penetrated her warm, wet pussy, and she gave you a big, satisfied smile. “Make me feel good…” she said. “Fuck me. Your cock feels so good.” You brought her to an amazing orgasm, and she told you how good you felt inside of her. “My pussy is dripping…” she said in-between breaths. “You know just what I need after a long day.”


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“What’s the matter?” Mom asked with a concerned look on her face. “Why are you sweating so much, honey? Are you okay? Are you nervous about your date?”
In an attempt to “impress” your date, you had taken two of Dad’s Viagra pills, and now you had a rock hard, throbbing cock that you couldn’t control. “I know you’re nervous about your date, but you’re young, you don’t need that,” Mom lectured. “That’s for older guys that need help. How many did you take? You’re supposed to take, like, half – how much did you take? You took two? That is way too much! No wonder.”
She looked down at your erection in disbelief, her hand pressed against her head, and sighed. “Did you try to jack off? The only way you’ll feel better is if you cum – you have to cum. Your date is in an hour, you have to get rid of that thing. This is a really nice girl, you can’t screw that up,” she said bluntly.
Of course you tried to jerk off, but the Viagra was so strong, it didn’t do anything. “Alright, we’re just gonna get you off so you can go on this date,” Mom started to say, “and don’t you ever do this again, and we’re not going to talk about this, okay?” She sat up, wrapped her hand around your cock, and started stroking it. “How does that feel?” she asked. “Does it feel like you’re going to cum? Not sure?”
“Maybe if I take my top off…” Mom thought out loud, then pulled off her shirt, “just trying to help.” She encouraged you to take deep breaths, but the stroking wasn’t doing much for you, so she decided to try her mouth. “Still nothing? That always works for your father – that’s like my go-to move when I’m trying to get him off,” she sighed.
“Okay, this is what we’re going to do…you’re not going to like it, I’m not going to like it, but it’s what we gotta do,” Mom began to say. “I’m just going to let you use my body, just use it, put your penis inside of me, and I’m going to let you cum.” You pushed yourself into Mom’s pussy and she let out a soft moan.
“It’s okay, just cum…” she said in-between breaths. “Yes, just use me, fuck me…yes, there you go.”


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A very passionate & romantic experience between mom and son.
“Hey honey,” Mom’s gentle voice said, “I was thinking we could talk.” Her fingers ran through her long, red hair as she sat down on the bed beside you. “I…don’t know how to approach this subject…” she said nervously, her eyes awkwardly shifting away from yours, “I’ve been having these feelings that I’m unsure of.”
“And I don’t really know how to describe them, or what to do about them, but I think I just need to figure it out,” Mom struggled to say. She continued to tell you how much she loved you, and how wonderful, kind, and sweet she thought you were. “I think about you first thing in the morning when I wake up…and all day, and I think about you at night before I go to bed,” she confessed. “And I don’t think anyone’s going to hold a place in my heart the way that you do. I just get so happy when I’m around you – it’s almost like my heart skips a beat.”
Mom blushed as she admitted that her feelings for you were somehow different – something more than the typical mom/son relationship. “Maybe…I might actually be in love with you. I know it’s kind of strange, and I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but I do…and I don’t think those feelings are going anywhere,” she said sweetly.
“So, I kind of want to see if we can explore this and see if it’s real, or what it is…and how it goes,” she said shyly. “I was hoping that maybe I could give you a kiss…a real kiss on the lips and we could see if there was any spark or connection there.” Mom knew it was weird for you, but she reassured you that everything would be okay. She leaned to give you a soft, passionate kiss, then pulled back with an enormous smile.
“Did you feel that?” Mom asked happily. “You’re not sure? I mean, I definitely felt that…maybe we should try it one more time.” She leaned in again, and this time, even you felt the spark between the two of you.
The both of you would continue to take your time as you explored one another’s body. Mom would ask you to feel her big, soft, beautiful breasts, then would gently and slowly slide her hand up your leg to your hard cock. This, in turn, would lead into passionate love making, developing a brand new mom/son relationship – one where Mom was your lover.


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“Oh I know, he takes forever,” Mrs. Secret smiled at you. “It’s fine, you can hang out in here with me.” She could tell you were growing impatient while waiting for her son to get ready.
“I just noticed you have such gorgeous dark brown hair…and beautiful blue eyes,” she said sweetly. You couldn’t help but blush as she complimented your features and told you how handsome you were. “You really, definitely are a good looking k!d…practically a man now,” she commented as her eyes went up and down your body.
The beautiful redhead walked towards you and placed her hand on your cock. “It’s okay…I know I’m married, but I’ve been kinda wanting to do that. I’m so lonely, and no one pays me any attention,” she said gently groping your cock. “Just let me do it…it’ll feel good.” As her hand brushed against your cock, she admitted that she wanted another baby, but her husband told her he was finished.
“I think you’ve got some great genes. I’ve been watching you lately and noticing some features…and I think we’d make such a beautiful baby together. You wouldn’t have to be the dad or anything, and my husband would think it was his,” Mrs. Secret confessed. “I really just want you to impregnate me and fill me up with your cum.”
“I’m sure you’ve had some fantasies about older women – I know all you young guys do,” Mrs. Secret said seductively. “He’s going to be in there for a long time, I promise.” She knew you were worried about her son and husband, but she reassured you everything would be fine – no one would know anything.
Her hand now stroked your cock, and she gestured for you to follow her into the kitchen where you’d fill her with your seed and beautiful genes.


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Scene One: Mommy Uses Me
Luke’s horny mom comes in his bedroom one evening while his father is away; she is holding her vibrator in her hands. She explains to Luke how her vibrator is broken and she needs to use him just this one time to help get herself off… and she promises that she won’t tell his father! “I’m going to have to get another toy, but this will work for now” his mom says, as she grabs Luke’s hard cock and rubs it up against her clit. Then she asks Luke to stand up and continue to rub the tip of his cock up and down against her clit, just like her toy would if her toy was still working. Luke accidentally slips the tip of his cock inside of his mommy’s pussy, but she gasps “no!! no, honey, just rub it on the outside” she tells him. He goes back to rubbing her clit with the tip of his hard cock for a bit, until he decides to try slipping his cock inside of her pussy again. She finally decides to let him keep going… “Just this one time…”

Scene Two: Addicted To Mommy
Luke’s mom is sitting on the couch one afternoon and he walks up behind her; he begins to grab at her tits but she shoves his hands away. “No! It was one time only!!” she exclaims. Luke doesn’t want to listen to her, and he continues to grab at her big tits. Luke goes to get his mom a glass of water and after one sip she instantly feels very tired and falls asleep. Once she falls asleep, he lifts her arms up and down to make sure that she is really asleep. He pulls her shirt down and begins to feel her tits; then he pulls her skirt up and pulls her panties down to the floor, and takes them off for her. Then he takes his cock out and makes her hand jerk his cock up and down. He then rubs his hard cock over her mouth, and she slowly begins to wake up. She is half asleep yet mumbles the words “honey, I told you it was only one time…” but Luke still shoves his cock inside of her mouth and she is too exhausted to stop him. He then shoves his cock inside of her pussy, while she is still only half awake and too tired to resist her son’s throbbing cock inside of her. He gives her another sip of water and she falls back to sleep. He quickly covers her back up, and goes back in to his bedroom…

Scene Three: Bound Mommy
Luke is still infatuated with his mommy. He just can’t get enough of her and her pussy. He opens her bedroom door to find his mom sleeping again from having too much wine. Underneath the glass of wine on the nightstand, he found a self bondage kit consisting of a pink collar and matching pink wrist restraints. He carefully puts them on her while she is still passed up, but his mom suddenly wakes up after being restrained… “Let mommy out!” she begs, but Luke ignores her and shoves his hard cock in her mouth. He then grabs her tits and sticks his cock inside of her pussy. “It was just a one time thing!! We can’t keep doing this,” she tells Luke. But Luke ignores her and continues to have sex with her. She decides to stop resisting her son, and just give in to what he wants. “If you’re going to fuck me, then fuck me harder!!” she demands. “Fuck me harder like your dad never could! Fuck mommy harder!!” she moans. He fucks his mommy harder until he gets close to cumming, and then he pulls out and cums in his mom’s mouth. Afterwards, he has a great idea… he takes his camera phone out and snaps a few photo’s of his mommy with his cum on her lips, still bound in the restraints…!

Category: MILF

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