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I just woke up, grabbed whatever clothes I could find, except for panties, which I didn’t find. I then went over the kitchen, my son was already up filling up a bowl of cereals. When he turned around and told me good morning, I noticed he had a huge boner. I like playing with my son by sucking his cock, it’s a family affair that his father, my husband, knows about. Since I haven’t seen him a little while because he’s always too busy, I told him to sit on the couch and let me help him relax. From the beginning, I’m giving him a nice sensual blowjob and gradually ramping up to deepthroating facial. I am very supportive to him, it’s a hard thing to do to last 30 minutes, I know he can do it and will be giving him lots of encouragement while I bring him close to the edge. Dad even gave son some pointers on how to handle moms blowjobs, I will encourage him to relax and breathe and remind him of the techniques to last. Ramping up from sensual to deepthroating, I’m gonna warn my son that I’m about to go to the next level and ask if he’s ready, getting faster, and sloppier every time. Telling him to take his mind off of mom sucking his cock by grabbing my head, tits etc In the end he’ll give me a sloppy facial finish, my favorites, a real messy one covering my whole face!


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My whole family went on a tour of a historical site and my mom and I got really bored and decided to step away to cool off and get some ice cream. We chit chatted awhile and my mom was very horny and started flirting with me. One thing led to another and we were in the bathroom and having sex which ended in me cumming on my mothers face.


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Scene One: Masturbating to Mom
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Scene Two: Mom Wants a New Lover
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Scene Three: Mom Cures My Porn Addiction
I am in my bedroom looking for some porn to watch and jerk off to, when my mom walks in on me! My mom tells me that I don’t need porn anymore , because I have her now! She strips out of all her clothes and she tells me to jerk off while staring at her naked body. I do what mommy tells me to do! Then, she gets down on her knees and she starts to lick and suck my cock. “If you ever want some dirty pictures when I’m not home, you can just tell me and I will send you some!” she tells me. I tell her that I want to put my cock inside of her, so she lies down on the bed in the missionary position. I slap her clit with my cock before I put my cock inside of her pussy. “I was thinking of bringing my sister over to watch us!” she tells me, while I fuck her. I tell her that she can bring my Aunt Cory over to watch if she wants to. Then my mom flips over in to the doggystyle position and I fuck her pussy from behind. “I’m your mommy and your girlfriend!” she tells me. Her big ass bounces up and down on my cock and she reminds me that I am allowed to cum wherever I want! “You should cum all over my face and then I will kiss your father with my cummy lips!” she giggles. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off on to her face and in her mouth. I cover her face with my cum, just like she asked me to…

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