You and your mother have decided to go away for a weekend, to this little inn she used to take you to when you were younger. You’re going away to college soon, and you know she’ll be lonely once you do – you two have always been so close. You can tell she really appreciates you taking the time out from your friends to go away with her, and you make sure to get close to her when the two of you sit down to reminisce about when you used to stay here. She tells you about the first time, when you wouldn’t get out of the pool all day, and had to cuddle up with her to get warm afterwards. The way she smiles is so genuine, so sweet, and you can’t help but think it’s a little sexy, too.
The only thing you remember about all that was the bathing suit she wore. You tell her that, but omit the part where you remember it because of how it made her body look. She was your first crush, really, in that red bikini. She offers you some blanket and gets closer to you. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the rising erection in your pants, as the two of you talk about your closeness, about memory, about connection. You admit that the bathing suit made a lasting impression and she giggles, blushing, telling you to stop teasing.
“No,” you insist, “really. I thought you were so sexy. I still do.” You can see the color rise in her neck, see her start to fidget. You’re getting to her, you can tell. You never would have thought this was how it would go, but you want to press this. You take a deep breath and ask if she’ll kiss you, like she used to. She places a gentle kiss on your forehead, and you smile. “No,” you say, “on my mouth, Mom.” She can tell this is going somewhere from which the two of you can’t turn back, but nevertheless, she leans forward and pulls you in, kissing you gently on the lips. You both pull back, looking into each other’s eyes, before you fall into a passionate, open-mouthed kiss, the two of you losing yourselves to passion and lust as your mother roves her hands across your chest, down, down, towards your fully erect cock, freeing it from your jeans as she smirks, stroking you with her gentle, motherly touch, before leaning back, gently taking you into her soft and hot mouth. You strain not to cum as she sucks and licks you up and down, until the two of you can’t deny the inevitable any longer.
She lays back and looks up at you, her hungry and horny eyes trained on your cock. “Please,” she says, “slide it in, slide your cock back to the hole that made you, sweetie.” You can’t believe how dirty she’s talking. It makes your balls ache as you try not to cum, hearing your mother talk about how she made you, how you’re her darling boy. But that’s exactly what she wants! She tells you that what she needs is for you to cum inside her, to fill her up with your seed. “Make me pregnant, hunny,” she says, “I need you to make mommy pregnant!”

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Your health class just started the sex ed portion, and your homework is to go home and write down two questions you have but are nervous to ask, and they will be answered anonymously. You know exactly what you’re going to ask: first, is the size of your penis normal? You think it is, based on the other guys in gym, but those are only little glimpses and all the guys in porn are so huge. The second question is a little more embarrassing…is it normal to get a boner from your mother? Of course, the second you finish writing, your mom walks in. She’s always dressed in outfits that aren’t exactly revealing, but they’re…sexy. Sometimes you think she even knows what you’re thinking when you look at her. She must know, sometimes you can’t help but stare. You tell her what the homework is and she wants to see the questions but you tell her no. After a few minutes of just chatting, she tells you that she made a snack in the kitchen so you leave to check it out. When you get back, your mother seems a little weird. Did she read the paper?! You left it out, how stupid…
…in a few minutes, it’s pretty clear that she did read it. She’s unbuttoning her blouse a little as she talks. And her voice is flirty? Your cock stirs against the tight denim of your pants as she pulls another button. Her hand snakes into her shirt as she tells you that she thinks seven inches is a great size for a young man. You stiffen completely as she giggles, pinching her nipple. You ask her what she’s doing. “What am I doing? Oh, well, this feels good. And it makes my nipples hard. Is there anything on your body that’s hard right now?” she asks, her eyes darting to your cock. You admit it, and she assures you there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, she confesses, she’d like you to take it out. She wants to show you what she can do with a penis that size. “There’s so much I can do,” she says, reaching forward as you free your throbbing erection, taking you into her hand and stroking you with a smile.
It’s not long before she’s on her knees, stroking you against her breasts, against her lips, taking your cock into her hot and warm mouth, purring around your young and virile member. It takes everything in you not to cum, but you’re holding out for home-base. She smirks as she suggests one other thing she can do with a cock this size, getting up onto the chair in front of you and positioning her wet, hungry pussy below your cock. You watch as she rubs your ready-to-burst cock-head against her clit, moaning as she finally slips you inside! She rides your cock, pistoning her hips to an intense orgasm while she tells you to admit everything, to confess and say out loud how much you love mommy’s pussy and tits. She loves hearing you call her mommy, hearing you admit that you want to cum all over her tits. After she’s cum all over your cock, she gets on her knees and strokes you to orgasm against her full, pillowy tits!

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It’s the night before your wedding, and you’ve asked your mother to stay with you in the suite you got. You and your wife-to-be decided you wouldn’t see each other starting the day before, and you can’t think of anyone you’d rather spend time with than the loving woman who raised you. She did double-duty, after your dad was gone. Of course, she’s touched at the sentiment, and agrees to stay the night. You stay up, chatting and reminiscing. She goes to slip on something comfortable and comes back in a silky, lacey black gown. You can’t help but stare…
…the conversation moves to how young she was when she got married to your father, when she got pregnant with you. You admit that having a young mom was sometimes challenging, because your friends always teased you about how hot your mom was. Your mom blushes, laughing, insisting that you must be joking. “No,” you tell her, “they all thought you were such a babe. Of course, so did I. I still do…” your mother looks at you with a funny smile, telling you how sweet you are, getting a little closer. You feel your cock rise as your mother slides even closer on the couch, leaning in, telling you how handsome you are…until her lips meet yours, pressing against you. She pulls back, apologizing, but only for a moment before she leans back in, redoubling her efforts and kissing you hard on the mouth, moaning against your equally eager lips. You feel her leaning back, dragging you with her, pulling you on top of her, grinding against you.
Your mother, writhing beneath you, begs you to touch her, kiss her, lick her hard pink nipples. She begs you to take out your cock, to rub it against her hungry and wet hole, to put it in. You oblige your mother, red-cheeked and panting beneath you, desperate and begging for her own son’s cock. It takes little provoking for you to push yourself into her, thrust in and out of your horny mother’s hungry hole, pumping her over and over as her breasts spill from the lacy black fabric. You watch as her tits bounce with each thrust of your cock, until she begs, pleads, insists that you cum inside her, deep, deep inside her. You let go with a heavy thrust, filling your mother with a thick load as she purrs and smiles. “We’ve got 12 hours until you’re a married man,” she says, “let’s make the most of it!”

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Oh, honey, you have to be brave! Everything will be okay. It’s just a power outage—because of the big snow storm outside. We just have to get through the night. Here, come into bed with Mommy. We’ll warm each other up! Snuggle close… oh, you’re FREEZING! Maybe… I know! I’ll rub you down, warm up your limbs, your toes and fingers… Is that better, honey? Try to sleep, okay, keep your feet close to Mommy’s and… oh, you’re coughing and shivering now! Come here, let me rub you down again… rub you ALL OVER… and… oh, my. I… I guess I forgot that special part of you. It’s… it’s standing so straight and tall, popping right through your pajama pants. I… well, just relax, honey, and Mommy will rub it for you. That’ll get you very warm! Okay? Just… well, I think it’s working. Do you feel warmer? Maybe I should just… Mommy will just have to use her mouth. THAT will make it so very warm… just… mmmmmm… you… oh…. I want… I have to… Just lie down this way, honey. Mommy’s going to warm you up the best way I know how. Mommy’s going to slip you right into the warmest place of all…

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Fancy finding you here…. after all these years. What? I don’t look that old? Well, thank you. I’m not THAT much older than you, you know. You’re just my little brother’s best friend. And… I always had a crush on you. Yes, it’s true! I swear. He’s such a nerd, and you’re… the athletic one. You had a crush on me too? Hey… I think the toilet’s available now… do you wanna… just chat in there?? Come on… you know you want to! I know that look in your eye… and I’ve always wanted to know just what you’re packing in your pants. Don’t make me beg for it… I want to FUCK you. I wanna get off, I wanna suck… I wanna handle your cock and… Oh, it’s huge!! I knew it! Oh, … my fianc’s calling! I have to take this… no, keep fucking me!!! He’s on his way over… we better be quick. Fuck me hard, make me come… before we get caught!

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You’ve got to tell me. What in the world has gotten into, and why are you suddenly acting out at school when you used to be such a good boy? Now, you’re going to make me really worry and think the most horrible things if you don’t tell me right now. You know, I could lose my job at the school if my own keeps getting into trouble and being sent to the principal’s office. He’s my boss! Now, if you don’t tell me right… what??! That can’t be. You’re actually… jealous!… of the boys in my own class? My own students?? Honey… they’re just my students! YOU are my one and only darling boy. YOU are my special one, the love of my life, and … it hurts me that you don’t know that. I want you to believe me when I say it. I want you to know how much you mean to me…

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Honey… do you want to tell your mother why you’ve been feeling a big depressed and frustrated lately, or do I need to share with you what your teacher told me in our conference this afternoon? Honey… I know – your teacher knows – that you’ve been ogling her breasts during class, and you’re not at all paying attention to her lessons. And you have a problem getting HARD during class? Honey, you need to learn how to control that reaction, like all grown men do. I know you think your teacher is hot… but that’s inappropriate. And frankly, her tits aren’t that big. You know your mother’s are much larger. Honey, you need to learn to work off that sexual frustration, not worry about losing your virginity and knowing how to please a woman, and concentrate on your schoolwork again. I think I can help… now, while I show you why your teacher’s tits just aren’t really impressive, I want you to get your boner out for me. Okay? MY… that is a HUGE problem. I can see why you’re so tense and… backed up. Now, we’re going to drain those big balls and get your mind back on your schoolwork. I can also teach you how to fuck properly so you can satisfy the girls at school, okay? We’ll just take it slowly, and I’m going to guide you into my pussy – gently! – and school you every step of the way. Then, mommy’s going to milk your cock, empty all that warm cream, and you’re going to give your mother a hot cream pie. DO you know what a cream pie is, honey? Well, you’re going to learn… Remember, only I can be your true sexy object for SERIOUS DEEP FUCKING.

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You seeing your mother is being strange, and sad. But you didn’t had chance to bring up the conversation about it until now.
You look at your mom and she is so stunning, so beautiful and you love her so much! You want her to be happy. And it’s been long time since your father left so you are now the man in the house, so you have to take care of your mommy too!
So you ask, what is going on with her. ,, Nothing my baby boy, everything is fine. You don’t have to worry about your mommy. ,, She try to protect you and not making you worry about her but you decided, you will find out and make your mom feel better!
And finally! Your mom starts to share her feelings with you! She feels lonely? ,, Listen son, don’t misunderstand what mommy means, of course I have you and you are always around…but mommy missing….well this not something I should talk about with my son…it’s so weird! ,,
,, It’s just…your mommy is still quite young and attractive woman, don’t you think? And there are the situation, when I miss a man. The touches, the sensual heat, kissing,….yeah…sex!!! It is so embarrassing to discuss this with you my baby boy! ,,
BUT THAT’S IT!!! You moment to comforting your mom and finally…have her for your self and your self only, make love to her!!! Go ON!!!
You come close to your mom and give her a nice long hug…just to make her feel you are there for her! She finds it very sweet of you but she don’T know yet, what your plan is! So you softly slide with your hands on mommy’s boobs…and that’s surprise her! ,, That’s no the thing I mean my son…is no…you are my son and you shouldn’t!!! Aha…no it feels real nice…real good! Oh my God…no…mommy wants you to continue my baby boy!
And mommy is yours NOW!!! You rubbing her pussy and find out she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose…so hot…make you rock hard! You kissing her neck and make her nice juicy…you can feel how her pantyhose getting wet…her pussy juice is all over them! You want…you want to eat her beautiful pussy! Mommy take off her pantyhose and spread her legs for her son…to lick and eat her pussy! Delicious!!! And she is fucking juicy and ready for her son take take her like a man…like her lover!!! You stick your hard cock inside her…it’s so easy…you just slide in her! Feel amazing fucking your mom’s pussy!!!
She loves it, adores her son’s cock! Now she sit over you and ride your cock. You grab and kiss her beautiful boobs. You cock is hard like never in your life! Yes, yes…you fucking your mother!!! And it’s so great!!! Even better then in your dreams!!! You need to make her cum, make her scream and goading with her son!!! So you go harder and more intense. Deeper in your mother pussy and…more, more, more! Yes…there…your mother is cumming!!! She is so beautiful, her face during the orgasm and fuck…squirt her pussy juice all over your cock…make you explode all, all your seed inside her pussy!!!
She hold your face, look at you so full of love…yes…your mother…is now yours and only yours FOREVER!!!

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It’s a Friday night, and your mom surprises you by staying up to watch a scifi movie with you, something she never does. After its done, she confesses that she’s trying to put off sleep because of a side effect from a new medicine she’s on. She tells you that she’s having a hard time determining what is real and what are dreams, because her dreams are so vivid, she swears they’re real. As she tells you all about how disorienting it is to have no idea if what she’s experiencing is real or not, and how you could tell her that the conversation you’re having at that very minute was a dream and she’d believe you, you start to have an idea…
You’ve always been attracted to your mother, but of course, you could never do anything about it…besides furiously jack off imagining what her tits would feel like in your mouth. But this predicament…this strange situation she’s describing…well…you’d be lying if you said that your cock wasn’t rising in your pants at the thought of your mother, prone and vulnerable, able to be manipulated…so you tell her good night and watch with aching anticipation as she climbs the stairs to her bedroom. After a little while, and lots of slow, agonizing jerking off, you step into her darkened room and approach the bed. Her pajamas are mostly see through, her blankets tossed off, leaving her on display.
You approach with your rigid member out, standing on the edge of the bed, unable to contain yourself. Cock in hand, you press it against your mother’s soft, warm lips and watch as she reacts, her mouth twitching. She said that this new medicine makes her sleep through anything, and unable to stop yourself, you start to rub your cock across her lips, pushing it into her mouth. To your amazement, your mother starts to suckle, to moan a little. You thought she might just lay there and have a nice pleasant wet dream, but she’s interacting, engaging with your body, sucking your cock and reacting like she’s loving it!
You decide you need more, and position yourself between her legs. Her pussy is already wet when you pull her panties aside, watching as she slowly awakes, obviously thinking it’s all a dream, stroking you, pulling you inside her, telling you things that a mother should never tell her son…begging for your cum, to make her your slut…you can’t hold back, filling your mother’s pussy with a hot, thick load of her son’s cum!!

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Your mother offered to host your engagement party at her house, which surprised you, since she’s seemingly a little jealous of your fiancee. You keep telling her that she’s got nothing to worry about – no one could replace her – but she insists that it’s nothing, that she loves your future wife. Tonight, after the party, she hands you a drink and starts to get a bit maudlin. As you sip your drink, she says that she’s happy you two have some time together, alone, that she can be with you one time before you get married and leave her. You start to protest but you feel a little weird. Your mother is smirking, encouraging you to finish the drink.
You start to think…but, no…she’s not…it can’t be that…but then, she’s leaning closer, her hot breath against your neck as her hand wanders to your pants, touching you, telling you to be quiet, to be still, to let it happen…your mother, touching you in ways a mother shouldn’t and you, reacting in ways a son shouldn’t…you’re about to get married, you can’t cheat on your betrothed, especially not with your own mother! But her full breasts, her roving hands, your mind and body slowing slipping out of your control…you don’t have a choice! You’re helpless to your mother, her hands pulling your cock from your pants, her mouth on you, taking you in, sucking your hard member while she confesses that she’s always wanted this very moment, she’s always wanted you!

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