Sasha Curves - A Summer With Mom: Full Movie

Sasha Curves – A Summer With Mom: Full Movie

This was originally released as a 4 part series but you can now get the full movie all in one vid!
Mommy has been noticing that her boy is growing up. She always thought he was cute but now that he’s getting bigger and stronger, she’s becoming sexually attracted to him too. She’s at a point where she can’t help herself. She wants him, but she doesn’t want to be too up front about it. So instead of trying to straight up seduce him, she wants to be sneaky about it. He’s naïve and inexperienced, so she knows he won’t suspect a thing.

Part 1
Mommy is excited her son is done with school for the summer. She’s looking forward to a lot of days at the beach with him. She bought new bathing suits for them and everything. She decides they should try them on, so she changes into her swimsuit right in front of him. She tells him to try his on. He’s a little shy to strip down, but she won’t take no for an answer. She takes down his pants and sees that his cock is rock hard. It’s exactly what she wanted, but she tries to hide her excitement. Now that she knows he’s attracted to her too, she knows exactly what to do.

Part 2
Mommy comes into her son’s room and wants to talk. She noticed his penis got hard when he was getting changed the other day. It’s ok, nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, she can teach him a secret game to play that can help, as long as he promises not to tell anyone. To get started, she has to take his clothes off, like last time. When he’s naked, she shows him that his penis isn’t as hard as last time. She explains that a boy’s penis gets hard when he’s aroused by a girl. She shows him her cleavage and thong, and it starts getting hard again. She says she thinks it’ll probably get even harder if she reaches down and touches it, so she does. It feels really good, doesn’t it? He gets harder and harder in her hand, and she tells him that when he feels really good, just to let it go, and he cums in her hand.

Part 3
Mommy is back in her son’s room the next night. She asks if he remembers the game they played last night? It reminded mommy of a movie she watched recently.
She turns on the TV and skips to this one scene. The scene starts with a mom and son together. They’re talking, but then they start to kiss, and one thing leads to another. Mommy explains that what they’re doing is 69ing and then having sex… She asks her son if he’d like to play a roleplaying game. The game is to act out the scene in the movie. She tells him it’s ok that he’s never even kissed a girl, they’ll take it slow and mommy will show him exactly how its done, just like last night…

Part 4:
Mom wants to talk to you about all these “games” you’ve been playing together this summer. It’s been amazing fun, but did you know the purpose of these games is to get the woman pregnant? Would you like to try to get mommy pregnant?
If we’re really going to do this, I think we need to start staying in the same bed together. We need to play our games every night and it just makes sense. Squeeze over then, it’s time to breed mommy!

Sasha Curves - A Summer With Mom: Full Movie

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