I’m so happy we are home alone now and you finally find time to chatting with your mom. You know, mommy is really worry about you! You don’t talk to me any more and you look so tired, so nervous, so unhappy all the time!
Look son, you don’t need to denied to mommy. I just want you to be happy my baby. So now, let mommy talk and we will see what will happen.
I can understand the young handsome man like you…have some needs. And that’s why you running all around and fucking every young girl…no,no, no…let me finish baby! That’s absolutely natural, if you are like mommy in her young age…oh my gosh!!! Any way…I understand all your hormones are getting crazy, so it’s normal you having sex all the time. BUT!!! Not like this baby…your generation wants everything so fast, right here right now!!! There is no passion in the sex!!! And that’s the reason my baby boy…why you don’t feel satisfied! Maybe you get rid of the physical needs…but there is so much more you need to be happy!
And because mommy loves you so, so much…why don’t we try my way baby. Mommy will make you feel the difference between having quick, meaningful sex.
Mommy just knows, what her son needs! Pleasure full of passion. Just look mommy…the young girls does not have the body like your mom! So hot…so mature. And all will be yours my son!
Mommy will tease and make you hard and then…the first thing mommy will do…is to blow your beautiful cock. Young girls can’t give you this pleasure…you need woman with experience…YOU need your MOMMY!

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My son, now tell me…what was so urgent? Why did you call me …to come to our secret apartment?…Before tonight..Mommy told that we have our love date tonight! Really…tell me..what it is?….Yes…I know we were talk about it….but I never told you will come out with that! Sure, mommy always keep her promises! So really?!!! We gonna do this?..Alright I keep my words….!!! And like this I can give you mommy’s special CHRISTMAS PRESENT!
YES, YES mommy will be the STAR in your own home made porn movie. Ok baby…I’ll do it for you….but….you also have to promise something to me! You’ll hide this video tape very …very good…that no one else ever could find it! Is only for your eyes!!! Because I could be in big trouble if someone see what I do with my son!!! ……Well I actually bought something special for tonight for you…but I guess …..we can use for your first movie then! ….Let mommy get ready for you my little boy…..warm up for me!
Now my baby…..you say to your mommy all the kinky staff you wonna do to me…..you want to have on your video and mommy gonna do it front of you!..Oh…I see that turns you on so much! Well…let mommy suck your hard cock! Mmmm…so tasty….and now?…Ye…I want to feel your swollen dick my baby…just stick it you mom’s pussy!!! You see how wet is it….yeah…you want to taste mommy’s juice first….go on! Mommy is your slut now and you can do your dreamy staff today! Let’s get naughty together…..let’s make this video pretty JUICY my son!…What??? You want me to speak dirty to you my boy…alright!…Fuck me…harder…yous baby …fuck your mommy so deep! Yes…cock me….yes..like hat and make me cum and scream like a little whore! Make your mommy goading with your dick!!! Yeah…..I want you…I want your cum all over my face! Give me your cum my son! Yes…..all over mommy ‘s face!!!
Merry Christmas my son!!!

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Your father left..finally…for his business trip…so…you are home alone with your mom! You come from the school and you see your mommy to trying on some new jeans!!! She looks amazing!!! Those tight jeans on her butt…mmm….and she know how you feel about it!!! How much you love the jeans and specially on the woman like her!!!
She start to posing for you….and …make you completely…..hard in your pants! That bitch! She knows how to turns you on! But your mommy love you and your cock so much…she can’t never let you like this…unsatisfied!
She come like a cat….close to you! Pull down your pants and start to blow your swollen cock! She is so good…..ohhh….you are completely hers! And your mommy knows what is best for you! Then….she pull down her jeans…just to her knees….lei down…..and….you know that look! Mommy wants you!!!…Mommy wants to feel her son huge cock inside…deep…inside her pussy! ,, Come my boy…..fuck your mommy good!” You start to rubbing your cock against her pussy and then…you get in! She screams by pleasure…..pleasure only her son can give her!!! She cums a big one…..that make you feel like….like hero! But she doesn’t have enough!!! She sits on top of you….you can still see her new jeans pull down to her knees….and she ride your hard cock! She move her big butt against your cock…..you see the pleasure on her face…and then….she wants you inside…all your semen…her son’s sperm to feel that explosion deep in her!!! She has to taste that delicious juice of her son! So she put the fingers in her pussy and then…lick them to dry!!!

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Baby, are you sick? Do you have a fever? Oh my God,yes you do! Just stay in mommy’s bed. Good cover under the blanket. And mommy will take a care of you. Make you nice hot tea and bring you something witch will make you feel better.
Baby boy, you didn’t felt a sleep yet, right?! Here is your tea and I brought you the menthol essential oil. No, naughty boy. It’s for helping you breath. Mommy will rub it all over your chest. Mommy feel so sorry that you’re sick and feel bad. But don’t be childish! You must drink that tea, right…we can wait when it’s get bit colder.
Until, mommy will rub that oil on your chest. How is it? Feel better already? Oh no! You are so cold, even warm blanket didn’t warm you up! Mommy will fix it! I just take of my pants and slide under the blanket with you. Mommy’s body will warm you up in just minutes.
Baby? Really…even now? When you sick and feel bad…you getting hard! Just to feels mommy’s body close to you, rubbing your chest? Well, well, well. We both know, only mommy can make you feel better, right?
Time to finish rubbing and start to worship and fuck my babyboy! When I told you, mommy will warm you up in just minutes, I didn’t mean to blow your beautiful cock and ride you, make love to you…BUT…that will work even better! And we will have just enough time for that tea to cool down. Mommy knows, how to make you feel much better!!!

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Your father is again away for a business trip….and you feel like…well…your mommy is here alone, it been for a while she was so….yours! You coming down, hearing your mom is on the phone…but with who? You are listening for few moments and you realize, your mom is on the phone with daddy! Well they playing weird game….phone sex! Mommy sees you but she is not friezed down….no…she start to play her naughty game with you during the phone sex with your dad! Oblivious that your touch make her so horny and so much easier to talk with your dad about dirty things…..You start to fingering her and you feel how juicy mommy’s pussy is….wow….that much is turns her on whole game! She says : ,, Yes…now I want to feel your hard cock so deep inside me!” And she looks at you…her eyes are so wild…so hungry for her sons cock…You are doing exactly what she is saying…you know it is so taboo, to having sex with your mom, when she is on the phone with your dad and having actually phone sex…but….hell, your mom is so sexy and she wants you to make love to her so much! You just can control, you need to feel her juicy pussy, seeing on her face how much she enjoys your hard cock!!! And then…when you made her cum few times and she is so satisfied and all happy….she let you, yes…your mom wants to feel you inside her…..all your warm cum belongs to her and her wet pussy! She screaming in to the phone : cum…cum now…inside me! Let me feel you honey….let me feel your pumping cock!!!

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My son….come to mommy! Mommy has a new exiting game for you!!! You know mommy love you so much…do you?….We had a lot…a lot of pleasure time together my darling….but now…..mommy wants you to play with her tits! Look at me my son….look those boobies……natural, big boobs only for mommy’s boy.
Do you like them?….Mmmmm….that’s my good boy….touch them…….come close to mommy my darling and feel mommy’s tits….Ohhh….that’s answer my question…….see your hard cock in your underwear…….so….so…big!!! Let mommy play with your swollen cock my son!!! Just relax my darling….mommy will take care of that pressure in your penis…….Good boy….just feel mommy’s boobies all over your cock!!! How is it my boy?!!! You want to keep your erection?!!
Mmmmm…I love you so much…..then….come ….come over mommy and fuck her boobies…..move between mommy’s tits……nice….and slide!!! Move my boy….move….fuck mommy’s tits just the way you need!!! Ohhh….yes….so hard you cock……now honey….come now for your mommy!!! Come on my tits my son!!!…..That’s my boy……!!!!

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Your father’s family is coming over for weekend…you are not really happy about that, as you wanted to be this weekend with your mom alone…and had a very different plans then to cleaning the house with her! But promise promise!
Well, it sucks already! You slept over and you mom already did most of the staff alone. So you can’t be surprise, she is a bit nettle. But hell with that! Look at her. How she does that, even during the cleaning she is so fucking sexy. No, no…stop…no kinky fantasies!
At least what you can do is hold the ladder for her, as she is asking for this favor. You are the man in the house, there is nothing you’ll not do for her.
Fuck…you really try to hold it and keep her safe, but is it more difficult then you thought. From this angel you have amazing view at mommy’s perfect ass, on her fat pussy covered in satin panties! It’s like torture! Keep it together, keep it together…to late…you are rock hard already and you are not able to concentrate, even to hold the fucking ladder. And in that moment your mom realize you pushing your head between her legs! Bad timing?!
Your mom starts to argue with you, how that even possible, you are already so rock hard…unbelievable. So you try to come out with the good lie, but with hard cock, is quite difficult. Your phone, your phone is in your pocket, that’s what it is!!! Not your cock! But your mother knows, you are very bad liar! She just take down your pants…and…voila! Your hard cock is just pointing straight on her!
But your mother reacting completely different, then what you expect! And coming up with the perfect solution for both of you! As you always getting what you want…you got that from your mother…she offer you the perv deal! She will help you with your big, hard trouble and for exchange…you’ll finish the house cleaning for her.
Of course you jump on her offer! You just want mommy to make you cum, to suck your cock and eat your seed. You love when she does that! This day will not be so bad at all. Staring with amazing mommy’s blow job! She take softly your cock kissing him with her full lips just before she take him deep inside her mouth. And then just blow you and play with her tongue all over your cock! Only MOM making you feel this way!

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You seeing your mother is being strange, and sad. But you didn’t had chance to bring up the conversation about it until now.
You look at your mom and she is so stunning, so beautiful and you love her so much! You want her to be happy. And it’s been long time since your father left so you are now the man in the house, so you have to take care of your mommy too!
So you ask, what is going on with her. ,, Nothing my baby boy, everything is fine. You don’t have to worry about your mommy. ,, She try to protect you and not making you worry about her but you decided, you will find out and make your mom feel better!
And finally! Your mom starts to share her feelings with you! She feels lonely? ,, Listen son, don’t misunderstand what mommy means, of course I have you and you are always around…but mommy missing….well this not something I should talk about with my son…it’s so weird! ,,
,, It’s just…your mommy is still quite young and attractive woman, don’t you think? And there are the situation, when I miss a man. The touches, the sensual heat, kissing,….yeah…sex!!! It is so embarrassing to discuss this with you my baby boy! ,,
BUT THAT’S IT!!! You moment to comforting your mom and finally…have her for your self and your self only, make love to her!!! Go ON!!!
You come close to your mom and give her a nice long hug…just to make her feel you are there for her! She finds it very sweet of you but she don’T know yet, what your plan is! So you softly slide with your hands on mommy’s boobs…and that’s surprise her! ,, That’s no the thing I mean my son…is no…you are my son and you shouldn’t!!! Aha…no it feels real nice…real good! Oh my God…no…mommy wants you to continue my baby boy!
And mommy is yours NOW!!! You rubbing her pussy and find out she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose…so hot…make you rock hard! You kissing her neck and make her nice juicy…you can feel how her pantyhose getting wet…her pussy juice is all over them! You want…you want to eat her beautiful pussy! Mommy take off her pantyhose and spread her legs for her son…to lick and eat her pussy! Delicious!!! And she is fucking juicy and ready for her son take take her like a man…like her lover!!! You stick your hard cock inside her…it’s so easy…you just slide in her! Feel amazing fucking your mom’s pussy!!!
She loves it, adores her son’s cock! Now she sit over you and ride your cock. You grab and kiss her beautiful boobs. You cock is hard like never in your life! Yes, yes…you fucking your mother!!! And it’s so great!!! Even better then in your dreams!!! You need to make her cum, make her scream and goading with her son!!! So you go harder and more intense. Deeper in your mother pussy and…more, more, more! Yes…there…your mother is cumming!!! She is so beautiful, her face during the orgasm and fuck…squirt her pussy juice all over your cock…make you explode all, all your seed inside her pussy!!!
She hold your face, look at you so full of love…yes…your mother…is now yours and only yours FOREVER!!!

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Good morning my baby boy! Time to wake up and get ready. Come on…out of the bed. What is wrong darling…why you want me to leave before you get out of the bed?! Tell me…I’m your mom and you can tell me anything!
Oh…I understand…there is nothing wrong with the morning erection. The young man like you…it’s completely normal….I’ll be worry if it’s not like this. But..but…what? Come my my baby…tell me. I see..it’s because I have erotic dreams…well…I have to say good for you my son. What is it baby…why don’t you want to look at me? Then just tell me, maybe mommy could help you with it. Don’T be shy…what did you dream about?
ME, you had erotic dreams about your mom! Well…I don’t know what to say baby. No, not at all…why did you think I’ll up said with you! You know that mommy loves you more then anything else in the world!!!
Well, because I told me your secret…mommy tells you hers…do you want? You know, since your father left it was very difficult for me…but only one thing helps me to go through it…you my baby…you my son! I love you so, so much…and since that accident…come one…you know what I’m talking about…well…when I saw you taking shower…since seeing your beautiful young body and your…well…very, very nice size cock…I start to dream about you too.
So now you know….mommy has also erotic dreams about you…my son!!!
So..now all the secrets are not secrets any more…there is only one thing…what we can do…to make us make feel better…oh…so much better! Let’s our dreams make true!
Come here my baby…touch mommy and let me feel you. I want you as my lover…yes my son…I want you to taste and eat my pussy…to feel how wet you made mommy and then…I want to feel you inside me…make my pussy full with your beautiful hard cock my sweet baby boy! And when we both ready…to cum…together…mommy …yes…after you made love to your mom for the first time…just cum inside me…cum inside your mother and make me feel your warm seed my baby boy!!!
You are amazing my son…I think..we just find the solution for your morning erection and mommy’s desires of her baby boy.

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You always here for me. for your sexy, glamour GODDESS. You are so deeply in love with me, so I become to be your addiction. I ‘m your life, your world, your sun…your only desire.
And you always cover me with all presents, all your devotion, all material things you think the special, very special woman ….the only woman on the world needs.
And now…time for your GODDESS to show her most devoted man how she appreciate him!
But first and very important question?! Are you ready to cross this line? The line of your devotion to the line of adoring? To line of GODDESS worshiping?
I had to ask…as YOU will be the luckiest man in the world…the only man who will touch and feel and love and adore his GODDESS. The only ONE who will be mine!


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