Tara Tainton - We Don't Need Your Father Anymore

Tara Tainton – We Don’t Need Your Father Anymore

No, no, why should I have to wait for him? Why… when you’re standing before me, just as hot for it as I am, plagued by the same strange, engrossing phenomenon: my stepson. All I need is YOUR COCK. It all started when I braved taking an experimental drug. I just wanted to surprise your father. Just wanted to give him the best Valentine’s Day gift in the world. For once, in our relationship, I’d have HUGE TITS to offer him. Or at least, bigger than the tiny titties I’ve had my whole life. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it. Maybe I should’ve left well enough alone, but I HAD to try it. I’ve always wanted BREASTS… cleavage… something for a man to grab ahold of and FUCK. It happened so quickly… a rush came over me like a wave of tingling energy. Enormous tits sprouted on my chest, expanding in every direction, until… well, I’m not like “me” at all anymore. But that wasn’t all. The drug also made me unbelievably HORNY. It was all I could do to wait for your father to finally get home to see his “gift,” but then YOU came home first. I could see your reaction to your stepmom’s new appearance, new body, new LUSCIOUS TITTIES. But that wasn’t all, was it? No, you confessed you took the drug too. And now, you’ve got an ENORMOUS COCK just as hungry for release as my own body. We don’t need your father… we’ve got each other.


Tara Tainton - We Don't Need Your Father Anymore

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