Well, look at my big baby. How’s that diaper feeling? Cozy little bed for my big boy? Good, good. I have big news to tell my big boy. Want to guess? Oh right, my little baby doesn’t talk too much, hm. Just listen.

Daddy wants to have another son! Isn’t that exciting? He wants to press himself deep inside Mommy. And blast some of that super sperm of his inside. He wants to CUM in ME. Only, here’s the dilemma, my dear. I don’t want to get pregnant. Really, I don’t have the time for all that. Mommy likes to have wine and take dick like a pro. It’s all just too much for a baby in my belly.

So, you know what we’re going to do? I’ve decided that you’ll be my special pregnant sissy son. Do you know what this is? It’s a condom full of Daddy’s cum. It’s so warm still, full from him just a bit ago. So thick, isn’t it? There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be getting pregnant from Dad. His cum is so powerful, it’s bound to do its magic on you. You’ll be pregnant from this, yep.

We have to get it inside you though, don’t we? Come on then and lube up my cock. Nice and wet so it will slide inside you nice and good. After that, you’ll lay back and I’m going to slip it inside you. Need it to slide in and out before it blows inside of your tight hole.

Ready to get that ass-pussy pregnant? Of course you are.


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You walk in on mom in bed, she’s all dolled up but looking glum. You want to know what’s wrong, and she tiptoes around a bit. As she discusses some of her troubles with your dad and their private time, she sits back and unknowingly reveals her hairy bush! Without even realizing at first, your cock grows and pushes through your pajama bottoms. Mom sees this and is shocked – you’re looking much “healthier” than your father!

This gives mom an idea. Wouldn’t you like to make her happy? Wouldn’t the whole house be happy if everyone got a little release? And all it takes is for you to scoot up closer to her while her legs are spread, and slide that inside her. Initially unsure, she wants you to know that it will only make things better in the house. That is, as long as it’s a special secret between you two.

You’re such a stud, and mom can’t help herself, right? She loves it the minute you slip in, and she’s impressed with your ability to get her going! You get so deep inside her, but she flips over so you can go even deeper than she’s ever gotten it before. That’s the spot. Now then, fill her up! And she’ll be off to make some breakfast. Mmmm. What a day!


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You walk in on your mom watching… PORN? It looks like it, though you can’t quite place it. As you get closer, you see it must be. The girl is teasing with her body and eyes, totally. And when she sees you, mom admits that it’s just that – only, it’s her OWN video. She made it for a boyfriend in college. Just a very old clip of her strip teasing. She doesn’t recall it being too raunchy, so she doesn’t mind if you watch. Her commentary throughout is about the change from her young body to her current “mom bod,” and she notes that she really was a tease! It’s a bit more dirty than she realized, even just being a tease, but again doesn’t mind if you watch. But when it’s all done, she talks about all her weight gain and loose skin. You assure her that she’s beautiful.


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Before leaving for her conference, your Mom tells you to order a doll. You accidentally hit randomize and get a doll that looks just like your real Mom! This video picks up from you waking from a nap (after filling up the real doll) and stumbling into Mom’s room, believing the body on the bed is the doll… but… Oops! It’s your real Mom! She’s so tired that she’s not even fully waking up, but when she does… GASP! What on earth! What are you DOING!? You want to stop but can’t… and you swear you heard someone telling you to keep going… It was the doll on the floor! She was telling you to keep going… yes… yes… mmmmm… Meanwhile, Mom was unaware. However, after some back and forth, the two are in agreement that you should keep going. Who cares, it feels… too… good… YES! Looking for the full clip? Step-Mom and The Real Doll


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It didn’t take too long for you to slip up. Your own Mother has found all the evidence of your interest in Mommy porn. Instead of disciplining you, she wants to help in some way – she needs you to relieve that and move on so that it’s less awkward between you two.
And how does she do this? Mom has found a doppelganger – her own! She claims that the woman looks nearly identical to her, just with a bit “crazier, longer, darker, frizzier hair” and no glasses – but nearly identical! And she has invited this woman over to finally resolve this issue – your interest in fucking your own Mother. Indeed, this woman has agreed to help! She will come over and FUCK YOU! This will totally make things less awkward in Mom’s head. What do you think?
This clip starts off with the doppelganger arriving. It’s… uncanny! They really do look so similar! It’s so strange. So HOT. You’re ALLOWED to get hot and horny over this woman, she isn’t your actual Mother. How exciting! She brings it up often though and checks in with you… like, “don’t worry, I’m not your REAL Mom…”
I mean, you’d recognize your own Mom.
… Right?
This is your encounter with Mom’s doppelganger. For the full-length clip, including the buildup and discussion with your Mother, go here: Mom’s Doppelganger


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While you might be prepared for the college life, Mom really isn’t. She’s been ruminating about the whole thing for weeks. From the kitchen now, she’s lamenting over her baby leaving home. However, she tells you to sit at the dining room table. It would be best if she could prepare you in some way for college. You insist your grades are perfect, that you’re ready to tackle the next stages. But no, that’s not what she’s worried about…
You sit at the table and wait. She walks out with two beers. You smile, kind of excited to try your first beer! Wow! And it’s disgusting. She says this will be the new norm for you. Drinking a beer in college won’t be so bad now that the first is out of the way.
Only, she sits you over on the couch and walks out with the rest of a TWELVE PACK! You’re okay, ready to tackle this challenge as well. Mom doesn’t think you’re ready for the big time college parties, but you think you’ll will be after your one beer. Well, Mom doesn’t stop at one… or two… or three… You will have a LOT more than that. And she’ll share one or two with you, but that’s it. She asks several times if you’re keeping count… and it gets harder… and harder…
And then you start to see things. Is that Mom still? Is that… Mom in… a tight, black dress? Fishnet stockings? Heels? What’s going on? You’re seeing things for sure.
Wow… and she let’s you know, this is all part of college. But that Mom, the one you have known forever, she looks and sounds the same… The other one though… the one you’re seeing now and then… she’s saying other things… sexy things… and… now stripping… she’s naked… says you’ll have to drink more and more to REALLY see her…
“Honey, are you okay?”


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Oh, sorry, dear… oh… oh, my! Wow! THAT… THAT IS… WOW! Very small. Much smaller than I’d have imagined. I’m not saying this to be mean, honey. I actually think it’s cute. You know what it reminds me of? When you were a little baby.
It’s okay to have a little pee-pee, but with that baby dick, it would be more suitable if you were actually a little baby. Don’t you think? My little baby? Hey, little pee-pee. Just relax. Let this happen. You’re going to become my little baby again. Look how small that little winky is! Awww. So sweet. So tiny. So small.
Oh! Are you doing the pee dance? Do you have to tinkle? Let’s get you on the potty then. I’m going to hold your little dinky down so you don’t make a mess. My little baby. You look so cute! You’re getting so little, aren’t you? You’re even sucking your thumb, just as you used to… what a good boy you are! While we’re in the bathroom, I think it’s a good time for a bath. Let’s get you clean.
Let’s get those little baby bits clean. My sweet baby! And his little pee-pee! Oh, but little pee-pee is getting hard. Are you having fun being Mommy’s little helpless baby again? Yes, you are. I’m so happy, I love being Mommy to my little helpless baby. Let’s dry off the little baby and his cute little pee-pee. And oh my, wouldn’t you be so cute in some little panties? Look at that, they fit your just perfectly. No bulge, so they’re so nice and cozy, huh?
Now then, come to bed and suck Mommy’s breasts… I’ll stroke your little bits over your panties to help you relax, my little baby. You’re nice and hard again, hm? Look at that little baby precum spot on the panties! You’ve made a mess though, right after bath time. Aww. It’s so cute though! My little baby making a little mess in my panties. I’ll have to put you in diapers for those wet spots when I play with your winkie.
Aw, falling asleep? You’re such a good little baby… I’m so happy. You’re so sweet. You’ll be my little baby forever.


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You walk in as Mommy is just starting to relax and you want to cuddle up close with her, to which she gladly accepts. To be honest, you’ve been having “urges” and need to get near to her. You ask if going topless is alright, and she agrees to it, just like you both used to do so long ago. So now she’s just in her bra… and you have to tell her about the urges and… the rock hard crotch he has right now.
She’s confused, and you put her hand right on your throbbing cock in your pants. This causes her to flinch and gasp and says that none of this is right, this is very bad and not okay! You recoil and she apologizes, saying you can suckle on her breasts… just like you used to, since it seems you need some extra love.
And she even lets you get on top… but that doesn’t help with the urge as you find yourself suckling and then pulling her panties off. You thrust inside her while she’s gasping and… and… now she has accepted it, because you’re inside her good and deep, and her pussy is really clenched down on you, loving it all… She can’t fight it now, she really likes it.
So you keep going and going, but don’t last long. And she tells you to cum inside Mommy, yes! Yes! Yes! And you do… and then you comfort her, because… what has she done?


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You’ve been so scared of doctors, what am I to do? I can’t just let you go around with potential problems, just getting worse and worse. Sure, you seem healthy, but… How would we really know? Listen, I bought something for this very thing. An outfit that could get you more comfortable with the whole idea of doctors. What do you say? Well, I’m doing it since you have no choice at this point…
You do seem pretty healthy, but I haven’t seen every single part of you. So take off your pants and give Mom a good look at what’s going on. Let’s stroke you to a a nice… throbbing… thick… Oh! And can’t forget to check the prostate. Close your eyes…
Looking up close, I can see it looks just fine. And with my finger inside your ass hole, I’d say things feel fine inside there, too. But let’s go for the finale, really make sure everything comes out looking perfect. Hmmm?


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All that time in the system, nobody wanted you, huh? Left there, waiting. For so… so… long. People looking at you, but not wanting you. Well, guess what? I want you. DEFINITELY. I chose you, and all the others, for that very reason. I want you for a while. You’ll make me very happy. Oh, the others? Why is my house so quiet? I’ve already enjoyed them. They’re in my tummy. Yes, it’s true. I’m going to eat you. Gobble you up, piece by piece. Get comfy on the couch and let me want you, need you, enjoy you. Chomp and chew and swallow you up! And then, you’ll be filling my tummy up, with me even longer, just a bit longer – that is, before you make your way down, down, down… into the whirling of the toilet water as it flushes away.


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