Your mom is HOT. No way around it. And it doesn’t help that she likes to wear super short shorts with her ass hanging out, and low-cut shirts that show all the good stuff. She’s such a tease in those clothes, you find yourself fantasizing about her… a lot. Just a general chat here and there with her takes you into different places completely.
And every time, in each fantasy, just as you’re about to cum, the reality SNAPS you back to a very hard cock and no relief. On top of that, your mom seems to be catching on to something. She asks for your help rubbing her calves, but has to snap you out of a great fantasy where she massages YOU with her ass grinding up on your dick. It’s becoming clear, but… she’s in denial to the end.
However, fantasy mom is everything you’d ever want. She talks dirty and shows EVERYTHING. And finally, finally… you get that big cum blow you’ve been hoping for… mmmm. Right inside her fantastically pussy.


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Mom’s Confronts You Listen, you need to STOP watching porn. It’s not good for you. Ah! Don’t try to act like you aren’t watching it. I know, at your age it’s all about porn and stroking your little dick. Mom knows what’s going on. I’m hip to all of that stuff. You absolutely will NOT watch porn anymore. I’m taking your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your phone. You will have ZERO ways to watch porn. Ahhh… I see now you’re admitting to watching it. You sound like an ADDICT! Are you a stroke junkie? I’ve heard of those… I’m disgusted. We’re going to clean you up with some heavy detoxing! No more porn for you! Jesus wouldn’t like it! So neither do I! Detox (Reality – Watching TV with Mom) There’s nothing on TV, is there? All the reality shows in the world are available at my fingertips. I hate everything about TV, you know that? It’s just as trashy as the internet nowadays. All that porn you were watching, it’s just as bad on TV. I could turn on just about any movie, and I bet there’d be something perverted on it. When Harry Met Sally – MOANING! Tom Hanks in Castaway – talking to BALLS! Butch Cassidy and the Sundance – PUSHY SEX SCENE! Or some TV show that I can think of… terrible. Dr Phil – nasty ones doing PROSTUFF in the streets! Seinfeld – a whole episode about MASTURBATION! Even a show like 7th Heaven… SAFE SEX! It’s everywhere! We might as well cut the cable. Let’s just sit here quietly together. SIGH. (The Fantasy) Mom is rubbing her dripping cunt through her panties, saying that this is far more fun than watching TV. She goes for your cock and starts to stroke it. Moaning and smiling at you, until… you’re back on the couch with your real Mom. (Reality – Mom is washing the dishes) The fact that there are chores to be done says a lot. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Of course, we can’t have you idle. I should really get something for you, like a chore list. Mow the lawn. GASP! Even that sounds perverted. Do you see what society has done to just regular conversation? Demonized it all, every single word out there. You can take out the trash. Goodness… even that implies you kicking out a trashy girl after sex. It does, right? I like to sit on Slang Dictionary sometimes to really understand your age. Oh my, might as well not do ANY chores. Just meditate. Only, that could allow you to fill your mind with your OWN perversions! You may make your own PORNOGRAPHY in your mind. We can’t have that. Maybe a hobby, like knitting? In one hole, out the… oh… no, not that. Gardening? Hoes… filling holes… no… no… NO! We’ll come up with some activity for you. (The Fantasy) Mom turns to you and starts to strip down. She “accidentally” splashes water on her white blouse – oops! Rubbing her tits while she slowly unbuttons, she smiles so sweetly at you and brings up a possible chore… laundry? Loads. Loads. Mmmm. Finally she gets the shirt unbuttoned and tosses it at you… And you’re back in the kitchen with your real Mom, who is shaking her head at you for not listening! Easing Your Pain (Walking into Mom’s room to watch her zzz…) What on Earth are you doing!? Can’t you see I’m trying to zzz!? Gosh, why are you watching me like that? Is that… do you have a boner!? I can see it through your pajamas! You’re… you’re substituting pornography with your own Mother, aren’t you!? Yes, I can see that boner of yours hopping around. Think you’re being sneaky watching me while I zzz? Not good! You are really going to make things very uncomfortable here. You will NOT be getting your porn back. I’ve put my foot down. It isn’t happening. Well… I suppose you’re just holding onto some sexual frustration. All that time you stroked and I was unaware. Sure, it’s a nasty habit, that’s for sure. And I really won’t be giving it back. But maybe it isn’t fair to cold turkey your cock. Maybe Mommy needs to be a little more gentle with you. Come on then, bring your cock over to Mommy. I’m going to stroke you. Like a good Mommy would do for her starving son and his cock. Pull it out of your pajamas. Let’s see. Oh, my! You really have grown! Let’s make sure you blow a nice big load of cum for Mom, yes? Good… You’re doing great! Keep up the good work! You like when Mom encourages you? Of course I want to encourage you. Are you going to give Mommy a big load of cum? Sticky… creamy… white… spunk… Come on then, do you want to cum on Mommy’s tits? Stroke now yourself. Stroke that cock and cum on Mommy’s tits. Good… you’re doing such a great job! That’s my good boy!


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Mom pops into the bathroom for a moment, tired and done waiting for you. You’ve been out so late, and she’s just ready for bed. When she comes back out, she sees you totally knocked out on her bed. Toasted for sure, completely gone.

She tells you how bad it is to be doing stuff like that, that it’ll really mess with you. But you aren’t hearing it, and she can tell. So she starts to mess with you instead, noticing that your cock is fully coming out from your boxers! And it gets her excited… so she touches herself, every once in a while asking if you’re getting any of this. She touches you every now and then, rubs her pussy juices on you, but doesn’t want to wake you at this point.

And I wonder… are you really zonked out… is this a dream?!


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Your mom recognizes that you’ve been busting nuts around here and there. She doesn’t like it. She’s talked to dad and they both agreed your sperm is meant for greater things. This family doesn’t believe in spunk not having a purpose. So, since they want another baby and dad doesn’t have the goods anymore, it’s up to YOU to impregnate your OWN MOTHER.


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Your mom has received a call about your behavior. Rude to teachers. Disobedient. Disrespectful. She’s furious with you. Sexy as she is, those boots are scary and you know the drill – lick the boots, dear. That’s it. But when she reveals she also used a shrinking potion on you, you’re shocked! As you get smaller, those boots… get bigger… And she decides to use you as a boot cleaner now. Tells you that ALL the women in your life will receive this shrinking potion, too. So you’ll NEVER be disrespecting them ever again. She’s using your head and legs to scrape pebbles and branches from her boots… and oh… ouch… it hurts. Your leg breaks! GAH! She’s worried at first… then says it can be fixed, as she goes back to using your HEAD to clean. This is JUSTICE.


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Your mom is having trouble with finances, which she admits is because she enjoys going out with her friends. Usually when she’s out she can get some rich guy to pay up on a fun night with her, but not tonight – and she’s sulking. You remind her that you’ve just got a job and would be happy to help! But she refuses to take it… unless she can give you something in return, of course.


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