“Oh, my god–is that harmful?” your mother says into the phone, to the doctor from the Center for Very Rare Disorders. “Well, that’s good…but you’re sure about the treatment? And it has to be me?…No no, of course. Thank you doctor.” See, you’ve been experiencing these episodes. Erectile episodes. Not just an erection, though–your cock turns into something totally different. It changes size, yeah, that’s normal…but its shape changes, too! It becomes a massive horse cock. Seriously! Your mother tells you that the doctor called it “Massive Equine Penism,” and its one of the most severe cases she’s ever seen. Your cock becomes long, huge, and practically painful, it throbs so much. Your mother tells you, with a strange look on her face, that the solution is manual release. Frequent manual release…what? Does that mean what you think it means? Well, I guess there’s only one way to construe it, considering the lotion and handtowel she’s brought into your room…


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Didn’t mommy always tell you not to play with dark magic?
She told you a lot of things, but since you left for college, you’ve been sinning in all kinds of ways that would horrify your bitter, modest mother.
And now you’ve summoned me- the demoness that’s going to knock the dust off your mom’s pussy by fucking as many men as I can get my hands on. She’ll try her best to fight me, but it won’t stop her from becoming the town bicycle. She’ll see, hear, and feel everything as her kitty takes a pounding to pay the rent.
Don’t be nervous, I haven’t told you the best part! You can have half of whatever she makes as long as you drop out of college and fuck your new slut mommy full time.


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My god, what is this book?…That girl of mine, she’s always getting these bizarre books from that shop downtown…oh, but this one…well, isn’t it…alluring. I can’t seem to stop skimming the pages and my, I’m feeling awfully dizzy. Strange. I’m simply…overcome!! Oh god, where did you come from? MMm, my my, isn’t that a LOVELY cock…god, what am I saying? But I can’t stop…I just can’t…I need cock, I need to serve Master’s devil cock with my dirty, wet, sloppy mouth!


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I was hoping you could do a custom for me with the theme being your shy stepson being able to possess and take over your body and feel up a woman’s body for the first time. Could you wear a low cut shirt or some shirt wear you can see either a bra strap or the bra cup outline through the shirt as well as yoga pants if you have them? (No worries if you can’t do this) You are checking in on your stepson (POV) while he is in his room. He has been shy and nervous around you since you moved in (and secretly you think he has a crush on you since you’ve caught him staring at your boobs/cleavage). You want to feel comfortable around you, so you ask him is there anything you can do for him. He says he wants to try his new power on you, and you don’t know what that means. He faints on his bed and you lean over, showing your cleavage trying to see if he is all right. When suddenly your body starts to shake and moan as your boobs move around in your bra under your shirt. Your stepson shot his spirit into your body and possessed you! When he comes to he realizes it worked! He wanted to see if he could possess someone and his stepmom was perfect for his first test subject. He can’t believe he is an adult now! He feels your hair and face loving he is you at the moment. He even has your voice! He could totally impersonate you and no one would know this kd is controlling this adult MILF body! He eventually looks down and sees your cleavage and shyly looks away. He has never touched boobs before but he has always wanted to, especially his stepmom’s. He looks around to see if anyone is there, and then smiles knowing it was only him and his stepmom at the house. He starts to poke at your breasts first before gently touching them to eventually getting the confidence to fully grope them. He shows his cleavage/downblouse several times to the camera and jiggles your boobs inside your bra. During this he pretends to be you, using your voice to act motherly and saying do you want to look and touch your mother’s boobs? He then moves onto your ass, groping and slapping it. He eventually (with some trouble) takes off your bra and fully handles and feels your breasts, using you hands to jiggle them around. When he is done, he redresses you and makes sure your hair and clothes were exactly the same way they were being he possessed you. With that, his gives your breasts a couple more squeezes before he flies out of your body back to his. Your body shakes and moans again until he is back in his body. You come back to not knowing what just happened. You still tell him that you are here for him and you start to leave when you readjust your bra because you feel like someone moved it around somehow.


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I can’t believe how good I feel again after swimming in the fountain of youth… I’m so young and hot again! Can you believe your mum ever looked sooo good? Oops! I won’t be getting any answers from you. Taking a dip with me reduced you back into a little guy. You’re just crawling around on the ground again. You’re clearly much happier as a tyke, so, nothing to worry about. Looks like our little vacation to the Saint Augustine spa turned into a permanent vacation for you! What a fun surprise! I remember how to change diapers, and I can raise you better this time. Aww, I’m so excited!


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You thought that when Mom started working from home it meant you would get to spend more time together. Instead, it now seems like all she does is work. You’re starting to worry because now that she doesn’t have to go to an office she sits around in baggy sweats all day and doesn’t take care of her appearance. So when she asks you to bring her a cup of coffee, you figure you’re doing her a favor when you slip a little something extra into the mug, something to help her loosen up and be more fun. Pretty soon Mom starts acting different. She has trouble focusing on her work, finding that she can no longer understand the spreadsheet she was looking at moments earlier. Realizing what a slob she’s become, Mom fixes her hair and puts on some slutty red lipstick. After another sip of coffee she starts to get hot and feels an overwhelming urge to take her clothes off. Noticing that you’ve done the same, she starts to get horny and suggests the two of you relieve some tension by masturbating together. The more aroused Mom gets, the dumber she gets as the coffee continues to work its magic. By the time you both orgasm, your formerly no-nonsense Business Mom has transformed into a babbling bimbo ready to do your bidding.


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Finding the loads… and loads… and loads of Gardevoir stills on your computer gives you away, it really does. Your Mom isn’t at all unaware of some of the wild things people do – she has clients who tell her about their fetishes. This one gets to her though, that you’re looking at some creature. It would have been easier for her to take if it were an anime girl, but here we are.

She calls you out calmly at first, but you don’t want to admit to anything. Just stay quiet, it’ll all be over soon. But then she starts to really get onto you and pick at the whole thing, relating liking Gardevoir to liking your OWN MOTHER! Gross! And she teases you with her body, pulling at her dress and showing her thigh high lacy tops off. And when you’re both distracted by the shiny light out the window, she makes a snarky wish on the shooting star… to BECOME Gardevoir.

And within a few minutes, she’s feeling ill and has to crash onto the bed. Only to sit right back up… as Gardevoir Mom! Wow! Hot and green, just like your fantasies. It isn’t the perfect Gardevoir, but your dick can’t help but JUMP at the whole thing. Your dream creature is before you! Mom doesn’t take this well at first, but then her SKILLS start to pop up. She doesn’t seem to have a chance to see them, but you do…

And thus begins your Gardevoir Mom journey. In her path to finding herself once more, she decides it MUST be sexual since it was tainted by your perversions. It MUST be something you need from her, so she gives you a hand job, a foot job, masturbates to her own delight before saying you should try her tight, Gardevoir pussy… and then finishes with you impregnating her!

Only, she’d changed BACK to MOM at some point in the fucking… and you decided not to say a word. That seems to really have sealed her fate though, as the impregnation will now put her in a cycle of change… FOREVER.


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