My god, what is this book?…That girl of mine, she’s always getting these bizarre books from that shop downtown…oh, but this one…well, isn’t it…alluring. I can’t seem to stop skimming the pages and my, I’m feeling awfully dizzy. Strange. I’m simply…overcome!! Oh god, where did you come from? MMm, my my, isn’t that a LOVELY cock…god, what am I saying? But I can’t stop…I just can’t…I need cock, I need to serve Master’s devil cock with my dirty, wet, sloppy mouth!


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I was hoping you could do a custom for me with the theme being your shy stepson being able to possess and take over your body and feel up a woman’s body for the first time. Could you wear a low cut shirt or some shirt wear you can see either a bra strap or the bra cup outline through the shirt as well as yoga pants if you have them? (No worries if you can’t do this) You are checking in on your stepson (POV) while he is in his room. He has been shy and nervous around you since you moved in (and secretly you think he has a crush on you since you’ve caught him staring at your boobs/cleavage). You want to feel comfortable around you, so you ask him is there anything you can do for him. He says he wants to try his new power on you, and you don’t know what that means. He faints on his bed and you lean over, showing your cleavage trying to see if he is all right. When suddenly your body starts to shake and moan as your boobs move around in your bra under your shirt. Your stepson shot his spirit into your body and possessed you! When he comes to he realizes it worked! He wanted to see if he could possess someone and his stepmom was perfect for his first test subject. He can’t believe he is an adult now! He feels your hair and face loving he is you at the moment. He even has your voice! He could totally impersonate you and no one would know this kd is controlling this adult MILF body! He eventually looks down and sees your cleavage and shyly looks away. He has never touched boobs before but he has always wanted to, especially his stepmom’s. He looks around to see if anyone is there, and then smiles knowing it was only him and his stepmom at the house. He starts to poke at your breasts first before gently touching them to eventually getting the confidence to fully grope them. He shows his cleavage/downblouse several times to the camera and jiggles your boobs inside your bra. During this he pretends to be you, using your voice to act motherly and saying do you want to look and touch your mother’s boobs? He then moves onto your ass, groping and slapping it. He eventually (with some trouble) takes off your bra and fully handles and feels your breasts, using you hands to jiggle them around. When he is done, he redresses you and makes sure your hair and clothes were exactly the same way they were being he possessed you. With that, his gives your breasts a couple more squeezes before he flies out of your body back to his. Your body shakes and moans again until he is back in his body. You come back to not knowing what just happened. You still tell him that you are here for him and you start to leave when you readjust your bra because you feel like someone moved it around somehow.


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I can’t believe how good I feel again after swimming in the fountain of youth… I’m so young and hot again! Can you believe your mum ever looked sooo good? Oops! I won’t be getting any answers from you. Taking a dip with me reduced you back into a little guy. You’re just crawling around on the ground again. You’re clearly much happier as a tyke, so, nothing to worry about. Looks like our little vacation to the Saint Augustine spa turned into a permanent vacation for you! What a fun surprise! I remember how to change diapers, and I can raise you better this time. Aww, I’m so excited!


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You thought that when Mom started working from home it meant you would get to spend more time together. Instead, it now seems like all she does is work. You’re starting to worry because now that she doesn’t have to go to an office she sits around in baggy sweats all day and doesn’t take care of her appearance. So when she asks you to bring her a cup of coffee, you figure you’re doing her a favor when you slip a little something extra into the mug, something to help her loosen up and be more fun. Pretty soon Mom starts acting different. She has trouble focusing on her work, finding that she can no longer understand the spreadsheet she was looking at moments earlier. Realizing what a slob she’s become, Mom fixes her hair and puts on some slutty red lipstick. After another sip of coffee she starts to get hot and feels an overwhelming urge to take her clothes off. Noticing that you’ve done the same, she starts to get horny and suggests the two of you relieve some tension by masturbating together. The more aroused Mom gets, the dumber she gets as the coffee continues to work its magic. By the time you both orgasm, your formerly no-nonsense Business Mom has transformed into a babbling bimbo ready to do your bidding.


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Finding the loads… and loads… and loads of Gardevoir stills on your computer gives you away, it really does. Your Mom isn’t at all unaware of some of the wild things people do – she has clients who tell her about their fetishes. This one gets to her though, that you’re looking at some creature. It would have been easier for her to take if it were an anime girl, but here we are.

She calls you out calmly at first, but you don’t want to admit to anything. Just stay quiet, it’ll all be over soon. But then she starts to really get onto you and pick at the whole thing, relating liking Gardevoir to liking your OWN MOTHER! Gross! And she teases you with her body, pulling at her dress and showing her thigh high lacy tops off. And when you’re both distracted by the shiny light out the window, she makes a snarky wish on the shooting star… to BECOME Gardevoir.

And within a few minutes, she’s feeling ill and has to crash onto the bed. Only to sit right back up… as Gardevoir Mom! Wow! Hot and green, just like your fantasies. It isn’t the perfect Gardevoir, but your dick can’t help but JUMP at the whole thing. Your dream creature is before you! Mom doesn’t take this well at first, but then her SKILLS start to pop up. She doesn’t seem to have a chance to see them, but you do…

And thus begins your Gardevoir Mom journey. In her path to finding herself once more, she decides it MUST be sexual since it was tainted by your perversions. It MUST be something you need from her, so she gives you a hand job, a foot job, masturbates to her own delight before saying you should try her tight, Gardevoir pussy… and then finishes with you impregnating her!

Only, she’d changed BACK to MOM at some point in the fucking… and you decided not to say a word. That seems to really have sealed her fate though, as the impregnation will now put her in a cycle of change… FOREVER.


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You picked out a Halloween costume for your step-mother, doing a bit of a trick or treat thing, and a nasty trick in that you got your thick and curvy step-mother a very tight skimpy outfit! You’re going to a family costume party for her work and you picked out the costumes. You’re the only step-son and she’s a single step-mom and you’re a bit closer than most moms and sons, you get naked in front of each other despite your age, etc. You’ve always had the hots for her but she lacks confidence and doesn’t dress very sexy, always covering up her big butt and fat titties. So you’re ecstatic, trying to cover your boner in your Robin costume as she strips off her satin robe and starts putting on her pushup bra, garter and black leotard. She catches you staring at her cleavage as she bends over to clip on the knee socks. She puts on the wig and the witch hat and looks amazing, your boner is aching but you feel so confused and guilty. She notices your boner and is nice about it, then gets on the bed to lace on her high heeled booties you picked out. Once she’s dressed, something changes…your step-mom is different…dirty…assertive. She tells you that you can’t go to the partner in such a tight outfit with a boner like this so it must be taken care of. She tells you to take it out and jerk it for her, and makes you clean the rental heels with your mouth, taunting you in such a forbidden way! She’s sexual with you, and very dominant, and you can’t do anything but exactly what she says, which includes worshipping her ass, sucking her heels, being called humiliating names, and more.


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All family clips are required to have “step” in the descriptions.
It had been a long trip across the country to get to Grandma’s house. “I know we don’t usually stay here,” Step-Mom began to say, “but it’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. We have a lot to do with the family tomorrow since we don’t get to see them very often.”
So, as Step-Mom had said several times, that meant no staying up all night to play video games. “I will come in there and snatch that iPad right out of your hand,” she threatened, “and your Switch. Don’t test me…you ARE spending time with Grandma.”
With a reminder to shower and brush your teeth, she sent you off to another bedroom so she could go to rest. “I don’t remember it being this cold,” she shivered, wrapping the blanket tightly around her body. “Is it impolite to change someone’s thermostat?”
What she didn’t know was that the house was haunted. Unseen ghosts were flying by her as she laid in bed causing the temperature to drop in the room. In the middle of the night, her eyes jolted open as a spirit possessed her body. She quickly sat up with wide, blank eyes, then smiled.
“Nice…” the spirit said as he examined the blonde’s body he had just possessed. “This beats that fat fuck from last week! Check you out, girl. Oh, I’m going to have some fun with you.” He went to explore every inch of her – groping her perky tits and juicy ass, then masturbating inside of her gorgeous body.
“Wait a minute…” he stopped, “wasn’t she talking to someone? Who was she talking to earlier? Her step-son…I bet I can make this a lot more fun.” He rushed to get the blonde’s clothes back on, then hollered in a sugary, sweet voice for her step-son to come into the room. “Sweetheart, could you come in here, please?” he asked.
She had woken you up, and you entered the bedroom with tired, half-opened eyes. “Hey honey,” she began to say, “so you’ve been doing everything I told you to do, right? Well, I want to have some fun!” Wait…what? She was acting really weird, and what did she mean by “fun”?
“Come here…” she said seductively, then got up and wrapped her hand around your cock, “how does that feel? Has Step-Mommy ever grabbed your cock before? You like that? Oh, I bet you do.” You didn’t know what to do – was this really happening? She had never acted this way before.
“Look me in the eyes,” she smiled devilishly, but you knew it was wrong. After all, she was your step-mom. “You got hard…you know what that means, right?” Without hesitation, she wrapped her warm, wet mouth around your throbbing cock. You didn’t want to enjoy it, but it felt so good. “Do you like it when your step-mommy sucks your cock?”
“Take a look at these…” she slipped off her shirt to expose her tits, then threw her panties to the side. “Let’s fuck. Come here, little boy. That’s right, get that cock in me!” She grabbed your cock and forced it inside her tight, wet hole.
You thrusted in and out of her as she moaned wildly. “You’re going to make your step-mommy cum,” she said. “Harder! You wanna cum in me? You can’t stop now!” You fucked her until you both orgasmed. Just then, without your knowledge, the spirit left your step-mother’s body.
Her eyes widened in horror when she saw you on top of her completely naked. “Oh my god!” she freaked out and covered her bare body with the blanket. “Get out, get out, get out!”


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One of my favorite transformation clips ever! Son gets himself in a very awkward, uncomfortable, and hilarious situation. Highly recommended!
“Did we ever get allowance for cutting the yard?” Mom argued with Dad. “No! It was our duty as household members to do what we were told.” Mom was frustrated. Her son was greedy, ungrateful, and unappreciative. She felt like her husband was only enabling him, and that her son expected rewards for doing even the simplest of chores.
“We’re not going to be on this planet forever to take care of him and baby him,” Mom sighed, “he’s going to be on his own, and he’s not going to have any life skills, and I’m going to blame that on you.” In fact, one of these days, he was going to know what it was like to walk in her shoes, and he’d learn to appreciate everything she did for him.
Mom and Dad went to sleep angry at one another. The next morning, Mom let out a big yawn, put her hand down panties, then jolted her eyes open. “What the…” she jumped up after noticing her girlie hands and hearing her new feminine voice. “Hello?”
Her son was inside her body and he was freaking out. Where did his dick go? “Ah!” he screamed. “I know I shouldn’t have gotten high last night. I’m tripping out, I’m tripping out. Wake up, wake up!” He slapped himself in the face, but sure enough, he was still inside Mom’s body, and he realized she was in his.
Although he was weirded out, he couldn’t contain his curiosity. He pulled her nightgown open with a devilish smile, then started groping her big tits. “Is it wrong?” he asked himself. “I mean, they’re technically my tits.” There was denying that it felt good – really good.
Being Mom meant he wouldn’t have to go to school or do any more chores, and he could drive Mom’s car. “Somehow this is going to be my fault,” he rolled his eyes, then looked around to make sure no one was nearby. He lifted up her panties and laughed. “Ugh, what is this? Mom, you’ve got like a soul patch on your pussy.”
He was surprised to admit that his mom was actually pretty hot. “Oh yeah, you like my titties, boys?” he giggled as he bounced her tits. “I should totally wreck her.” Since he was in control of her body, he could barge into his bedroom and demand that she buy him a car. If she refused, he’d threaten to strip her down in front of the whole neighborhood and finger-bang himself.
“This is so much easier than holding my dick in my hand,” he said, now masturbating inside her body. Mom’s pussy was so sensitive to her fingers, and he found himself completely engaged in getting himself off. So much, in fact, that he didn’t notice Dad watching him in the doorway.
“Oh…Jesus!” he panicked, quickly covering himself up with his robe. “Dad…um….dadd-y…honey.” He tried to recover by pretending he was role-playing. “Hey sweetheart,” he tried to lean against the wall to look casual, “what are you…uh…doing here?”
“Oh, I was just testing um…testing this new m-m-method out,” he said awkwardly when Dad mentioned how much he enjoyed watching her masturbate. “You know, I’ve never done it with two fingers.” He immediately cringed at what he had just said – dear god, could he be any more obvious.
“I’m just going to get dressed,” he said after noticing his father’s erection. “You know, your son is probably hungry. I said that about him? Well, that wasn’t very nice, I was upset earlier. I take it all back! He is a wonderful and very handsome boy. Now that my mind is clear, he needs a car.”
But Dad wasn’t interested in talking about that, he had a throbbing erection that he wanted his wife to take care of. “Oh, why don’t we figure that out later,” the son said, pretending to yawn. “You know, I’m really exhausted.” Unfortunately, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get away with rejecting his dad.
“Take it off? Why?” he asked with an uneasy smile. He unfastened the robe for just a second, then quickly tied it back together. “We schedule these things? Of course, we’re parents, we have to schedule sex…” And unfortunately for him, today was one of their days.
Dad commented about his wife’s odd behavior and asked if there was anything she needed to tell him. “Why would I have something to tell you?” he asked nervously. “Did someone say something to you? Mom’s still sleeping. Oh hi, I’m Mom.” He couldn’t afford to keep making these stupid mistakes.
“Oh…” he giggled timidly when his dad removed his silk robe, “my robe…you can keep it, it’s a nice robe. Suck your cock? It’s my favorite thing, you say? Can we skip my favorite thing? I promised in therapy? You’re in therapy?! We’re in therapy!”
He knew there was no getting out of this. It wasn’t like Dad knew he was inside Mom’s body, so if he could play along just this once, everything could go back to normal. Sucking another man’s cock was bad enough, but his dad’s?
“Darling, Dad…I mean, oh Daddy,” he tried to pull away from his father’s hands. “That feels…so…different.” His eyes widened in horror as Dad penetrated him missionary style, then flipped him over so he could fuck him doggystyle. He’d soon come to realize that he’d be filled with Dad’s cum.
And after it was all finally done, he could talk to Mom about their bodies being swapped. He might just be a little traumatized.


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“You’re not going to see daylight unless you’re going to school,” Mom said sternly, a finger pointed at her bratty daughter. As punishment for her terrible grades and inappropriate behavior in class, she had to stay home and finish her chores.
“So, are you going to listen to me, or are you going to keep flirting with all the boys?” Mom asked her, an obvious frustration in her voice. “And you know what…give me your phone, you’re not allowed to have your phone anymore. Come on, give it to me!” She stuck out her hand and demanded the phone, but her daughter refused.
Mom was irritate. While she rambled on about her daughter’s punishments, a burst of energy shot through the air leaving both mom and daughter disoriented. “Mom? Mom, wait…why am I in your body?” the daughter asked once she saw her body standing in front of her. “What just happened? I don’t want to be in, like, an old person’s body, ew. Why am I not over there? I should be over there. What the fuck?”
The two bickered from inside one another’s body – the daughter making it clear that she could say whatever she wanted. “I don’t know how this happened,” the bratty daughter laughed, “but I’m in your body and I get to do all the cool stuff that I wanna do.” She wouldn’t have to go to school anymore – in fact, Mom would have to do the studying and homework for her.
“And you’re the one who grounded yourself, so ha ha ha,” she said in an unruly manner. “Just to piss you off, Mom, I’m going to flirt with all those guys…especially that hot dad across the street. Mom, you’re wearing too much clothes. This dress, ew…”
She stripped her mother down, commenting on the sexy, sparkly lingerie she had on, and how much the hot dad would enjoy it. “And you’ve been ignoring him because you’re such a prude, Mom!” she said with a disgusted, scrunched-up face. “Look Mom, I’m playing with your tits, does that make you angry?”
“You can’t stop me,” she told her mom, “because you’re inside my body right now.” It was revenge – she wanted to upset and piss off her mom, and it was working.
She wanted to ruin her reputation. She would go to the bars and drink, then pick up strangers to plow her mom’s body. “Well, look at that!” she looked down at her mom’s pussy. “I always shave, Mommy, but…should I keep your bush or get rid of it? Well, I guess since I’m a MILF now…”
She taunted and teased her mother as she masturbated from inside her body. She couldn’t wait to loosen up her tight hole, especially after all the bitching and screaming. The best part of all was that Mommy couldn’t do anything – not one thing.


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