Your Dad has been away on a business trip again but you are always home with me, my wonderful Step Son. I have been chaste since the end of May, and haven’t touched myself at all, no orgasms of any kind. I am so very horny and feeling like playing with myself in front of you, and I ask about your girlfriend’s pubic hair, and tease you with my body before laying back and cumming for you with my fingers. Plenty of taboo dirty talk and role play, both older woman/younger man and also Step Mom/Step Son. There was a Florida thunderstorm that started while I was filming, hope you enjoy the ambient sounds of rain. I think it made the video even more exciting. I have a moderately trimmed bush in this video, and this is my first video with pubic hair, and also one of only four made.


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Sally has been looking for her panties and she finds that her step-son has been taking them in his room to sniff. She confronts him, but Sally isn’t mad she understands the situation and wants to show him more. Looking at him with her big brown eyes and plunging cleavage she puts the boy’s fantasy’s aside and reveals herself to him. First by showing Mommy’s large natural breast and then lifting her blue dress and lowering her stockings Sally let’s him sniff her fresh panties and exposes her full hairy cunt and spreads herself wide open to give her step son a place to fully release himself into. It’s just their little secret until he comes around next time wanting to play with his Step Mommy a little more.


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Your dad caught you and your mom together and you had to protect your mom from his anger… she pulls you into the bedroom and now she doesn’t care that he knows. Your sexy mature mom gives you non-stop dirty taboo talk as you stroke yourself….She wants to be your girl… for you to breed her, have your baby and even marry you. She takes her bra off and talks about how she wants you to suck the sweet milk from her tits when she has your baby. She pushes her lacy panties out of the way to rub her pussy while she watches you stroke your big cock. She talks about what a good boy you are and how your cock is so much bigger and full of cum than your dad’s. She gets more and more turned on at the thought of you pushing your sperm deep into her pussy, breeding her as your own… she eventually removes her panties so she is completely naked for you and her fingers push inside her hairy pussy as she shows you how wet and ready she is for you to push your big cock in. Mommy is over 50 but she has never looked hotter to you.. She even has a squirting orgasm in front of you before she lays back and waits for your seed.


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Mom is getting ready when you wander into her bedroom, and see something you’ve never seen before! Hair?! On a girl? That’, odd. From all the videos you watch the girls are bare, so you are curious as to why your Mom has hair “down there”. You decide to ask her, and she seems mad at you for wanting to know! It’s normal for women to have hair there, she tells you. And after a few moments of hesitation, she tells you that she’s going to get you acquainted with female body hair so you aren’t so shocked by it. With that, she takes her towel off and is fully naked. You’re sort of surprised at how much you like seeing your Mom like this, but you don’t say anything. You just continue listening to her talk, until she notices that you are excited. She confesses that she has been single for so long since your Dad left that she hasn’t had anyone touching her, which is another reason why she doesn’t shave. She tells you to be a good boy for her, and to give it a little touch..just to see what it feels like. You don’t want to let your Mom down, so you do what she asks. And you get even more excited because of how good she feels, and it even has a little bit of a smell to it that you like too. Mom seems to really be enjoying herself, so much that she tells you to put yourself inside her for just a minute. To really “experience” what her hair feels you do. And you don’t stop until you cum all over her bushy pussy. Tags; Fuck Machine, Cum in bush, Older woman/younger man, Role Play, Hairy.


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Mommy has noticed recently that you’ve been going through the changes. Your body is changing and as it changes you start to get certain urges. New cravings you didn’t used to have. Sometimes it’s floaty feelings or sort of like an …itch. I saw your search history on the computer and know you’re starting to get curious about sex and how to masturbate. Mommy wants to show you and make sure you’re doing it right. Sit down, get comfy, and just do what Mommy does. This sensual clip includes masturbation instructions designed for women and vagina-havers, spread eagle hairy pussy fingering, and a nurturing, loving roleplay.


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Mommy is in the bedroom with her son. She is wearing a sexy yet conservative dress. Her son talks to her about his day at school. He says he overheard girls talking about whether they “shave or not down there”. Son is a little confused. He wants to know what they meant. Mommy explains him and his classmates are getting to the age where their bodies are developing and going through changes. Mom talks about the different changes between girls and boys. She says hair starts to grow “down there” among other places. Girls start to grow hair on their vaginas. Mommy explains this is all very natural. Nothing to feel strange about. Mom says her bush is very hairy. She lets it grow out sometimes. She wants to show her boy what a hairy vagina looks like. She assures him this is normal and he needs to see it. Only mom can show him these things, nobody else yet. Her boy is still way too young. Mom talks about what he might see in porn. Mom also says he might get a little excited by seeing mommy’s hairy bush. But this is very normal. His hormones are strong right now and nothing wrong with getting excited from seeing mommy “down there”.
Mom slowly hikes her dress up. She speaks in a gentle yet arousing voice. She sees her boy getting excited and says “it’s okay you can pleasure yourself, it’s normal to feel this way”. Mom spreads her legs. She is wearing black panties and there is dark hair all along the sides, and onto her thighs. She reveals her full bush. Her pink pussy lips inviting against her dark pubic hairs. Mom gets turned on. She encourages mutual masturbation. She wants to show her boy that a hairy pussy is normal and nothing wrong with feeling good on top of it. She wants to see her boy happy. Mom shows off her hairy ass too. She is in spread eagle, masturbating. Mom begins to talk a little dirty as she describes her hairy, wet pussy. Mommy and son come together. (Love your videos and thanks for what you do!)

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Your sweet mother can’t help but notice you’ve been overcome with stress lately.. and wants to talk. She doesn’t want to pry but offers words of encouragement and offers comfort.. “I know just the thing that works for your Father! Let’s relieve your stress right away, B***.” Your mother teaches you how to stroke your cock for her before realizing the temptation is too much for you both to bare.. and things escalate quite quickly.. blowjob & dildo fucking.

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Scene One: Is mommy still tight?
“Can you make sure I look good in this?” Sydney asks me as I play with my toys. “I don’t know” I respond half halfheartedly. As she shows off her body in her tiny bikini she asks if her hard body makes me hard. I freeze in shock as tries on another bikini, stripping in front of me. “Put your clothes on” I whisper in fear.
She tells me it will be alright, getting close to me. I can feel the heat radiating off her body as I touch her. Something inside me burns and I feel my body go stiff with anticipation. “Look how hard you are” She whispers, slipping off her bottoms and pulling out her perky tits. “Look what I can do to you” She smiles touching my penis with her warm hands. “This is what mommy wanted, to taste you” Her tongue runs up and down my cock as her hands stroke me. “Oh baby, fill me up” She moans as she gets on top of me and fucks me. Her body and pussy are so fucking tight. I can only fuck her for so long before I feel my body shake and cum inside her.

Scene Two: Mom needs stress relief
The next day and my world has been turned upside down. “Mommy had such a long day, I’m so stressed” Mommy tells me as she walks into the living room. My eyes pop out of my head at her tight red dress. “Can you help mommy release some tension?” she asks and unzips the back of her dress. This is what I’ve been thinking about every second. My body starts to quiver.
Her lacy red underwear makes me want to cum right there in my shorts. She’s so fucking hot. “Do you like when mommy teases you?” She smiles. Spreading her legs she guides me into her warm wet pussy. My lips tasting her and driving me wild. I can’t stop myself from getting on top of her and fucking her. “Just like that” She moans. I fuck her endlessly on the couch, making her cum again and again. I cum deep inside of her, making her orgasm from the feeling of my hot ooze. “Let me taste it!” She yells in passion and I let her clean up my wet cock with her hungry mouth.

Scene Three: Mommy Swallows
“Dad’s in the garage working on the car” Mommy says to me, sneaking into my room. She’s wearing lingerie that makes me obey her every command. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this with dad around but she starts masturbating and touching that tight fit body of hers and I melt with lust.
Sliding onto the bed she pulls my hard cock out of my shorts and slides me into her sucking mouth. I could burst right there as she looks up at me with her loving hungry eyes. Mommy begs me to fuck her, to make her cum. “Yes baby!” She screams, her perky tits bouncing to my thrusts. Her pussy is so tight, her body so perfect. “Please let me taste you, fill my filthy mouth, give me that cum!” She can barely talk between my hard fucks. Her pussy clamps down on me as she cums and I pull out, exploding all over her face. She swallows me down, so happy to have a strong young man to use.

Scene Four: Blackmailed Aunt Cory
Sisters Cory and Sydney have always had a special relationship. But when Sydney’s son gets a hold of compromising pictures of the two of them, it’s big trouble. He’s blackmailing his sexy aunt Cory. Furious Cory confronts Sydney and pleads with her to help. Sydney suggests they go with the blackmail and give him exactly what he wants.
Terrified and humiliated, Cory watches as Sydney puts her son’s cock into her mouth. Cory has no choice but to be guided and used, her mouth being filled by big cock. The girls strip each other, part of Cory screaming no while part of her screams yes. Cory’s legs are split and he gets what he always wanted. He fucks them both, making them moan and cum. Their hot and fit bodies riding him, being wrecked by him, cumming with him deep inside. When they let themselves go they find that it’s the hottest fuck they’ve ever experienced. Hot liquid lust squirts onto their faces in endless waves as they swallow it down, starving for the delicious taste. They kiss, in love with him and desperate to be blackmailed again and again for the rest of their lives.

Scene Five: Principal Blackmail
Sydney has been called into her son’s principals office. She has know idea why as her son is a perfect student. “See your son dropped his phone” He says showing her the phone. On the screen, are nude photos of her and her sister. Having these pictures at the school are going to expel her son and have protective services called on her to remove him from the home.
Her body shaking Sydney looks at him and pleads if there’s anything she can do. His strong hand rests on her thigh and a shiver of disgust runs through her. She swallows it down and smiles at him, “I think we can work something out” She says. Getting on the counter she spreads her legs and feels his hot breath and wet tongue on her pussy. She strips naked, exposing herself to the cold dry air of the office. He’s fully dressed and in control as he fucks her naked powerless body around the office. Sydney moans in delight at being used like this by the powerful principal, his hard cock destroying her and fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. She gets to her knees and takes his cum into her open mouth, humiliating herself for her son’s education.

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