Scene One: Dare You Not To Get Hard
I am really bored at home this afternoon and I want to find something to do! My step-mom, Cory, walks in to the kitchen wearing a tight, red dress. She looks really slutty as she tells me that she wants to play a game with me! She starts to rub my cock over my shorts, and that makes me feel nervous! Cory starts to giggle as she strips out of her dress in front of me and she tells me to put my phone down. I feel really awkward because I’ve been living with my step-mom for a while now, and this is weird! She grabs my hands and makes me feel her big, enhanced tits. She sits on my lap and she starts to give me a lap dance, to try and get my cock hard! She gets down on her knees and she pulls my cock out of my shorts. She starts to lick my cock up and down and then she shoves it all in her mouth! This is unbelievable! She wraps her big tits around my cock and she titty fuck’s my cock. She keeps giving me a blowjob until I cum in her mouth! Then, I run out of the room because I am confused about what just happened!! “Where are you going?! I wasn’t done playing with you yet!” Cory yells after me.

Scene Two: Dare You To Just Put in The Tip
I am sitting on the couch watching a movie with my step-mom, Cory. “Where did you run off to yesterday?!” she starts to question me. “What happened between us was really awkward for me, step-mom” I tell her. She tells me that she will be quiet now and let me watch my movie… Thank goodness! Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my step-mom rubbing her tits and I don’t know why she is acting so slutty and weird?! She won’t leave me alone and she keeps talking during the movie! She tells me how she used her vibrator earlier but it wasn’t the same as a cock! “How about you pretend that I’m somebody else and then you can fuck me!” she suggests. “Step-Mom! No! What the Hell?!” I ask her. She starts to rub my cock with her hand as she asks me to just stick the tip of my cock inside of her. She pulls her big tits out and she makes me rub her tits. I’m not really in to her but I give in anyway, because she won’t leave me alone! She pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. She tells me that I can imagine that she is the actress from my movie, so I try to close my eyes and pretend she is a different person. She lies down on the couch and she spreads her legs in front of me. “Just stick the tip in, sweetie!” she demands. I stick the tip in and then I ask her if we can go back to watching the movie yet. “Come on! Just a little more! You can stick it all the way in!” she begs me. I start to fuck my step-mom in the missionary position and she keeps moaning loudly! She flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. Then she rides my cock in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position! I accidentally cum inside of her pussy and then I run off to my bedroom! This is officially getting too awkward…

Scene Three: Morning Sex
I am napping in my bed one morning when my step-mom sneaks in to my bedroom. She starts to rub my cock with her hands and I am really starting to believe that my step-dad married a mentally unstable woman! She is acting beyond strange! She pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. I open my eyes and I jump up! “Step-Mom! What are you doing?!” I ask her. I tell her how weird this is but she tells me that she needs more of my cock! “Didn’t you get enough earlier?!” I ask her. “I can never get enough!” she tells me. She keeps giving me a blowjob and then she hops on top of me and she rides my cock. She rides my cock for a few minutes and then she lies down on her back and she asks me to fuck her. I fuck her pussy until I get close to cumming and then I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face… Now hopefully she will finally leave me alone and let me go back to bed!


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Step-Mommy catches you spying and makes you eat her pussy, ass, and helps you cum your pathetic cock hard for her. You love her ass, pussy, how they taste, and you love her bushy hairy pussy.


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Ok, you don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, but I would really appreciate if you did. I’m you’re mom, I know when something’s up! Your girlfriend broke up with you? Why? Because she didn’t want to have sex with you? Wow. Women these days are such prudes. Is there anything I can do to help? Surely there has to be something…Maybe…I could kiss “it” better? How about you take your penis out for me and I’ll show you how a real woman sucks cock. With your dick in my mouth I tell you how sexy and smart you are. I want you to feel good and empowered. Any woman would LOVE to have sex with you. It really is her loss, especially a cock so…well endowed! I then tell you to keep stroking while I take my clothes off. This is how a real woman looks. Do you want to touch? You must get your good looks from me haha (I’m your step mom so that’s impossible, but I like teasing you!). How about you lay back on the bed so mommy can take care of you. Let me make you feel better by showing you how it feels to fuck a grown woman. Does your cock feel so good inside of mommy? I ride you harder and harder before telling you that you can cum inside mommy. Cum for mommy. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, mommy, mommy domme, taboo, mom son, step-mom, pov blowjob, pov, pov sex, pov riding, riding, dildo sucking, striptease, stripping, tattoos, tattooed, redhead, freckles, hairy, hairy bush


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Naughty Step Mom talks about the arrangement she has with her step son and how he gets to come home and fuck her every weekend in order to get her pregnant because his father shoots blanks and so this will save their marriage…but the thought of it has her soooo turned on she has to get her pussy off!


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Friends Mom has A Hairy Cunt Your Friends Mom knows you have a fetish for Hairy cunts and shes got something to show you. She teases and taunts you with her juicy mouth and the filthy words keep pouring out until your cock is ready to explode then she lifts her dress and shows you the most delicious hairy cunt you have ever seen then she begins to fuck it hard its so wet and juicy you can hear it then she asks you to slide inside it with your hard cock and begs for your cum


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You walk in as Mommy is just starting to relax and you want to cuddle up close with her, to which she gladly accepts. To be honest, you’ve been having “urges” and need to get near to her. You ask if going topless is alright, and she agrees to it, just like you both used to do so long ago. So now she’s just in her bra… and you have to tell her about the urges and… the rock hard crotch he has right now.
She’s confused, and you put her hand right on your throbbing cock in your pants. This causes her to flinch and gasp and says that none of this is right, this is very bad and not okay! You recoil and she apologizes, saying you can suckle on her breasts… just like you used to, since it seems you need some extra love.
And she even lets you get on top… but that doesn’t help with the urge as you find yourself suckling and then pulling her panties off. You thrust inside her while she’s gasping and… and… now she has accepted it, because you’re inside her good and deep, and her pussy is really clenched down on you, loving it all… She can’t fight it now, she really likes it.
So you keep going and going, but don’t last long. And she tells you to cum inside Mommy, yes! Yes! Yes! And you do… and then you comfort her, because… what has she done?


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