Oh-no you have been caught young lady! Caught touching your gross clity. How dare you! Naughty, naughty dirty little girl. We do not touch, we are proper little princesses. Here we were having such a good day of coloring, and fun. You just couldn’t help it could you. Do not worry my little sweet girl. Mommy has the perfect long term solution. You have an appointment soon. Then you will be complete! We are going to get rid of that pesky appendage. Rid of the urge to touch that filth. In 48 hours you will have your final play-time with your disgusting little prick! Mommy has a special treat for you, we will have the most fun, before….chop chop


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I am so happy that you two are going to prom together. I was not sure my special little man would be able to get a date with his, you know, little problem. Oh you don’t know what I mean? I am surprised you have not caught him in the act by now. I know most boys love to play with themselves but my little wanker is just obsessed. I can’t count the times I have walked in on him either with his hand down his pants or his dick in his hand. Sorry if this is a little shocking, sweetie, but I just thought you would already know about his jerk off addiction. Speaking of your date, I wonder what is taking him so long to finish getting ready?


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My darling son is such a little pervert!
I’m so glad to be home from work. I’ve had such a long day and it feels so good to be able to just kick back and read a magazine. Oh my goodness, what are you doing in here! You scared me! How long have you been in my room? What are you hiding in your pocket?!
Have you been masturbating in my room?! Why do you have my panties in your pocket?! Oh my goodness, you’re my son! You dirty little pervert! Come here, let me see! Oh my goodness I can see your little boner! What the hell do you think you’re doing! Why don’t you get a real girlfriend and stop fantasizing over your mother! You’re a bit old to be staying home and masturbating with your moms underwear! Put your little dick away!
Why don’t you look at porn in your bedroom! Don’t you find it’s weird to be masturbating about me?? I’m your mother! I feel so violated! How many times have you been jerking off in my room this week? I hope at least you’re jacking off nicely… Not like some dirty little boy!
I’m going to show you how to do it nicely… I know your dick isn’t as big as my dildo, but Mommy can teach you how to touch yourself properly. Mommy is upset with you, but you need to learn how and it’s my duty as your Mother to make you ready for the world.
I show you how to slowly touch yourself. You’ll follow along with me now, ok? Don’t blow your little load all over the place, calm down. I don’t want to get you too excited. In your dreams, you’d stick your dick between my tits, but I know you’d cum too quickly. No summing till I say so… stop! Be patient! This is a bit wrong, but now we’ve started. You’ve made Mommy’s pussy all wet and sticky… oh dear… I’ll just touch it a little bit. Don’t you cum yet! Do you want me to count you down to cumin? While you sit there in shame, like a disgusting little pervert…
Ok now start pulling it harder. You’re only going to cum when I tell you. DON”T YOU DARE cum before! Otherwise I’ll tell all your friends what a little pervert you are! I’ll shame you in front of the rest of the family too!
Ok, now you’re gonna cum, only when I count you down. Mmm, that’s it. 5… 4…. 3…………. 2…. ….1…. Cum! That’s it. Keep cumming. That’s it. Now, you don’t come in my bedroom again, ok! Otherwise I will tell all your friends about your little perverted secret!


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WTF! What have you been doing with Mommy’s dirty panties? What? You didn’t know that Mommy has access to the home security camera’s from Her phone? I’ve seen you with My dirty panties, sneaking around behind Mommy’s back? Masturbating to Mommy’s dirty panties without Her permission? Well, your dirty deceitful ways have made Mommy Mad! Since you can’t seem to resist Mommy’s dirty panties, you are going to show Mommy the naughty things you have been doing with her unmentionables. Mommy is going to teach you a lesson you will never forget you pathetic little panty pervert.


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WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Are you going through my hamper and smelling my dirty panties? You’re disgusting. What’s wrong with you? I’m your stepmom and this is completely inappropriate. Do you think you can stop having a hard-on while I yell at you? You know what: get on your knees. Yes I mean it, no don’t put the panties back in the hamper. You wanted to smell them while you jerked your dick right? So that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Pull out your cock. If I have to tell you to do something more than once from this point forward I’m just going to kick you in the balls and tell your father what you were doing. Do you want that? I didn’t think so. Now take out your cock and put my panties against your nose. I smell amazing, don’t I? Your father can’t keep his face out of my pussy. He lives to inhale that scent. You do too apparently. Wow, look at you go. STOP! I want you to edge for me a little bit. All right now start stroking again. Edging is sexy right? It’s so fun and hot, especially when you get to do it in front of your stepmom. Except this isn’t to reward you for your perverted behavior. It’s to make sure that you never do this again. You see edging will build up a bigger load of cum than you would normally shoot if you just tugged one out quickly. And I want you to shoot the biggest load you can because I’m going to make you eat it. Yes, I am. That’s your punishment for being such a disgusting pervert. It’s that or I kick you in the balls and tell your father what you did. So you will eat the cum? That’s what I thought. Now let’s edge some more and make this load big enough so that it’s a whole big mouthful.

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Have you been a good sissy today while Mommy was out? I hear from my friends who were cuckysitting you that you made cummies outside of your Nappy! You know that’s strictly against the rules. Did you do it, little sissy? There’s one way to know the truth. I will touch your tiny 3 inch clitty and see how long it takes you to explode in my hand. If you don’t bust in a few seconds, I know you’ve been stroking your clitty behind my back.

I knew it! You should be punished, naughty sissy. I’ve told you time and time again, I will not tolerate you cumming outside of your pink princess nappy’s. Tighten up your Nappy, put your pink penis pacifier in your mouth, and hump your Cinderella pillow until you cum for Mommy right in your thick, padded Nappy. Show Mommy you know how to do it right – or else the pink cock cage is going on your. And who knows for how long. Get it right this time.

That’s a good sissy. You’re always good for a laugh in your silly, adorable pink nappies. You make cummies in your Nappy, not in a pussy like a real man.


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