Kelly Payne - Jealou's and Lonely Mommy

Kelly Payne – Jealou’s and Lonely Mommy

Mommy’s been enjoying some wine and is excited for movie night tonight, she invites you to sit down with her and asks what movie you want to watch tonight. When you confess you can’t stay and your leaving, your mom is pissed and let’s you know exactly why. Clearly your the only man in her life, and you’ve always had well.. a special relationship with your mom. Well until your most recent girlfriend. Mom attempts to get you to stay and when you tell her your meeting your girlfriends parents tonight, mom digs in her claws. Trying to guilt you to stay then blackmailing you with an email she sent that you weren’t aware of. Apparently she sent you a sex tape of you and her together and threatens to send it to your new girlfriend. You tell her you’ll fuck her but you still have to leave afterwards…. fine. Your mom enjoys comparing herself to your new girlfriend… and reminding you how much better mommy is.


Kelly Payne - Jealou's and Lonely Mommy

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