Scene One: Step Mom Is Desperate
My step-mom came to visit me at my new job, and she can clearly see that I am a big shot at work! She confesses to me that she is having some financial troubles and she really needs my help. “How is this my problem?!” I ask her. “It’s not your problem! But I really need money, sweetheart,” she tells me. She offers to work for me and make some money that way. “Please give me a chance and I won’t let you down!” she begs me. I tell her that I’m not sure if she’s the right person for the job, but I am willing to let her prove to me that she can do the job. “You are going to have to do some things that you might not want to do… I will need you to be naked around my office all the time!” I tell her. She thinks I am kidding at first, but I tell her that I am completely serious. “I will give you cash if you get naked for me and do some other things for me…” I tell her. She is unsure about what to do, but she really needs the money! I show my step-mom a stack of cash and she starts to strip out of her clothes for me. She takes off her bra and undies and before I know it, she is completely naked in front of me! “It’s nice having you on board, step-mom!” I exclaim. I tell my step-mom to walk out and leave my crowded office, completely naked! She must humiliate herself if she wants this stack of cash! She is nervous, but she does what she is told!

Scene Two: Why Are you Not Naked Step-Mom
I walk in to my step-mom’s house and she is fully clothed in the kitchen. “What are you wearing?! GET NAKED!” I demand. She laughs because she thinks I am joking. “I am serious! Take off your clothes right now or you are fired!” I exclaim. She starts to strip out of her clothes for me, because she is afraid of losing all of the money that I plan to give her. Once she is fully naked, I demand that she get down on her knees in front of me. I pull my hard cock out, right in front of her face. “Don’t be afraid of it! Give it a little kiss!” I exclaim. I convince her to put my cock in her mouth and give me a blowjob. “I haven’t had dick in so long! And you do have a really nice cock!” she admits to me. She keeps sucking on my cock and my step-mom isn’t too bad at this at all! “Stand up now, step-mom!” I tell her. I tell her to lean up against the kitchen counter so I can fuck her. She grabs her glass of wine and takes another sip first. I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy and she starts to apologize for being a mean step-mom towards me back in the day. After a few minutes, I cum inside of her. “Did you just cum?!” she asks me. “That’s part of our deal!” I remind her.

Scene Three: Step-Mom Cleans My Cock
I walk in to the living room to find my step-mom vacuuming and she is completely naked, like I asked of her. “You are dressed appropriately!” I tell her. “I’ll be right back step-mom, but you should keep cleaning!” I say. I walk back up to her quickly and I grab her big, natural tits. I push her down on the couch and I instantly shove my hard cock inside off her pussy. “You are taking your new job very well!” I tell her. I keep fucking her pussy harder and she tells me that I can do whatever I want to her. I know that she is so focused on the stacks of cash that I am giving her, that she does anything I want now and I love it! “This deal of ours is really starting to pay off for me!” she exclaims, while I fuck her. I flip her over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind while her big ass bounces up and down. “May I cum on your cock?” she asks me. “Yes, you may,” I give her permission. I fuck her in the missionary position next. When I get close to cumming, I make her get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in her mouth. She swallows it all, like a good step-mom should!
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Scene Four: Step-Mom Has a Secret
My step-mom has a little chat with my step-dad and she is so angry with him, that she confesses to my step-dad that she has been fucking me! “Your son had a solution to my financial crisis after you screwed me over with that divorce! Your son fucks me all the time now!” she laughs at him. She calls me in to the room and I get on top of my step-mom, right in front of my step-dad. “How does it feel that your son is about to cuckold you!?” she asks. I lick my step-mom’s nipples before I shove my cock inside of my step-mom, while my step-dad sits in the room watching us. My step-mom keeps talking down to my step-dad while I keep fucking her in the missionary position. “I’m cumming all over my son’s cock now!” she moans. I fuck my step-mom until I creampie her pussy while my step-dad continues to watch!


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This is a sequel to “Mommy Fucks all Your BBC Friends”;
Custom request from client:
The video was mommy telling her son about how she fucks her son’s black friends. For this audio clip I want this fantasy to be actualized. The “friends” team up with mom to bully and cuckold her son. Everyone is rude to the son in this scenerio. Again for me, focus on the dialogue and not necessarily the sex(although it is important), I love the whole racial kink element of this roleplay. Key phrase:black cock/bbc, white slut, mommy,
Mommy tells her son that his friends told her that they’ll be arriving soon for the sleepover. Except he didn’t know that his friends were having a sleepover. Mommy giggles and tells him that he’ll find out soon enough. His BBC friends are greeted by mommy and she is overwhelmed by how touchy they are with her. She invites them inside to sit down. Her son asks her to go grab some snacks for them and the guys, and she responds by telling him that she isn’t leaving; and that if anyone is leaving, it will be him. She responds to his confusion by telling him that him friends are here for the sleepover with HER and that they could give a fuck about him.
She responds by telling HIM to take her car keys and go get some them some lube from the drug store, she needs to get her guests settled. [Pause to show passage of time]. As the son arrives back at his house audible kissing can be heard(one of his friends is kissing his mother). Mom asks his son what the fuck he thinks he is staring at. What happened before was a one time thing, now leave me alone unless your friends to kiss your ass.
[ Mom aside to friends]: What? You want him to stay? [Mom to son]: okay, but you have to do whatever they say. Mom tells her son that they want him to take off her clothing, and strip himself nude. [son complies]
While nude, mommy proceeds to give her son a body tour, describing her thick white body, large tits, and round plump ass. After she finishes describing exactly why her son would want to fuck her, he tells him that her body isn’t meant for pasty white nerds like him— it was made for BBC. She was meant to be bred by BBC. A loser like him wouldn’t know what to do with her! Mommy tells him to sit down and watch
Mom spits in her sons face, and says that her spit is the closest thing he is going to get to being in mommy’s mouth. She is going to make her loser cuck son watch her fuck black men. She roughly sucks their dicks while cuckolding her son, lots of verbal humiliation and rudeness. Eventually she tells him that they are coming in her mouth. Mom commands her son to come over to her. She tells him, that he is going to clean the cum out of her mouth before deeply kissing him[audibly].
Mom tells him that his friends don’t want him in the room anymore and to go stand outside. She loudly fucks his friends as she moans and screams in pleasure. Eventually she invites him back into the room and tells him to stare at her pussy, She humiliates him by telling him to look at the black cum dripping out of her fat pussy, and tells him he could never do that to her while telling him how black cock is superior.
Mommy tells her that his friends want him to have sloppy seconds. They want to watch him squirm as he fucks his moms claimed pussy. She tells him not to worry about getting her pregnant, they’ve already filled her with enough cum to give her a black baby. Son fucks his mothers cummy pussy while she humiliates him, before eventually adding to the load deposit inside of her pussy.mommy


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Cruel as I am I love to punish my cuck. This time I tease him to the max before I lock him into chastity. But that´s not all! I have more in mind today – I will fuck his son – and he has to watch us, hahahaaaa! And I can´t wait to get his sons heavy load on my big tits!


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Your step-mommy has come to school to see you because you left something at home. While you two are cornered in your home room, she closes the door and reveals to you the real reason she is here to see you. She has arranged a gang bang with all of your best friends this morning and you’re going to watch her… while strapped to your assigned seat. She loves making you jealous and you cannot help but explode when you see her suck off your best friend’s cock! Do not let the length of this video fool you. It is action packed from beginning to end and dirty talk is through the entire live show.


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You’re hanging out with your mom, chit chatting about dinner plans. The topic turns to your friends and all of a sudden, Sydney seems much more interested in finding out more about them. As she’s drinking her wine, she’s raving about your mates and wants to know all about them, asking you about locker room stories, details about what they look like. She obviously loves alpha males with big cocks, the opposite of you. She starts playing with herself and when she notices you’re getting turned on, she makes you take out your cock, ties you up and calls your friends from your phone. Holding the phone to your ear, she demands you invite your friends over. Before long, they arrive and Sydney takes them all to the bedroom. All you can hear is the sounds of your friends ravishing your mom’s pussy. When she comes to check on you after a few hours, you’re covered in your own cum. Clearly you’ve turned into a full fledged cuck for your mom’s sexual escapades with your friends. And as a reward for being such a good boy, you get to clean mommy’s cum filled pussy.


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You and your entire football team won the team Championship, which is rare and a high honor! Mommy invites you and the whole team back to the house to celebrate the win!!! Once at the house, they ask what the surprise is. Mommy tells them that SHE is their reward and surprise!!! They all deserve to see mommy striptease and get on all fours and suck each and every team member until they explode all over her pretty face!!! And you, her son, gets to watch all of them blast your mommy’s face and you will be the very last one to give her your huge, young nut all over her face!!!! Mommy wants to be covered in young boy cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations boys!!!!


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Your step mother, me, accidentally walks in on you attempting to masturbate. We are both in shock until step mother offers to help you. You have not mastered your domain yet and know you help. As a woman who satisfies your father, why wouldn’t mother know best? We start with the basics until Mommy grabs your dick herself and shows you what she likes. Once you are fully erect and about to climax your step mom informs you she is “grooming you to take your fathers place”. You have dreamed of this moment with your hot mom and now its finally happening, before you know it you are cumming all over her big tits and face. *Topless & Pussy Shot


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This is the full and complete series of Mom Likes Porn Too, this series stars Sherry Stunns. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Wife Cuckold Voyeur Spying Masturbation Handjob Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series, you can buy all 5 parts here at a discount!


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You finally figured out how to make me happy. Your pathetic white little pee pee will never satisfy me but you finally figured out how to compensate for it!!!! Thank god you have a hot black hung co-worker that is willing to fuck me whenever!!! I just got back from his house and O M G, his black cock is amazing. I could only wrap about 1/4 of it in my mouth!!!! He is HUGE!!!!! So now I can be fucked properly whenever I need it. Your only job is to keep the money coming in for new red bottom shoes for me and money so he can take me out for dinner and clubbing!!!! But don’t worry, I saved his huge black nut in my pussy for you to lick clean! Oh, and I have lots of memories of it. I video taped it and you can watch it too!!! Finally you grew a brain and figured out how to keep me happy!!!


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