Scene One: Cannot Resist Salvation
I am in my bedroom looking at some naughty pictures of my girlfriend on my cell phone… All of a sudden, mommy bursts in to my room asking if I am getting ready for school. I quickly flip my phone upside down to try and hide the dirty photos from my mom! “This filth! Lord help me… you are not allowed to play any sinful video games because of this! You need to go to church to get rid of the devil inside of you! You need to go to camp this summer to rid you of your sins” she starts to yell at me… Mom is pretty upset as she walks out of my bedroom with my phone in her hand… and all I want to do is just text my girlfriend back!! Mom goes in to the kitchen to hang out with my Aunt Cory. She starts to vent to Cory about what she just found in my bedroom. “My son was looking at TRASH on his phone!” she tells my aunt. Aunt Cory tries to convince her that she shouldn’t send me away to a Jesus-loving camp. My mom starts to day dream outloud about how great it would be if I found a nice, conservative girl to marry and have with… but Cory starts to bring her back down to earth, by telling her how she doesn’t think her daydreams are going to come true! Now it is time for mom’s church show and mom doesn’t want to be late…

Scene Two: Rigged TV
Mom sits down in the living room to watch some TV, and she is still very upset over the photos she found on my phone earlier today. She turns on the T.V only to be put under a spell… Colors swirl together in a circle on the T.V and mom’s eyes suddenly become purple! Aunt Cory sneaks in to my bedroom moments later… She explains to me how she rigged our T.V to make mom do some crazy things! We walk out in to the living room to see if it worked… and based on how my mom is acting like she is frozen, Aunt Cory’s little game must have worked! “Stand!” Cory says, and my mom instantly stands up. I ask my mom to do silly things like touch her nose with her finger and stand on 1 foot… and she does what she is told, without even realizing she is doing it! We get my mom to grab her own boobs next! Cory tells her to un-freeze and she does… but she has no recollection of what she was just doing! Cory tells her to freeze again and she instantly does! Cory takes my mom’s hands and places them on her big tits next.
Then she un-freezes my mom, and she is really confused as to why she was just touching Aunt Cory! We freeze her again and Cory asks me “Do you want to touch her tits?” and I say yes! As I grab my moms tits, Cory unfreezes my mom again and she slaps my hand away! Mom is really freaking out on the both of us, so we freeze her again just to shut her up. We unzip her dress and then we tell her to take her dress off and she does. She takes off her bra next, and that’s when we unfreeze her again! Mom slaps my hand again and she starts to yell and scream at us both! Time to freeze her again… We get her to take her panties off and sit down on the couch masturbating… We unfreeze her and she goes back to screaming at us both! I just have to freeze her again! Once she is frozen, I have her get on her knees and pull my cock out from under my pajama pants and kiss and stroke my cock. I ask my aunt Cory to get down and sit on the floor next to her, as my mom keeps kissing and stroking my cock… and then I unfreeze her again!! She is really screaming loud now… until we freeze her again. We unfreeze her for the last time, and we tell her to act like a slut and keep sucking my cock…

Scene Three: Fucking My Mom
Mom is still frozen and sucking my cock on the floor, when I decide that I want to stick the tip of my cock inside of her pussy! She leans back on the floor and says “I’m going to de-virginize my son!” and she’s right… I am a virgin and this is about to be my first time! I ask my mom to get on the couch and I slide my hard cock inside of her pussy. “That’s a good boy! Tell me how much you want to sin!” I tell her that if this is sinning, I’m all for it! Aunt Cory stands in the corner taking pictures of the two of us fucking… “Be a good boy and fuck your mother every night and twice on Sunday!” she moans. “Since this is your first time, you get to pick where you want to cum! I’m your harlot mother, and I am going to cum all over your cock!” she tells me. I really love fucking my mom’s pussy, but I decide that it would be funny if I unfroze her now… so I yell “unfreeze!” and my mom jumps off of my cock really fast. She is freaking out, so I freeze yet again and tell her that I want her to go back to being my horny mom… and that’s exactly what she becomes! “I want you to cum right in my slutty hole before I go to church!” she exclaims. I keep fucking my mom until I cum deep inside of her pussy… then I tell her that she needs to only wear a bra with panties around the house from now on, instead of her conservative dresses… and she agrees, since she is still under our spell!

Scene Four: Bedroom Facial
Mom is really mad at me, but she still gets in to her bra and undies the second she gets home from work! She doesn’t know why she is getting undressed, but she does it anyway! Mom walks in to my bedroom just as I am reading the book “The God Delusion” and she is not happy about that either. She tells me that she doesn’t want me to ever say Aunt Cory’s name in the house ever again. As she is yelling at me, I tell her to get on my bed and take off her bra… and she does exactly what she is asked to do! She still isn’t sure why, but she keeps doing it anyway. I take my fingers and I rub my mom’s clit over her panties… “Are you okay with me touching you down here?” Mom gets confused because she wants to say no, but she has a compulsion to say yes. I ask her to take her panties off and to take my hard cock out from under my pajama pants, and she still listens to me and does what I ask her to do. “I like it when you touch my breasts!” she says, even though she doesn’t understand what is going on.
I ask her to grab my penis next… “I shouldn’t, but I want to anyway!” she says. She starts to jerk my cock and kiss it up and down too… “I should be pleasing my son! That is what I am supposed to be doing!” she says, as she strokes my cock harder and harder. She bursts out “I really want to fuck you!” and I tell her to slide my cock inside of her pussy… “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do” she says, as she lets me fuck her pussy! I keep fucking my mom as she moans louder and louder. I decide to unfreeze her and she freaks out on me again, yelling because she is so confused as to what is happening with her… I freeze her again and I tell her that when I unfreeze her she is going to be the horniest mom in the world! I unfreeze and she tells me how she loves her son’s hard dick and she starts to beg me to cum all over her face! I tease her clit with the tip of my cock, before shoving it deep inside of her. “Please cum all over mommy’s face and in my slutty mouth!” she begs me over and over… and I finally listen to her and I explode all over her face…

Scene Five: Trained Threesome
Aunt Cory comes in to my bedroom in a bright blue bikini and she tells me that she has a surprise waiting for me in my sisters room. I walk across the hall and I see my mom standing there in a black bikini and she is definitely frozen again! “Mom, get on the bed and have fun with your sister!” I tell her. They both take their bikini tops off, and my mom starts licking Cory’s neck down to her nipples. “It’s time that I have some fun with Aunt Cory!” my mom tells me, as she pulls Cory’s bikini bottoms off. My mom starts to lick Aunt Cory’s pussy, while Aunt Cory sucks my dick at the same time. “How’s my sons cock in your mouth, sis?” my mom asks Aunt Cory… she says that it tastes really good! I love watching my mom eat my aunt’s pussy and I still can’t believe this spell is still working on my mom! I move around to the other side of the bed and I shove my dick deep inside my mom’s pussy, while she still eats Aunt Cory’s pussy. “Your son is fucking me through you!” Aunt Cory says. “You should see what I look like when he comes on me…” my mom tells Cory, as she keeps licking her pussy. I keep fucking my mom and Cory starts to lick my mom’s nipples at the same time. I can’t hold back any longer, so I explode all over my mom’s face… and then my Aunt Cory leans in to passionately kiss her and her cum-filled face…


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“What is that?” Mom sat up intrigued. Inside your hand was a little pouch that held a gorgeous, clear crystal, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. “What is it? Oh, that’s so pretty…” she commented, then asked you to hold it up for a closer look.
The heart shaped gem pulsated and glowed in your hand, and she was astonished at its beauty. “Wow, look at the way the light shines in it…” she mumbled as her eyes flickered and rolled back. The crystal had put her in a trance, a love spell at that, and now she looked at you with wide, adoring eyes. “Honey…you are so handsome,” she said sweetly. “I can’t believe I never noticed it. I am just so totally in love with you.”
And she was in love with everything about you, and desperately needed to be close to you. “You even smell amazing,” Mom smiled. “What do you think? Do you think I’m beautiful? Do you wanna see Mommy’s body?” She wanted to please you and make you happy, so she began to strip down and expose her lovely, mature body to you.
“Can I show you Mommy’s big boobs?” she asked. “Do you like them? Do you want to touch them? Please? I just need to feel your touch.” She moaned softly as you groped her, and told you how much she loved your touch. Her hands slid up and down her soft, exposed, bare figure. “Do you want a little show?” she asked. “I just want to make you happy.”
Mom sat down on the couch, spread her legs, and rubbed her pretty pussy. “I’ll do anything for you,” she said, her fingers circling her clit. She wanted to show you how much she loved you, so she invited you to sit beside her on the couch. “I just want to be with you every second of every day…” she confessed. “I don’t ever want to be without you. You are my soulmate and my one true love. Let me show you…”
She wrapped her mouth around your throbbing erection, “Does that feel good, baby?” She smiled sweetly, then begged for your cock inside of her. You penetrated her tight, wet pussy, and she moaned loudly. “I love the way you make love to me,” she purred. “Please…will you just cum inside of me. I need to feel your cum filling up my pussy.”
Mom was crazy about you – head over heels in love. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you. She wanted to make you happy, to please you, to pleasure you…and be yours forever.


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You were thrilled that your mom had gotten you a new magic kit. You rushed to get the box open, then pulled out a pair of white gloves and a black wand with white ends.
“Do you like it?” Mom smiled sweetly. “So, what do you say when you do a magic trick? Do you say alakazam or abracadabra? Have you been practicing?”
You LOVED magic – of course you had been practicing! So, when Mom requested you do a magic trick, you could hardly contain yourself. “It’s so cute,” Mom said, “I love it when you get a new hobby.” With wand in hand, you flicked your wrist, and a huge puff of smoke appeared in front of Mom. “Oh my god, where’d my shoes go?” she asked shocked. “Wow! Honey, that is an amazing trick – how did you do that? That is too freaky.”
“Wha-what are you going to do now?” she asked when she saw the wand pointed at her. You flicked your wrist, and her pink dress disappeared, revealing her bare, perky tits. “Oh my god, honey, what did you do? I don’t even know how you did that…this is inappropriate. You’re being bad now. This isn’t cute anymore!”
Although she threatened to ground you, you didn’t stop there – you couldn’t, it was too much fun. Another flick of the magic wand, and now Mom was naked. Embarrassed, her hands quickly covered her exposed, private parts. “No, no! You go to your room. You’re not allowed to do magic anymore!” she yelled at you. “I don’t even know how you’re doing that, or how you learned this. I know that magic book I bought you didn’t teach you this!”
Mom tried to take the wand from you, but you just continued to make her do one thing after another. Without any control, she started masturbating, her fingers circling her clit. “Why can’t I stop this?” she panicked. “What did you do to me? Don’t look at me while I do this!”
Another flick, and she couldn’t stop herself from getting onto her knees. “No, no…get that cock away from me! STOP!” she begged, but couldn’t stop herself from putting it into her mouth. You pushed her back, and she gasped for air. “Don’t you dare do another trick on me,” she clenched her teeth. “You’ll be grounded for life!”
Another puff of smoke appeared in the air, and Mom was fighting herself from getting onto the bed. She laid back with spread legs, and you slowly penetrated her tight pussy and ran your wand down her gorgeous body. “Honey, please stop,” she cried. “Get off of me, honey, please.” She begged, pleaded, whined…but you weren’t finished just yet.
Once you came, you held up a finger in the air to indicate you had one more trick to show her. You flicked your magic wand, and Mom sat up with a big smile on her face. “Honey, I had the best time fucking you…” she said seductively, then quickly covered her face in horror. “I didn’t say that! What did you do to me? You know I’d never say something like that!”
Afraid you’d do another trick, she stood up, and quickly ran out the room naked, leaving her clothes behind.


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“Well, I guess dinner is almost ready,” Mom began to say, “and I think your father is going to end up working late again tonight.” The two of you sat at the dinner table, and you admired your beautiful, different shaped crystals.
“What are you playing with?” she asked. “Is that what you got in the mail today?” They radiated and glowed in your hand, and even Mom couldn’t deny that they were pretty. You raised a crystal up to her face and gently swung it from side to side as her eyes followed its captivating beauty.
“I am yours, I am your obedient slave. I’m useless, I’m your cum dumpster…I live for your cum – that’s all I’m good for…is taking all of your cum. I am your breeding whore,” she repeated as the magic object moved in front of her. Once she was locked in the trance, you snapped your fingers, and her eyes widened. “Well sweetie, listen…dinner’s going to be ready any minute now…” she started to say, “no, no, no…before you go to wash up for dinner, I really need your cum.”
Mom was impatient, obsessed, rushed…to get her hands, mouth, and pussy around your cock. She didn’t care about anything else…she couldn’t think of anything else until she was filled with your seed. “Just let me taste it,” she begged, reassuring you that Dad wouldn’t be back for a while. “Just let me help you get to that point if you’re not ready yet.”
She started to undress in front of you, revealing her beautiful, perky tits, and then pulled out your hard cock from your pants.”It’s all that I want…just let me undo your pants and jerk you off a little bit,” she purred hurriedly wrapping her hand around it. “Isn’t that what you want? Feels good, doesn’t it? I’m getting you nice and hard for Mommy, so you can give her all of that cum.”
Mom got down onto her knees and put your cock inside her mouth. She begged and begged for your seed deep inside of her, then got on top of the table, pulled her panties to the side, and masturbated in front of you. She was so uncontrollably horny that she couldn’t help but pleasure herself.
“You wanna make me your cum dumpster, don’t you?” she said her fingers wildly circling her clit. “You wanna fill me with all that hot, sticky cum, don’t you? Will you, please? For Mommy? Please just give me all of your cum. I need it so bad.”
With a throbbing, hard cock, you pushed yourself inside of Mom, and she moaned loudly. She was acting like a sex maniac, brainwashed to be nothing but your breeding whore. “Please,” she said in-between breaths, “oh no, no…don’t tease me like that. Please give me that cum! I want to feel it!”
Her pussy dripped with your enormous load. “Look at your little breeding whore – that’s all I’m good for. Just your little cum dumpster…I love the way you impregnated me like that.” With just a snap of the fingers, Mom would be back to normal. Only you would know what really happened – that you had impregnated Mom, and she was carrying your baby….


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I am not going to tolerate your lewd staring in my classroom any longer. I do not want to hear excuses for your behavior or blaming my appearance for your choices. From now on, I expect…
What was that sweetheart? I guess I lost my train of thought. Would you like some tea? How about some cookies? I only have store bought but I promise they will be homemade next time. I just want my darling to be happy and healthy. Is there anything else….
Nevermind, sweetie, I have something more important we should talk about. Mommy is starting to get very horny and she needs your help. Don’t you like the way my body looks? Maybe if I just take off some clothes so you can see as much of me as you like. I am not sure why you are hesitating to fuck me right here on this desk but will you at least show mom your nice hard cock? Pretty please?


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“Hey honey, we need to have a talk,” Mom started to say. “I just heard from one of your teachers that you’re not doing so well.” Her face was stern and serious as she talked about your failing grades. “So, what’s going on? Because I thought you were working on homework, but all I hear all day long is that damn flute/recorder thing. You have to get your grades up,” she lectured.
Without good grades, she explained, you couldn’t get into a good college, which meant you wouldn’t have a good job. “You can’t live with me forever, honey,” she said, “you can’t be lazy.” She despised the idea of having someone think you were stupid, or that you weren’t smart enough to go to college. That wasn’t the case at all, though – you just weren’t interested in school or doing homework.
“I know you’re smart, so why don’t you put the effort in? Are you even listening to me? It doesn’t even seem like you’re concentrating at all,” she said frustrated. “You’re so infatuated with that flute – I’m gonna take that way from you. You gotta listen to me! Don’t you dare play that while I’m talking to you…”
You pressed the magical, wooden instrument up to your lips and gently blew into it as your fingers selected the perfect notes. “Stop it!” she yelled. “Stop playing that music!” Within a matter of seconds, her tone changed as she become more relaxed, and she started to enjoy the calm, beautiful music that floated in the air around her. “That music sounds really good…I like the way it sounds…it sounds so pretty,” she said slowly, now locked in a trance.
You snapped your fingers, and her brown eyes were wide and blank, “I am your obedient slave, Master, what would you like me to do?” She replied with a “Yes, Master” to each command that was given to her, then proceeded to do the task mindlessly. “Do you like how I dance for you, Master?” she asked as she swayed her hips from side to side. “I love your music, Master.”
“Anything for you, Master,” Mom replied as she slowly stripped down. “I’m your dirty, little whore, Master. You can do whatever you want to me, Master. You want me to take my tight, little pussy and bounce on that dick of yours?” She said naughty things under your command, then circled her fingers against her clit. When you ordered her to have an orgasm, she masturbated until she came, then awaited your next demand.
Soon, her hand was wrapped around your throbbing, hard cock, then her mouth, and when you gave the order, Mom was lying on her back. “Yes, Master, I love your cock,” she said in her trance. “Please cum in me, Master.” She would do anything for you, anything to have your cock, and when you were done with her, all you had to do was take out your magical flute, play a few notes, and she’d be completely out on the bed.
“Thank you for using me, Master,” she said before you put her to sleep. Her head fell gently onto the pillow, and when she woke up, she wouldn’t remember a thing.


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“Oh baby, is that for me?” Mom’s jaw dropped at the cute Valentine’s Day gifts in your hand. “I love you!” A big, warm, happy smile ran across her face as you handed them to her. “You got Mommy chocolates and a bear!” she said cheerfully. “Come here, give me a hug!”
She wrapped her comforting arms around you, gave you a tight squeeze, then pulled back to take a better look at the presents. “No, I’m gonna go to dinner, sweetheart, you knew that,” she said pulling the plastic from the chocolates. “That doesn’t mean you’re not my Valentine, silly!” You hated the fact that she was going out on a date with some random guy, especially when you had feelings for her yourself.
“Which one should I eat…” Mom tapped the different shaped chocolates. “Hmm…you know what, since you took my heart, I’m gonna take yours.” She picked up the heart-shaped candy and it began to glow, which she was oblivious to. “Mmm…fudge, so good,” she smiled, “you know just how to pull at my…” she paused, letting out a huge, happy sigh, then looked at you with wide, adoring eyes.
“Has Mommy told you how much she loves you?” she began to say. “That chocolate was so good. You know why? Because my handsome love gave it to me.” The brainwashing chocolate had completely taken over her now, and she was hopelessly, completely, madly in love with you. “Look at you,” she flirted, “have you been lifting those dumb-bells in your room?”
“Sweetie, I have a confession…and I think Valentine’s is the perfect day to tell you,” Mom said overwhelmed by her love for you. “All I want to do is be your little sex slave. Oh, I think about it night and day, and it’s all I want.” She stood up, her hands caressing her big tits, and babbled on about all the hot, naughty things she wanted to do with you.
She wasn’t going to go to dinner anymore – she didn’t need anyone else but you. “You want Mommy just the same, don’t you?” she asked desperately. “I knew you felt the same way. Give me a kiss…a sweet kiss.” She leaned in for several romantic, passionate kisses, then pulled back blushing. “I love your lips,” she purred, “those luscious lips of yours. Those eyes…I could stare in your eyes forever, I feel so connected to you, baby. How stupid of me to think of any other man – you’re exactly what I want, you’re everything I want, and you’re the only thing that I need. Mommy is going to prove that to you.”
As Mom undressed, she told you that she’d be the only woman in your life. She’d cook for you, clean for you…you wouldn’t have to lift a finger – she’d do everything. “And by everything, I do mean everything. Come here, my special boy…” she said seductively, “you do have needs, don’t you?”
She continued to tell you that she was meant to be your sex slave, your whatever-you-needed slave…and she was never going to tell you no.
“I wanna be with you forever,” she moaned. “I love you filling me up – that’s what I want. I want to be in servitude to you, I wanna be on my knees…dripping cum from my pussy, just waiting for you to get home from school with my mouth open…” She didn’t care how you used her, if you abused her, or if you needed your girlfriend, too…she was all yours, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do.
She was madly in love with you.


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The concoction inside the syringe glowed a bright orange. When you approached Mom, she was sleeping, and the only sound in the room was the low humming of the radiating liquid.
The magic substance shone beautifully on her face as you held it up and examined it. You carefully and gently placed the needle against her neck, pressed down on the syringe, and Mom woke up. Her eyes were wide and frightened, “Honey, wha-what are you doing? Get that away, ggggaaaaa,” she panicked, but you continued to inject the rest of it inside of her. “No, honey….”
Mom moaned softly, her eyes fluttering and rolling back into her head, and her pupils flashed orange. The concoction had begun taking over her mind and body, and she slowly turned to the side. With an arched back, she groped herself and whimpered, “What am I doing? I can’t…stop touching myself.” Her voice was weak and soft, the warm liquid still making its way through her body, as she uncontrollably twisted and turned.
“Why am I…so horny…” Mom moaned, “what’s going on?” Her fingers rubbed against her pussy, “I don’t want…to do this. Why is everything spinning?” She was overwhelmed with sexual urges and desperate to have them fulfilled. She stripped down and began to full enjoy the feeling of her fingers against her clit and inside her tight pussy. She moaned uncontrollably as she pleasured herself to an amazing orgasm.
Once that happened, her wide, blank eyes stared straight forward, and her voice become monotone and emotionless. “I am your slave now,” Mom told you. She was your mindless, brainwashed, obedient slave, and she would do anything and everything you wanted her to do, whenever you wanted her to.


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Back at home, your step-mom is free from the min-control device. She paces back and forth and says she doesnt know what came over her back at the office, but it definitely cannot happen again. She loves your father very much and she thinks you are the most disgustingyou turn the device on againthe most wonderful man in the world! She confesses her love for you. She asks what would make you happy. She wants to take care of you. She has an idea, and gets up and leaves the room. She returns wearing a slave Leia costume. She tells you that she will be your sex slave and make you cum hard. She sucks you and then rides you cowgirl until you both cum.
After, she starts to suck your dick to clean it off. She gets a call from your dad and answers while still sucking you. She tells him that she is just spending some quality time with his perfect son. You dad must be surprised because she asserts that she always cared about you. She then tells your dad that if he is horny tonight he can just take care of himself and hangs up. She tells you that she could never have sex with your dad again now that she has her wonderful son to fuck. She asks want you want to do now and you suggest watching some porn. She cant believe you would want to watch porn now that you have her. You turn the device up. She is now very excited to watch porn together. Maybe she should even invite some friends over to take care of you too.


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You started out as such a beautiful boy. Dark locks, strong chin, beautiful eyes. I was hoping you would have the manly cock to go along with how handsome you were. As you grew I realized you were cursed with your father’s sad little prick. Looking at it makes me sick. So my dear boy, I have begun unbeknownst to you, hormone treatments. I have scheduled and surgery for your transformation. I have already redecorated and room, I have a few other changes in store for you as well. Since you have not become the man I had hoped you would be. I am going to turn you into my perfect sissy slut. Your journey starts now my sweet girl, let’s get ready!

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