Brandon’s son is home and she is cleaning. While Brandon is cleaning she tells her son she wants him to start on his homework. Brandon goes on to let her son know his teachers told him he hasn’t been paying attention in class and his grades are slipping. Brandon trys to get it out of him why he is messing up in school when Brandon notices something. Brandon has been dipping and dangling her pantyhose clad feet in and out of her shoes while she does the dishes. Brandon sees what her son is focused on and confronts him. Brandon knows now why her son has been messing up in class hes to focused on probably his teachers feet. Brandon decides to help her son out with his little problem by stroking his cock with her nylon soles until he drenches them with cum.


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You were feeling a bit under the weather so I told you to take some medicine. I come to your room to check up on you and to tell you that I’m leaving for work and should be home about the same time as your dad. As I open the door I see you standing there with a super hard erection. What are you doing? It seems that rather than taking the pill in the blue box you took the blue pill. That’s your dad’s ed medicine. You have to make that erection go away or we’ll have to go the the emergency room. Have you tried jerking off? What are we going to do? I can’t leave you here like that. When your dad takes it I just fuck him and he gets satisfied and the erection goes away but, I can’t very well do that with My stepson. I must say though. Your cock is impressive. you definitely didn’t inherit that from your father. Maybe I can help. How good are you at keeping secrets? Maybe I could use My mouth to get you some relief but, if your dad finds out he’ll leave Me and we’ve only been married for six months. Can you keep a secret? I reach out to grab your hard cock and lower My self, all the while thinking… what a great fucking cock. Too bad you’re My stepson. As I take your cock into My mouth something starts to come over Me. I’m getting so hot on My knees sucking My stepson’s big cock. You don’t seem to be getting any relief from My efforts and secretly that’s ok wth Me as I really want your big fuckstick inside Me. I tell you to get on the bed. I believe that My sweet, magical pussy will get you satisfied. It’ll cure anything. You lay on the bed and I have another taste before I remove My panties and prepare to mount you. I’m so horny at this point that I don’t even bother to remove My work dress or crotchless pantyhose. I reach back and guide your cock into Me. Slowly at first I begin to fuck you. I gradually build the pace as I am truly enjoying your cock. After several minutes of fucking your big dick, I know that My MILF pussy has worked it’s magic and you are about to cum. I want your hot jizz all over My ass in shiny black pantyhose. As soon as the tip of your cock is freed from My magical pussy, you start ejaculating a massive load. We can defintely never tell anyone about this but, we can surely do it again.


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Jamie Valentine is home from school. Jamie has a ton of papers to grade on her laptop and lets her son know that she will be have dinner soon as she is finished with her work. Jamie has had a long day and cant help but to dip and dangle her shoes off her sheer stocking clad feet. Jamie rubs her feet together wiggles her toes and slips them in and out of her shoes when she notices something. Jamie notices her son is staring at her feet and his cock is rock hard. Jamie is shocked but decides to help her son out. Jamie cant help but to help her loser son and knows his dad has the same obsession. Jamie orders her son to lay down and get his cock out. Jamie’s son does what his mom says and Jamie wraps her sheer soles around his cock. Jamie jerks his cock while explaining to him hes just a foot loser. Jamie makes him shoots a huge load all over her nylon feet then shows off her cum drenched soles.


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Sadie Holmes is sharing a room with her step son. Sadie’s step son walks in and she takes off her covers. Sadie sits upright with her soles facing him. Sadie lets her son know she saw him staring at her sheer nylon clad feet dipping and dangling out of her shoes during dinner. Sadie could see by his bulge that his cock grew just from the site of her feet. Sadie knows they have to share a room and doesn’t want to sleep next to her step son with a raging boner. Sadie explains to her step son she will let him cum from her feet but she better not feel his cock on her or her feet while sleeping in the same bed together.


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I saw your report card on the fridge, and I’ve seen the long hours you put in. You’ve done such a good job. I know that I’m not your real mom, so maybe it doesn’t mean quite as much to you, but I’m the only mom you have, and I just want you to know how proud of you I am.
I would really like to give you a special treat for doing so well, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell your dad. I know that he’d be really upset with me. Because I’m not your real mom, there are things I can do for you that a real mom couldn’t… like let you jerk off in front of me… to me. I see the smile you’re trying to hide, and I know how excited you are. Maybe we can even masturbate together.
I’ve seen the way you look at me, and I’ve seen you get hard through your pants. I’ve even seen you spying on me in the shower. I decided not to say anything at the time because I knew it would embarrass you. It’s natural for young men to be attracted to women.
There are very few things that motivate you. Your father didn’t put those magazines in your room, I did. I snuck them in your underwear drawer because I saw that you were sexually frustrated, and I thought that if you could let go of that sexual frustration, you might do better in school… and I was right. If you have the real thing to look at, I bet we can get your grades up even higher.
Sometimes your father doesn’t understand the kind of power I have, the type of intelligence that I have. One of my gifts is that I know how to motivate men with sex. If I can take a little bit of credit for your success in school, maybe he’ll be more proud of me.


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Nina Hartley – Crush on her Son PART ONE 1080p
Nina’s son comes home from the gym and his back is klling him. She always used to rub his shoulders and now that he is so grown up it is hard for her to not be as affectionate as she used to be. Well Nathan is feeling pretty tore up so he is really grateful for his mom’s tender touch. Nina is realizing every second just how much has changed in how she sees her son, and she lets her hands and her feelings go where they will

Nina Hartley – Crush on her Son PART TWO 1080p
Nina has been feeling great about finally giving in to her crush on her son. Nathan comes in to talk to her, he wants to apologize for what happened, and thinks he should probably go away for a while. The last thing Nina wants is to go without her son and she shows him he has nothing to apologize for


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Danielle has just married a wealthy old man, unfortunately She has accidently mixed up his heart medication with Viagra! But his son will inherit his fortune rather than the much more deserving Dani. However she has a plan to deal with her unwanted stepson first, that may lead to a ‘happy’ ending. Danielle looks immaculate dressed in a smart outfit with a pendant necklace. Wearing a tight blouse, short skirt and sexy patterned stockings, she meets with her stepson. The arrogant letch can hardly take his eyes off his pretty new stepmother. and Danielle is going to use this to its full advantage, giving the boy the happy ending he deserves….


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It’s Halloween and I may have had a little too much champagne. And tequila. And gin. And whatever’s in a Mai Tai. Your dad shoves me into the bedroom to sleep it off, but there’s a handsome young stranger in here. I’m extremely horny from parading around in my slutty little stewardess costume, complete with super soft pantyhose. Wanna mess around with an older woman?
I’m so out of it that I don’t realize that I’m talking to you, my son! I start stripping out of my costume, teasing you with my sexy, soft pantyhose and huge tits. Before you can stop me, I’m sucking your fat, young cock, making you promise not to tell my husband. It isn’t until you shoot down my throat that I realize exactly who you are. Now you really can’t tell!

Category: MOMMAS BOY

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Waving that finger, this is bad.
Looks like mommy figured out you went through her dirty clothes hamper.
“You love my pantyhose so much I wanted you to get upclose and personal with them.”
Oh mommy’s tan pantyhose, you know exactly how that those ones smell. Something about that color
Just makes them extra stiinky.
Mommy reaches over to show you something.
Her big fuck toy and next demonstrates to you how those silky toes would work a cock.
Wholy fuck mommy’s foot jacking that thing off and she’s really fucking good at it!
Has you imagining what she would do to your dong.
Then she switches up. Putting it between her calves.
“Oh yeah you love in-between mommy’s calves don’t you?”
“That makes it more intense for you doesn’t it?”
Oh my does it ever!
“Mommy’s hose just make you feel like a nasty boy doesn’t it?”
Flashing back to her dirty hose in the clothes hamper. Yeah that felt real nasty!
And now this, yeah you’re a nasty boy.
The though of spanking off to mommy’s soles is flooding your head
And now mommy’s giving you encouragement to cum on her pantyhose soles!


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It’s lunch time and Mommy’s in the kitchen ready to make you something for lunch.
You’re not so hungry.
“But mommy wants to feed you sweetheart.”
“Tell me all the ways mommy can feed her baby boy if he doesn’t want food.”
Why does mommy’s behind look so firm yet cushy? and why are you
Getting tingly excitement looking at it.
Being exciting this way is nothing to be ashamed of.
“Mommy know all about the birds and the bees”
“In fact she’s been wanting to teach you about them for quite sometime”
Yes, yes flash backing to playing with mommy’s feet.
Things get pretty taboo in this clip mommy/son joi.


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