I’m so glad you decided to join me for dinner tonight instead of going out with your friends… I’m just so lonely. Your father’s working late again and… would you like to have some wine? It’s okay, darling… you know I wouldn’t steer your wrong. It’s okay. Go ahead and drink. You know you want to… oh, did my poor son-in-law pass out??? Oh, you poor thing. Well, no matter. It was just the powder I slipped into your drink. Well, it causes that AND your heart to slow until it stops all together IF you come. Yes, if you ejaculate, darling. After one hour, the powder won’t work anymore… Oh, you’ll just avoid coming, then daddy will be home, and he’ll realized how fucked up I am and just divorce my ass??? Honey, language!!! No, I’m afraid I lied about that too. Your father’s not working late he’s… well, he’s . Yes, he’s a goner. It’s just down to you and me now and … well, I have another confession to make. Your mother didn’t just fall into the pool and … no, I pushed her. You see, I found out your family is rich and well, I just HAD to have all your money. Now, you ARE good at distracting me and making me pass the time! No, no, no…. the hour will not end with you still alive. I’m going to make you come. No, honey, you can’t resist me. I’m going to pull down your pants so you can stroke your cock if you want to… Trust me, honey. When you see how convincing I can be, you’ll be so overwhelmed that you just won’t be able to resist. NO ONE can resist me… I’m going to slowly strip off my clothes now, and…

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I’m bored… what are you doing, little brother? Wanna play a game? It’s a GROWNUP game. Are you sure you can handle it?? POSITIVELY?? Okay, then. You have to show me YOURS, then I’ll show you MINE. Our private parts, of course! Aren’t you curious? Then, get yours out, and SHOW it to me.

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You seeing your mother is being strange, and sad. But you didn’t had chance to bring up the conversation about it until now.
You look at your mom and she is so stunning, so beautiful and you love her so much! You want her to be happy. And it’s been long time since your father left so you are now the man in the house, so you have to take care of your mommy too!
So you ask, what is going on with her. ,, Nothing my baby boy, everything is fine. You don’t have to worry about your mommy. ,, She try to protect you and not making you worry about her but you decided, you will find out and make your mom feel better!
And finally! Your mom starts to share her feelings with you! She feels lonely? ,, Listen son, don’t misunderstand what mommy means, of course I have you and you are always around…but mommy missing….well this not something I should talk about with my son…it’s so weird! ,,
,, It’s just…your mommy is still quite young and attractive woman, don’t you think? And there are the situation, when I miss a man. The touches, the sensual heat, kissing,….yeah…sex!!! It is so embarrassing to discuss this with you my baby boy! ,,
BUT THAT’S IT!!! You moment to comforting your mom and finally…have her for your self and your self only, make love to her!!! Go ON!!!
You come close to your mom and give her a nice long hug…just to make her feel you are there for her! She finds it very sweet of you but she don’T know yet, what your plan is! So you softly slide with your hands on mommy’s boobs…and that’s surprise her! ,, That’s no the thing I mean my son…is no…you are my son and you shouldn’t!!! Aha…no it feels real nice…real good! Oh my God…no…mommy wants you to continue my baby boy!
And mommy is yours NOW!!! You rubbing her pussy and find out she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose…so hot…make you rock hard! You kissing her neck and make her nice juicy…you can feel how her pantyhose getting wet…her pussy juice is all over them! You want…you want to eat her beautiful pussy! Mommy take off her pantyhose and spread her legs for her son…to lick and eat her pussy! Delicious!!! And she is fucking juicy and ready for her son take take her like a man…like her lover!!! You stick your hard cock inside her…it’s so easy…you just slide in her! Feel amazing fucking your mom’s pussy!!!
She loves it, adores her son’s cock! Now she sit over you and ride your cock. You grab and kiss her beautiful boobs. You cock is hard like never in your life! Yes, yes…you fucking your mother!!! And it’s so great!!! Even better then in your dreams!!! You need to make her cum, make her scream and goading with her son!!! So you go harder and more intense. Deeper in your mother pussy and…more, more, more! Yes…there…your mother is cumming!!! She is so beautiful, her face during the orgasm and fuck…squirt her pussy juice all over your cock…make you explode all, all your seed inside her pussy!!!
She hold your face, look at you so full of love…yes…your mother…is now yours and only yours FOREVER!!!

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My son doesn’t have a Girlfriend, he’s to shy and “socially awkward” (that’s how he puts it) for this. So I, like the good Mommy I am, offer him little sexual presents to replace the empty spaces in his life. So, he knows that, when he feels the urge, he can come to me and I’ll offer an “innocent” HandJob. I prefer this to, using , catching STDs and nasty like that. Mommy’s boy is safe near Mommy, and I want to keep it this way! He has such a big cock, any girl would be interested if she would see through my son’s pants, but, unfortunately all they see is his shyness, his red face and ears. I know he is capable of making a girl happy, he’s so comfy around me… but I know that’s because he’s used to me (of course he is! I took care of him since forever!). So I took his cock into my hand and jerked it fast! I can read the happiness in his big eyes (just like mine). He was so quick, gosh! He was kinda depressed this past week and probably didn’t masturbate at all. Oh, god, I need to take care of everything in his house, even my son’s boners! I’m not complaining, it’s cute that he trusts me so much and I can help him in this way!

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I’ve got a really important meeting today and I want your opinion on how I’m dressed for it. I’ve got on a new top, pencil skirt, pantyhose and high heels. I stand up to show you. You approve and I tell you that was all that I needed and you can leave now but, you stay. I notice your erection through your pants. Seriously? If your Dad knew how attracted you are to Me, your StepMom, he’d probably throw you out of the house. You ask to see My ass then for Me to pull My skirt up so that you can see it in pantyhose. I”m reluctant and nervous but, for some reason, I do it. You still won’t leave as you are very turned on now. You want to jerkoff while you look at My ass. I don’t know why but, I agree. Secretly I love watching you jerkoff your big cock for Me. You convince Me to come closer. Once I do, something comes over Me and I feel empowered to let Myself go. I press My ass against your throbbing cock and grind, effectively stroking your cock with My ass. No one can ever find out that we are doing this. I know that you want to bust a nut all over My ass so I grind you while encouraging you until you cover My ass in cum. Should I clean it or just go on to My meeting wearing it?

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Custom Vid- No name used- You have come with Mommy to do errands for the day. We are in a clothing store dressing room and Mommy is trying on dresses. You sit quietly, patiently waiting for mommy to finish. Mommy takes off one dress and puts on another asking for your opinion. She then removes the dress and shows her silky , shiny pantyhose and full coverage satin bra. Your cock is beginning to stiffen. Mommy walks back and forth, you can’t help but get turned on. You love the bra Mommy wears. It always makes you hard. Mommy notices that your penis is very stiff. She is the best mommy and is totally understanding. She tells you it is ok and very normal to feel this way towards her and she understands why her pantyhose and bra makes you hard. She opens her purse and tells you to take off your pants and lean back and stroke yourself as mommy finishes trying on dresses and teases you in her bra and pantyhose. She gives you lube and tells you to begin touching yourself. She finishes trying on dresses and sits down with you and asks you if she can help. Mommy knows exactly how to milk her boy. She comments how big you are getting and how full your balls and that we need to keep our voices down because other ladies will hear us in other dressing rooms. Mommy adds more lube to her hand and begins milking your young, hard penis. She tells you to relax and remember that this is our secret and that no one will know that mommy masturbates her little boy whenever he needs her. We have a very special bond and Mommy loves you. Here hand feels so good you begin leaking your spunk out of your penis. Mommy praises you and tells you to keep it coming. We need to drain all of your spunk out before we can leave the dressing room…Mommy’s hand feels so good and looking right at her bra is helping your get all the cummies out. Mommy then removes her big titties out of her satin bra for you to look at. The bra is still hooked around her but exposing her big titties…your young penis can’t handle it anymore and you want your spunk in your mommies hand!!! 🙂 ENJOY!

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My Step Mom is so fucking horny. I could always tell that she wanted my cock. I mean, I’m way better looking than my Dad. As soon as I was legal, she turned it up to eleven! Wearing hardly anything at all when my dad was gone. Brushing my cock with her hand or her big round Mommy ass. Things escalated quickly and now she comes home early from work before dad and tells me to please her. She’s hot and I do have to say that older women do know how to make me cum harder than girls my age. She also lets me fuck her for rent and not have a job. So that’s a pretty good deal.
Like the other day she comes home, tells me my only purpose is to fuck her bald pussy. Ripping her nylons and spreading her soft older lady slit. Makes me so hard! She tells me I can either “Fuck Mommy” or “Get a job”. Well that decision seems easy. Telling me to be a Good Boy for Mommy she started jerking me off. Then rubbing my dick and telling me how she is pleasing me. She lubed my shaft up with her pussy juices rubbing me all over her bald cunt. Pulling, jerking, stroking and spitting on my cock she begged me to cum on her. I was a “Good Boy” and came all over her tit. Guess I don’t have to get a job yet, at least for now.

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Mature mother showing son how much better sex can be when you have experience and no taboos to hold you back. An exquisite incestual scene in between mother and son that includes amazing 4play using satin for soft sensual touching and fun, silky open crotch nylon pantyhose to expose mothers wet delicious mature pussy for son to taste and enjoy without the need for taking them off well mommy still keeps on her sexy high heels during the whole scene for even more visual pleasure.

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The vid would have lots and lots of slutty mummy talk (improvise away! Your dirty talk is fantastic!)
You often refer to your ‘son’ as “baby boy”, “mummys dirty little boy” and things like that. I quite like a bit of ageplay.
The vid starts with you aggressively kissing your son in the bedroom, then you throw him down on the bed. You tell him that now that his fathers gone mummy needs to fuck her little boy. You then tie him to the bed
You tell him mummy is really horny and needs to fuck her little baby boys face.
You then sit on his face ride his face aggressively, rubbing your pussy all over his chin and mouth, with lots and lots of mummy/baby boy talk throughout about how you love to fuck his face, how mummy wants to cum all over his face, how you love him eating your pussy etc.
You then keep riding his face till you cum several times
Could you please wear no bra, and lingerie with thong, garters and stockings. Please remove ur thong for the facesitting.
Please angle the camera quite close to be slightly behind you so we can see your amazing ass, and your pussy rubbing on his mouth.
Your dirty talk is great so please improvise away, but could you also please use the phrases/variations like:
“Do you like when mummy fucks your little face?”
“mummy wants to fuck your little face baby boy”
“mummy wants to fuck her good little boys face”
“mummy loves fucking her baby boys face”
“mummy wants to cum all over her good little boys face”
“make mummy cum all over your little face baby boy”
“mummy wants to cum all over your little face baby boy”
“mummy wants to cum all over her baby boys face”
Lots of dirty talk and uses of the words “pussy” and “cunt” etc
Loud and aggressive please, youre screaming for your baby boy to make u cum.
When you sit on his face please can you ride it aggressively – really fuck his face hard and not in a 69 position. Sit on his face with your ass towards his feet please.


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Home already? And just when I was getting settled into my book. OK, listen. We need to talk about something, s0n. I know about your . As a matter of fact, I found them in your dresser the other day, and I know you have them in your backpack. Go on, get them out. Don’t bother lying to me.
I cannot allow you to mess around with inhalants. What sort of mother would I be? No, I have to teach you a lesson. I’m going to make you do so many of them you lose your taste for them. I’m going to get you so wasted, embarrass you so deeply, that there’s no coming back. You’re going to jerk off in front of me and I bet you’re even going to like it.

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