Hello there little one! I know you has a long, stressful day at work and you need to disconnect from all that a little, don’t you? So today, I’m gonna want you to fully let go of all your control, relax and let Step-Mommy take care of you. You won’t be that strong man who’s always in charge for a while. No, you will put on your pj’s and get comfy in bed so that step-Mommy can read you this awesome koala bedtime story!
I know you’re dying to see what this cute, fluffy little koala is up to. So go ahead, grab your pacifie and pick your favorite stuffed toy, and let’s get started. Step-mommy is gonna want you to put your headphones on today as well, so you can relax even further as you listen to her calming, nurturing voice. Sweet dreams, little b.a.b.y


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Mommy gets honey at night and starts thinking about her times together with her son so she calls him. She talks dirty, masturbates as they talk and gives him some jerk off instructions. She fingers her pussy and rubs her clit and has hard intenses orgasms as he is jerking his cock to explode. As always she records a video of the event and sends it to him to keep him lusting for his Mommy.


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Mommy is thinking about getting onto the Porn business by doing things like cam shows. When her son walks by, she asks him to watch her masturbate with her toys and tell her if he thinks she will be any good at it. She masturbates with her toys and has orgasms and notices he is getting hard so she givess him some dirty talk jerk off instructions to cum by. For exclusive content of Mommy and all her friends, visit her websites at:


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This is it. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to pack up and move out to college. Of course, your mother is feeling nostalgic, sad about you going away. Her baby! Off to college! Wow. So when she comes into your nearly empty room, you’re expecting more of the same maudlin mom talk, but she surprises you by pulling a spliff from one of your packed up boxes! Your mother doesn’t know you smoke…you don’t think…but she seems surprisingly unbothered by this reveal.
She smirks, tells you not to freak out. That she knows. Not just that you like to smoke that dank green, but also that you, uh…like it when others do, too. Specifically, you like it when pretty women do. More specifically, you really like when she does. See, she knows you’ve been spying on her, when she thinks you’re not watching, when she takes a little puff herself, hanging poolside. You can’t believe how busted you are! But more than that, you can’t believe what your mother is starting to do.
You watch as she starts to trace the spliff across her neck, down the perfect, round mound of her breast, across her chest, smirking as you become transfixed, enchanted. She knows just what to do to drive you crazy! You start intently as she hangs the spliff from her pouty lips, watching it dangle as she suggests the two of you play a “game,” a game involving the quickly stiffening cock in your pants.
This can’t be real, can it? But, yes, it is, you realize, as your mother unbuttons her top, goading you further into taking out your now straining dick. “When I inhale,” she says, lighting up the spliff and taking a big toke, “you stroke slow…” she takes the spliff between her fingers, holding it like a cigarette, placing it between her lips and again letting it dangle, “but when I dangle it just like this, you go fast.”
Of course, you agree, obeying the rules and stroking just as she says, watching her inhale, exhale, dangle, repeat. You’re entranced, your cock is dripping precum, and she is getting turned on. You can tell the spliff has her high, tingling, and she’s touching her pussy through her panties. It doesn’t take long before she’s slipping them off, spreading her legs, presenting her unshaven, pink quim for you to fuck! You can’t believe it’s happening, but you waste no time pressing your cock into her, stroking yourself to the very edge inside your mother’s loving, warm pussy!


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Your mom has been fucking your best friend Tyler for awhile now, and Tyler has quite a kink. He loves fucking your mom, and then sharing with you the stories about his naughty hook up’s with a MILF, although leaving out a crucial detail that it’s really your mom hes talking about. Since you and your best friend have a sexual lust for older women your quite turned on by his stories. The clip starts out with Tyler on the phone with your mom while your leaving school and headed for football practice, Tyler is on his way to fuck his favorite MILF and has your mom tell him all about what she’s wearing while your RIGHT there with NO idea it’s your mom hes talking to. When Tyler gets to your house, your mom is eager to fuck him, but Tyler as usual wants to fuck in your bed. The clip continues POV of Tyler, leading to some naughty kinky dirty talk, virtual sex in various positions, and a dirty talking BJ, where Kelly talks all about your biggest fantasy having her son watch you fuck his Mom. Except Opps, You come home earlier then usual!


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I heard you and your girlfriend arguing the other day about how she doesn’t want to take your relationship to the next level. I mean seriously son, all you’ve done so far is kiss! She won’t even show you her boobs?! If she won’t show you her tits, then mommy will… She doesn’t need to know about it. Daddy doesn’t need to know about it. I’ve seen you looking at my chest, I don’t mind. Mommy loves to show off her big, perky tits- unlike your girlfriend. Your getting hard just talking about it! Mmm yes, touch yourself while mommy teases you. I’ll even let you touch them and suck on them! I bet your girlfriend would never let you do that! I want you to cum to me, not to your girlfriend. My tits are better anyways! You know she can’t make you feel as good as mommy can…


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Step son is sitting in the living room when his step mom walks in.
Step mom is in a sexy pair of panties and a bra.
She starts to pick up and clean the living room in front of her son.
Bending over, picking things up and moving them around.
First she bends over facing away from her step son letting him get a good look at her ass in panties.
Then she turns around facing him picking things up while her breast dangle in her bra.
She notices her step son staring at her.
“Are you starring at my boobs you little pervert? Jesus,
I cant even walk around my own house in my underwear without
you rubbing you penis. I’m going to go change.”

Step mom leaves the room and returns shortly after words. She still has her panties on but she isnt wearing a bra.
Now shes wearing a very low cut shirt. She starts to clean again.
Her shirt is so low cut that when she bends over her step son can see right down her shirt.
Eventually she notices her step son starring again.
She stops and says,
“Are you starring at my tits again. What is the matter with you?”
“You wanna see my tits? No way! Your crazy if you think I’m going to show you my titties son!”
“You’ll do what if I dont show you my breasts?”
“You’re going to tell your step dad about the other night if I dont take my shirt off?”
“So you’re just going to black mail me huh? I see how it is.”
Step mom reluctatly takes her shirt off…
“There are you happy now?”

Her step son asks her to hold her tits up so he can take a picture.
“Listen you can take one picture but that is it! And you can’t show anybody okay?”
He agree and you hold your boobs up and model a bit for him. Smiling and sticking your tounge out while he snaps
a couple photos of you.
He asks you to bend over and let your tits dangle for him so you do. All this goes on for a little while.
Then he asks you to get on your knees so he can take some pictures of you with his penis in the shot.
“No no no! There is no way this is happening”
“I’m your mother for christ sake I’m not touching your penis again!”
“This is where I draw the line. I am not doing this”
“No please dont tell your dad”
“Okay, Okay, Okay. Listen, if you dont tell you dad I’ll kneel in front of it but I’m not touching it.”

Step mom gets on her knees in front of her sons boner.
“OKay now what? You want me to hold my tits up?”
She hold her tits up and her step son snaps a pic.
“Now stick my tounge out like I’m going to lick it? Okay”
She stick her tounge out holding her boobs up. She gets close to his penis but doesnt touch it.
“What? You want me to kiss the tip of your dick? No way son!”
“Okay I’ll do it. Just dont tell your father”.
Step mom poses, kissing the end of his dick looking up at him.
She also sticks her tounge out and lets the tip of her step sons penis rests on her tounge
“Okay I’ll put it in my mouth but only for a minute.”
She fits as much of it as she can in her mouth looking up at her son with a shocked look.
She takes his dick out of her mouth sits up.
“Dont worry I know whats next. You want mommies tits wrapped around your dick dont you?”
You start to pose with his dick between your tits in different positions.
Covering his cock with her beautiful breasts saying things like..
“Do mommies breast feel good?”
“You love moms monster tits dont you?”
“Your boner feels so good between mommies tits?”
“Thats right let mommies boobs envelop your boner”
And so on and so forth….
Finally he tells you he wants one last picture of his cum on your tits.
She’s past fighting him and agrees. She starts to give him a full blown tit job.
“Thats right baby cover mothers boobs with your cum”
“THats right, nut on mommies tits”
“I want that fat load all over these knockers”
After all the dirty talk and tit wanking he blows a big load
all over her beauiful breasts.


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StepMom Carrie Moon is fresh out of the shower. She walks into the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her naked body. She takes the towel off and decides to dry herself off a little more. She’s bends over and drys the bottom off her legs. He beautiful butt giggles while her step son stares through the crack of her bedroom door. She stands straight back up and drys her stomach off. Clinching her butt cheeks as she finishes drying her amazing body.

StepMom Carrie Moon loses the towel and puts on some new sexy thong lingerie. She’s models herself in front of the mirror in her room. This is when she notices her stepson watching her. She notices him peaking through the door of her room. As soon as she notices she snaps her head around and says,
“ What are you doing?! Do you have your dick out right now?! Get in here and sit down.”
Stepmom pulls him in the room and sits him down. She starts to question him
“How long have you been out there staring at me?”
“Why are you spying on your step mom”
“You wanna slap you’re dick on your step mothers butt?”
“Listen you know this is wrong right?”
“Keep your eyes off my butt Son”
“You can’t get enough of mommies sweet cheeks?”
“You want your dick head clinched between these buttcheeks don’t you?”
“You are so perverted!”
“You want my ass crack to smother your dick Son?”
“You wanna bust a big fat load on mommies ass don’t you?”

Step mom starts to come around because her step son won’t put his boner away…
“Okay listen, maybe I can help you with your boner son….I’ll let you touch my butt with your boner and then you need to leave me alone. I know your a horny college and I want this to be the end of this. I mean it!”
Step mom Carrie Moon shakes her ass and clinches her buttcheeks together for her step son a few times before she lets him touch.
“What ever you do. Don’t cum on me okay?”

Eventually Stepmom Carrie Moon wraps her hand around his penis and presses it against her asscheeks saying things like “Oh yeah baby, isn’t mommies ass soft”
“Don’t you love step mommies butt?”
“Your hard dick feels so good on my ass son”
“Bounce that dick off Mother’s ass”
“Let mommy squeeze that dick between her ass cheeks”
Step mom clinches the head of his penis between her ass some and rubs it up and down her butt crack a few times while she continues to talk dirty about her ass too him…this is what causes him to cum.

Without warning he cums all over his step moms ass and she gets angry and kicks him out of her room.


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