I was cleaning house today and and found a stash under your bed…My panties! I’ve been looking everywhere for these. You’re a naughty pervert! You’re in college now and should have better, and more important things to do besides sneaking around stealing panties out of my dirty laundry. Don’t think I’m stupid…I know what you’re doing with these. I’ve seen how you look at Me. Your fantasies are controlling you. As your step mother, I must punish you for this behavior.


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You are in huge trouble young man!You left your phone laying out!I saw what you’re doing with them girls!Having them send nasty naked picyures!Well now you’re being punished!Guess what!? Mommy is a slut too!Now you can suffer and watch your hot mom fuck herself! But you’re being punished!So you’re not allowed to touch mommy!You can only watch! Making your dick so fucking hard as mommy sucks her black dildo!And fucks it!Creaming and squirting all over it!


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It’s late. Dark. You awaken to a creaking. Someone’s coming up to the top bunk, where you’re sleeping! You start to panic until you realize it’s just your Mom. Nothing to worry about!…but, what’s she doing climbing up here, especially so late at night?? She smiles down at you and you can’t help but think about how pretty she is.
She needs something from you, she tells you. Something so very important. She wouldn’t ask if it weren’t so important, the most important thing that you could possibly do for her. Her hand is moving down to your privates, and your having a hard time controlling your growing erection. You’ve always thought your mother was so pretty, and recently these boners have been incorrigible. You try to focus on anything else but now she’s start to stroke you, telling you that what she needs is this.
What?! You must be dreaming…but it feels so real. And your mother’s breasts, the softness of her hand and her thighs and then…the wet warmth of her. She tells you that you need to be quiet – your brother is in the bottom bunk and this must remain a secret! But it’s so hard to keep quiet, with your mother riding your cock, leaning back so you can see her gorgeous, bouncing tits, right in your face! After a little while your mother has lost her own ability to keep things quiet or calm, riding you hard and making the whole bunk bed shake! She is a woman with needs, you can see that, and her need – is your sperm!


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I just got home from being out with my boyfriend and was drinking some wine, flirting and about to go to my bedroom and get fucked when all the sudden my man says he has to leave. Come to find out my stepson told him I was with another man the other night and I am pissed off. I tell my stepson I was angry with him and to go to his room as he is going to be punished. I went to his room and made him eat my pussy and fuck me real good as I was horny and since I didn’t get sex from my man he was going to give it to me. Things got hot and intense and we both came so good.


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This was a custom order. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.
“My idea is kind of a version of your clip Mommy’s Again. You are a divorced mom home alone and you have been drinking all day and you are and very horny. You have a college age son who is home for the summer but has left for the weekend. One of your son’s friends who you have always wanted to fuck stops by to see your son. You tell him he’s not home but you realize that this is a perfect opportunity to seduce him. You ask him if he thinks you are pretty and if he likes your big tits. You have him drink a couple drinks with you and then you tell him since he’s been drinking the only safe thing to do is to have him spend the night and if he’s going to spend the night, then you might as well have some fun. You tell him how much you like to get fucked when you’re and you unbutton your shirt to show him more of your cleavage which was already very prominent. You notice his cock is getting very hard and you ask him if you can see it. He pulls it out and you touch his dick marveling at how big it is and you tell him again how much you like to fuck when you’re and how you’ve always thought he was handsome and what a waste it would be if he didn’t put his cock in your pussy and fuck you. You tell him how awesome you are in bed when you’re and that he should take you to bed right now and fuck you all night. The next scene is you in the bedroom on your back getting fucked and telling him how much you like getting fucked by his huge cock. When he’s ready to cum, you tell him you want him to pull out and cum all over your stomach and tits. You are very happy he has such a huge load of cum and make arrangements with him to come over and fuck you for the whole summer whenever you get which is a lot. If you agree to this, could you please wear either the red shirt and red bra you wore in Mommy’s Again or the blue lingerie you wore in several of your other clips? Also, you should be barefoot for the entire clip if that is ok. I think you are absolutely georgeous!”


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Dad is away on a business trip, and Mom is feeling pretty down about it. You can’t let her spend one of the most love filled holidays alone! So, being the amazing son you are – you take her out to dinner at the nicest restaurant in town, then bring her back home for wine & a box of chocolates. She’s SO blown away by it all and tells you how much she loves you. But, she wants to retire the night early because her back is just too sore. You won’t allow her to use an electric massager on Valentine’s Day, oh no! You’re too much of a young gentlemen for that..you love your Mommy and want to repay her for all she’s done for you. So you offer to give her a massage (What you don’t tell her is that your cock is twitching at the thought of touching her naked body) She hesitantly agrees because she’s in too much pain to say no. She calls you upstairs when she’s ready and before you know it you’re touching your mother’s bare back. Soon after she starts mentioning the lingerie she bought for dad and how disappointed she is no one has seen it..then she has the idea to show it to you! Again, your cock twitches and you tell her maybe it’s not a good idea. She insists it is because she’s always shown you her outfits and got your opinion (Yeah, because you think she’s SEXY AS FUCK and love watching her huge tits in her tit outfits!) You know your mom and there’s no getting out of this, so you let her change. Helpless to what is about to come. She appears from the bathroom in a tight red one piece and fishnets. She’s obviously tipsy and now she’s talking about how all she can think about is fucking you. You’re stunned..speechless. You can’t fuck your mom! But you want to, so bad..she looks so good in that outfit. And she’s practically begging for it. So, you do what any good son would do for his horny Mommy and you give her your cock in any way she pleases..it is the holiday of love after all.


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Sheena Ryder – Mom’s Needs PART ONE 1080p
Sheena has been talking to her friend Sarah how about how much dating at their age sucks. And she has to admit, she really just needs sex, GOOD sex. No strings, no drama just someone to fuck her like she needs it regularly. Sheena is used to her friend being the one to always be the one that she can talk to, since no matter how much of a slut she feels like for confessing her needs, Sarah is always twice as bad as she is. This time Sarah’s suggestion is way over the line even for her, which says a lot. Sheena is shocked when Sarah confesses she has been fucking her own SON! It’s crazy! It’s…disgusting? It’s wrong…isn’t it?

Sheena Ryder – Mom’s Needs PART TWO 1080p
It’s the next morning and Sheena can NOT believe she did what she did. She fucked here son! And, it was SO damn good she gets wet just thinking about it, which makes her feel more guilty! Nathan comes in while she is just trying to have some coffee and figure out what to do. She tries explaining it was a mistake, and she’s sorry, but, she sees the look in his eye. He wants more, and, she knows she should end it right there, but instead she tells him, since he is so worked up, and it isn’t his fault that they can do it one more time, but that is the end of it…


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This day starts off like any other….but it is definitely not going to end up like the rest. Mother wakes u up from bed on her birthday and tells u, father has something planned for her and u will be left alone for the evening. She then goes upstairs where u follow her sneakily and watch her thru the crack in the door as shes getting changed and getting into the shower….. u then cant help urself and swing the shower door open scaring the sh*t out of mom and seeing her beautiful body naked and lathered. She then comes down to have a talk with you and then wants to show off her new outfit. You check her out and wait with her as father will be home soon. After a few mins of him not showing mom calls, YUP ! He has to work late again….MOM IS PISSED….so you decide to take care of her. Make a nice supper for the two of u with some candle light…..as u are making supper….u hear alot of moaning coming from her bedroom…..what the hell is she doing……so u call for her, she comes down stairs and u share a lovely meal with a sensual build up….then she wants to show u how much she appreciates u,,…..but only from the bedroom….u go upstairs ….and…..see for urself.


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This is what I had in mind: A BBC POV style 10 minute video. The premise is that you are my Moms friend and I am home visiting from college. My Mom isn’t home. You catch me looking at your breasts and your butt. Since my mom isn’t home, and you haven’t been with a BBC, you start to strip and twerk for me. It’s leads to sex. The focus should be cowgirl with you facing the camera in sort of a POV where you are riding me. Lots of dirty talk, screaming, saying my name, etc. ask me to cum inside you.


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