You’re sleeping on the bed as your Mom, Payton Hall, is putting on her ski gloves..getting ready to leave. She notices your morning wood, and is blown away. Payton starts to rub your hard cock with her sexy ski gloves, hoping that you won’t wake up. Payton grabs some oil, and rubs your cock with her gloves. “It’s getting hot in here!” Payton unzips her big jacket, showing off her big tits. “I’m not touching him, really…I have on gloves.” Payton makes herself feel better about stroking her son’s cock by saying that the gloves make it not “Taboo”. Payton hopes that you won’t wake up, and keeps stroking your cock with her gloves hands. “I can tell that it wants to cum..” Payton strokes your cock, and rubs it on her tits. Payton strokes your hard cock until you cum all over her tits and gloves. “I didn’t really do anything, because I had gloves on….right?” Payton cleans up and walks away, ready to go.


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This is the 4th installment to the series of sneaking around with my Step Son’s Big Dick. This video contains several scenes, a mini movie shall we say. It first starts off with me in the shower I turn around thinking it’s my husband but no, its you my step son, I quickly shut you down and tell you no, we can’t do it anymore we promised we wouldn’t mess around after the last time we got caught, and he’s going to be in here any minute. You are persistent and take your big cock out, naturally I can’t help myself I want that cock again so bad, I long for it in my mouth, I decide to suck you and deep throat you in the shower, trying to detour your father before he comes back in and catches us. I think I hear him coming and I turn only to get hit with a load of cum from you unexpectedly, but I love it. I quickly usher you out of the shower licking up your cum. The next scene happens a day later, I am walking into the kitchen to prepare dinner, and you are standing there with your hand on your pants, I tell you absolutely not, we cannot do this your father is home. You Never want to take no as a answer, and when you take our your cock and I wrap my hand around it I can’t help but get back down on my knees to suck you off, your father calls out to me about something and I try my hardest to talk without stuttering my words, making him leave for a short bit, I suck you off some more, but then he’s on his way up, and you blow a surprise load all over my shirt/bra, a bit upset because now I have to somehow get out of this and into the shower to clean up, I mistakenly slip a few times, asking your father if he wants a shot of cum… I mean rum.. and misc. sayings because well I got your BIG cock on my mind & your CUM. I had to the bathroom to clean up and you managed to make yourself in there just as I walked in to put my shirt in the laundry, telling you this is crazy were sneaking around too much do you know what your father is going to do if he catches us again in the act… I can’t im your step mom, your my step son, that’s it…..or wait oh gosh maybe just a little more of it I know you have more cum, but your father yet again has come to interrupt us I quickly have you go into the shower while I let him in the bathroom, (this part is on purpose-) you can see me jerking “him” off in the shower while trying to talk my husband about how I just need to clean up and ill be right out for dinner, while I am doing this I am a bit flustered and I can feel your cock dripping cum into my hand, and it’s make me more and more insanely hot for you again, and I want you so bad, but we just don’t get a opportunity, later that evening its movie night, and were all together on the couch in the living room, however your father has taking a nap and you are looking at me with that intent to take your big cock out, and I know I just want to do it, I pull over the covers and start jerking you, sucking you, and every so often looking over to make sure he doesn’t awake, a few times I get nervous and cover your cock up waiting, and then I decide to get even more riskier and jump on top of your hard big dick and ride it, letting you enjoy that ass view as I take you, feeling so good, you father is restless and waking up, I jump off covering your cock some with my knee up, telling your father he missed a lot of BIG stuff, it’s been a wild RIDE, its a great movie, etc, and still rubbing on your cock feeling some cum drip out, I make your father go upstairs giving us some time before he comes back down. I suck you and you cum on my face as your father is coming downstairs, quickly I clean up what I can, and we resume like nothing happened. The final scene, I beg for you to come in the room and let me lock us in so I can suck you some more, ride you, and make you cum again. This time though your father knows something is up, I try to tell him to wait a minute, and you fucking cum massive all over my face, my mouth full I can’t even come up with words as I have cum dripping out my mouth and my face, he has a key, unlocks it, and were back to I can’t help myself I just love my step son’s big dick….we will try harder…maybe this will be the last time?


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Bad Mom’s ll………….. Sally D’angelo………… Chery Leigh……………. The Moms are passing the stepson around like he’s a dildo at a slumber party, he’s so horny he’s trying to sneak around and fuck one without the other one knowing, but these girls have been around the block and they want all the hot dick he can throw at them. Taboo, Threesome, Stepson, Mom, Big-White-Cock, Shower-scene,CUM- Facial, Big-Tits , Family-Affair


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Yummy Nanny 1
Johnny’s sexy nanny, Sofie Marie comes to check on him before bed. He is laying on the bed in his Batman pjs, and can’t sleep. She starts to help him fall asleep with a leg rub. Then Johnny’s penis gets hard so she offers a hand job, then she kisses his penis with a blow job to cum in her mouth, and she swallows almost all of his load! Johnny will sleep well now! Lucky Johnny to have such a thoughtful nanny!

Yummy Nanny 2 Bat Girl
The sexy Sofie Marie is the ideal nanny. Tough, but loves to have a good time. Watch her strip down to her bat girl underwear and play with Johnny’s utility belt to help him fall asleep! She licks and sucks on his Bat Cock until he cums!

Yummy Nanny 3 “Did you take a bath”
Sofie is reading a magazine when she is surprised by Johnny saying he is ready for bed. In her surprise her nightgown is up around her waist and she is not wearing panties. Instead of being embarrassed, she lets Johnny, who is clearly fascinated by her girl parts, touch her. Then, she remembers to check to see is Johnny showered. She smells him then smells his boy parts. She sucks his cock clean and Johnny makes a big mess on Sofie’s face. 10:07 POV

Yummy Nanny 4 Missile Games
Sofie Marie is a hot nanny taking care of Daniel, and the are playing army. She is sitting on the couch in a crop top and short jean shorts, and they are playing together, when Daniel starts to get a little too friendly with his toy missile. Sofie starts playing with Danny’s missile until it explodes on her face. What a great nanny! POV 10 min


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Step mom Sofie Marie walked in on Connor masturbating, and she was so understanding and sweet. She offered to help Connor with his erection, then she overpowers her virgin step son and rides his big cock. THEN, she makes him lick her pussy clean after he cream pies inside her, so Dad won’t get mad!

Category: CREAMPIE

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Get out of here I am trying to pee … Why do you have your cock out ? You want me to suck and gag on your morning wood .. MMM. The other morning was super hot … Guess we can do this one more time. Take me to the bedroom and fuck me hard doggy style .. MMM yes .. now flip me over and fuck me hard. A blindfold? That is kinky … you can put it on me as you fuck me. — Great cum shot , gagging,blowjob,doggy.

Category: MOMMAS BOY

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Hi sweety what’s wrong? You look like you had a rough day today. I have just the thing to make you feel better but you have to promise that this stays just between us. You promise? Good. Now let your stepmom show you something that will make you feel all better. That’s right, you get to stare at my big tits and stroke your cock. It’s the first time you’ve seen boobs in real life, isn’t it? I know it is. I can tell by the look on your face. Don’t be shy, pull out your dick and stroke. I want you to do it and it will make you feel so good. Wow, I was not expecting that. You have a much bigger dick than I expected. Here let me help you stroke that big cock. That feels really nice, doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. You know what else would feel really nice? How about I put it in my mouth? Would you like that? Hmm, I thought you would. I know this your first time doing anything with a woman so don’t be shy about cumming whenever you have too. I can guarantee you that this will not be the last time that you and your stepmom will be playing games like this.

Big Dicks, Big Tits, CFNM, Pawg, POV, POV Blowjob, Redhead, Step Mom

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Conor is texting on his cell phone when his Step-Mom, Julia Ann, walks in. She tells Conor that his Dad is out of town, and she thinks that maybe they can do something fun. Conor explains he has a lot of homework, but his Step-Mother pushes for him to take some deserved time off. Julia thinks that her and Conor need to become more acquatinted, since she just recently married his Dad. Conor stands firm that he has homework he must finish, and suddenly.. His Step-Mom grabs his cock! “Come on, Conor! I know you want me to jerk your cock..” Conor is surprised by Julia’s advances, but it’s not an idea he’s willing to refuse. Julia unbuttons Conor’s pants, and begins to rub his cock. Conor is worried about his father finding out, and Julia tells him that won’t be happening. His father wouldn’t like to know that his son has a bigger cock than him, anyways. Julia gets Conor’s cock nice and wet, and strokes him with her hands. She knows that he stares at her breasts all the time, and just sits in his room watching porn. He’s wanted this the entire time, and she knows it. She strokes Conor’s cock with both hands, and rubs his balls. “It’s getting a little hot in here..” Julia begins to remove her top, and bra.. Showing off her big breasts to Conor. She quickly lays down the futon couch, and jumps on top of Conor’s face. She sits her ass on Conor’s face, as she strokes his cock. She jerks his cock in between her breasts, moving his cock in and out. Julia lifts her skirt so Conor can get a clear view of his Step-Mom’s pussy. Julia gets on her knees, so Conor can properly fuck her tits. She squeezes her breasts together as Conor runs his cock in-between her breasts. Conor’s Step-Mom strokes his cock, and let’s him fuck her breasts until he cums all over them. “Look at that cock.. Drained! Don’t mind me while I just lay back and play in my Step-Son’s cum..”

Category: HANDJOBS

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You hear familiar sounds coming from your parent’s bedroom, the sounds of a woman enjoying herself, but you know your dad isn’t home so you sneak up and look in, only to see your mother lying on the bed with a huge toy, plunging it in and out of her pussy while she moans and writhes. She looks amazing, her chest heaving and her pussy glistening as she draws the thick black toy in and out of her wet quim. You step in, standing there boldly but she’s lost to the world, her head thrown back as she fucks herself. Even when she finally looks up enough to see you standing there, she’s too far gone to stop. She apologizes, explaining that it just feels too good to stop…she begs you to forgive her, it’s just that she’s never been penetrated like this…she pulls the toy from her pussy as it gapes, pulses, and she squirts all over the bedspread. She’s shocked. My goodness, that’s never happened before! And to think, from this toy, five times the size of an average penis!
…What do you mean? you ask her. She tells you that this big huge toy is a fantasy – normal guys are like your father, about 2 inches. Right? You laugh. She must be kidding. But you quickly realize that your mother has been victim to a grave injustice: your father convinced her, a virgin until they married, that 2 inches was perfectly average. She’d never even kissed a man until marriage, who was she to doubt that? She admits that she’s never felt something hit so deep, your father always just pressed his penis against the opening of her pussy and ejaculated a few seconds later. You begin to realize that for all intents and purposes, your mother is a virgin! Your cock grows harder in your pants as she continues masturbating in full view, confessing her needs and lacking love-life to her son as she apologizes for her incorrigible lust.
She notices your growing bulge, confused. Don’t men normally get hard for pretty girls? Does that mean…you’re attracted to me? You confess, telling her that you’ve always wanted her. Only her. Even though you have had lots of girlfriends, it’s always only been about her. She blushes. She’s embarrassed – her own son lost his virginity before her! You correct her. You’re still a virgin. The girls at school are too afraid of your size to fuck you. Her eyes widen. You can tell she wants it, wants to see how large a man can really get…
You watch as she pulls your hard cock from your pants, gasping as tells you how much bigger you are than your father, guiding you into her pussy as she moans and begs you to fuck her, take her virginity. Your mother, splayed before you with her pussy full of your cock. You try not to cum as she begs you to fuck her harder, harder…and deeper.
You tell her you’re all the way in, you can’t get any deeper! She assures you that its ok, you’re still so much bigger than your father…but she keeps begging, harder, harder, fuck me deeper and harder sweetie! She’s stroking herself up and down your cock, riding you like a woman possessed. You can’t hold out, cumming inside her before she pulls you out and finishes you all over her pussy and stomach. She quickly grabs her huge toy again, plunging it in and out of herself as she gasps and moans…so deep, god it feels so good…You watch, your cock still dripping and twitching as you witness your mother squirt and cum hard from her thick black toy, again. She assures you that you were wonderful, amazing, so huge, don’t worry about her needing the toy, gosh I hope you don’t feel inadequate, sweetie…but you loved it all.

Category: TABOO

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