Your mom catches you just before you leave for the cinema, wanting a quickie before your dad gets home from work. Your mom has been fucking you behind your dads back for a few months now and its the best adrenaline rush ever. You fuck your mom in lots of positions and she even wants you to lick her pussy (something your dad can never be bothered to do) … You are almost ready to cum when her phone rings. Your dad is saying he will be home in 5 minutes, and you haven’t got much time! You bang your mom some more before quickly finishing in her mouth. Your mom comments on how built up you were with such a big cum load, and you admit that you’ve only been fucking your mom, nobody else and it isn’t enough just fucking her once every few weeks. Your mom suggests she’ll try to start fucking you nightly, to help with the blue balls, but she suddenly can hear something… noise coming from somewhere… she forgot to end the call with your dad, and he heard EVERYTHING.


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We’ve been dating for a while now and it is time we have a talk. Yeah, that kind of talk. Not only am I breaking up with you, I’ve also got an extra surprise…I’ve been cheating on you with your own pop and now I’m going to be your step-mom. Oh, and about that inheritance? I got him to change the will and now I’m getting every last cent. Go ahead and cry about it, loser. I’ll be busy fucking your pop and spending his money.


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Mommy has a secret that I’ve been keeping from you, sweetie. You see… Mommy is a huge slut and you just never knew until now! Mommy wants to tell you all about the fun, exciting things I’ve done in my life, I’ve even cheated on Dad. There is an added surprise thought, sweetie. Mommy has decided that it’s now your turn to be Mommy’s toy and satisfy all of my urges!


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Son, we gotta be quick, dads only going to be a few minutes in the shower. God, mommy wants you so fucking bad! Its just going to be a very quick handjob, and you’ll have to cum in mommys mouth and I’ll swallow it so that your dad doesn’t suspect anything! Oh fuck I want you so fucking bad, son! I gotta feel you inside of me but we don’t have the time… fuck, mommy just HAS TO sit on your cock. Oh fuck, it makes such a nice change for mommy to have a fat cock to sit on, your father doesn’t satisfy mommy anymore. God you are just so fucking thick, son! You can’t cum inside of me, your father likes to have sex with mommy every night before bed, and he’ll notice, I said you gotta cum in my mouth. Quick, I can hear him getting out of the shower, quick son, quick!… FUCK SON! You cum so much more than mommy thought you would, its everywhere! Your dads going to see!


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You walk in on mom in bed, she’s all dolled up but looking glum. You want to know what’s wrong, and she tiptoes around a bit. As she discusses some of her troubles with your dad and their private time, she sits back and unknowingly reveals her hairy bush! Without even realizing at first, your cock grows and pushes through your pajama bottoms. Mom sees this and is shocked – you’re looking much “healthier” than your father!

This gives mom an idea. Wouldn’t you like to make her happy? Wouldn’t the whole house be happy if everyone got a little release? And all it takes is for you to scoot up closer to her while her legs are spread, and slide that inside her. Initially unsure, she wants you to know that it will only make things better in the house. That is, as long as it’s a special secret between you two.

You’re such a stud, and mom can’t help herself, right? She loves it the minute you slip in, and she’s impressed with your ability to get her going! You get so deep inside her, but she flips over so you can go even deeper than she’s ever gotten it before. That’s the spot. Now then, fill her up! And she’ll be off to make some breakfast. Mmmm. What a day!


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