My parents went out of town for Christmas and instead of having to stay at my grandparents house i was allowed to stay with my best friend and his family. i went to my friends Jason’s house and put my bags in his room, i went to find Mrs Price and thank her. i found her on the couch and we started talking, after i thanked her i asked where Mr Price was. Mrs Price or Helena as she prefers i call her told me that her husband was still out of town on business and wouldn’t be home for Christmas. she told me she was going to start making dinner soon and she also mentioned that Jason would be going over to his girlfriend Ashley’s house for dinner so it would just be me and her eating. after dinner i went back to the room to play video games then i noticed how bad the weather was getting and went and asked Helena when Jason was suppose to get home. Helena told me that the weather was to bad for Jason to drive home so she told him to stay at Ashley’s house. i told her we could still hang out and watch Christmas movies together, that seemed to cheer her up. a couple hours later we finished a movie and i noticed Helena was feeling sad, she told me she just missed her husband and was upset Jason wasn’t going to be home for Christmas eve. she had been drinking wine most of the night and i could tell that was making her emotional, i tried to cheer her by tell her that i was happy to spending Christmas with such a beautiful woman! that made her blush and smile, she told me that i didn’t mean it and we started flirting, before long i pulled her hand over and let her feel my hard cock through my pants. a couple of drinks of wine later Helena was topless on her knees between my legs sucking my cock! once she swallowed my whole load we both went off to our beds. the next morning what Christmas and i opened my eyes and saw Helena walking into my room with 2 cups of coffee. before long we were fucking like crazy, Helena let me fuck and cum in her all Christmas morning!


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Part 1
I was working at a local restaurant as a cook, it was a job i really hated. one day there was a fire kitchen and my hands were burned, the doctor rapped my hands in bandages and told me i had to keep them on for 2 weeks. after a few days of bed rest and my mom taking care of me, which was awesome. i was relaxing when my mom came to check on me, we made some small talk and then my mom said i was really funky. she asked me when i last bathed, i told her i couldn’t because i could get my hand wet or hold the soap. my mom thought about it for a minute and then said she would help me take a bath. she didn’t wait for my answer she just walked to the bathroom and started filling the tub. i walked into the bathroom a few minutes later, my mom looked me up and down and then told me to take off my pants. i hesitated for a minute then she just bent down and pulled my shorts to the ground. so there i was standing naked in front of my mom, she told me to get into the tub. mom told me to turn around so she could wash my backside, that was kinda strange and a little arousing. once she was finished she with my back she told me to turn around, then she dropped to her knees and started washing my front. she washed around and under my dick, then she just grabbed my junk and started gently cleaning it. i complained a little but i was really getting turned on by it. she finished the rest of the bath then she dried me off.
This is part 1 of Mom Washes Hurt Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating CFNM Bathtub soap bathing scene, there is no female nudity or sex in this episode, this is just a tease episode and the beginning of hot story.

Part 2
Its been a full day since the awkward bath my mom gave me and to be honest its all i can think about. since the accident i haven’t been able to jerk off on the account if my hands being bandaged and standing there naked in front my mother was kind of a turn on. when my mom came into my room this morning she was wearing a short black silk robe, we made some small talk and i couldn’t stop thinking about i much i liked her seeing my cock. she asked me if it would be ok for her to give me a bath just wearing her bra and panties, she didn’t want to get her clothes wet, i of course agreed. once my mom finished washing my backside she had me turn around in the tub and face her. once i was facing her she started washing my body and my dick started getting hard, i saw my mom lock eyes onto it but she did her best to ignore it. right as my mom was washing my balls i just couldn’t take it anymore and i finally said something. i explained the problem about not being able to jerk off and how the stress was hurting me, she looked worried for me but she didn’t know what to do. i finally just asked her if she could use her hand and help me out, she was shocked at first but after some begging and me promising not to tell anyone she agreed. my moms soft soapy hands stroked me to a much need orgasm, im looking forward to bath time tomorrow!
This is part 2 of Mom Washes Hurt Son, this series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating CFNM Bathtub Handjob scene.

Part 3
My mom came into my room to give me my bath like yesterday, i was super excited. yesterday during my bath the sexual frustration was more then i could take and my sweet loving mother gave me a heavenly handjob. so to say i was looking forward to my bath today was an understatement! mom was wearing a sex short black silk robe, she was trying to make some small talk and avoid talking about what happened yesterday. we went into the bathroom, mom took off her robe and was just wearing a sexy bra and panties. i checked her out for a long second and then i took off my clothes and got into the tub. mom washed my backside the had my spin around, mom had been squatting down to while washing the back of my legs. so when i spun around my raging hard cock nearly smacked her in the face, she started washing me and was trying to avoid my dick. i made the first move and asked mom if she could help me like she did yesterday. she told me she was hoping after yesterday i would be ok until i heeled up enough to take care of myself. i told her that i normally jerk off 2-3 times a day, she got wide eyed and asked if i was serious. i said yes and begged her to help, she reluctantly agreed and started jerking me off. after a few minutes my mom was starting to get annoyed with how long it was taking me to cum. i told her i was sorry and asked if she could maybe take her top off, she was shocked that i asked that. before she could respond i told her it would help me finish faster, that seemed to make her ok with it. she took her top of and kept jerking me, a few minutes later i decided to push my luck further! i asked my mom if she could maybe sorta kinda use her mouth? she started to lecture me but i just told her this was really awkward for me to and i really wanted to get it over with! that seem to make it ok with her to put her sons cock in her mouth and she did. i never knew my mom could suck a dick like that and like any good mother should she swallowed every drop of my nut.
This is part 3 of Mom Washes Hurt Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Topless Handjob Blowjob Bathtub scene.

Part 4
My mom was giving me a bath like normal and like normal she noticed i had a hard on and so she started taking take of it. after a couple of minutes of mom sucking my dick i told her my legs were getting shaky and i asked if we could maybe lay down on a bed. after a few more minutes of her sucking me off i told her i wasn’t close to cumming and asked if there was anything else we could do. she seemed a little nervous so i just pushed my luck and asked for sex. to my surprise she agreed, my beautiful mommy let me cum deep in her pussy!
This is part 4 of Mom Washes Hurt Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Bath Sex Scene.


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Part 1:
Ive been having a real problem lately, whenever im jerking off i cant seem to cum. i don’t why this is happening to me but its gotten so bad that a teacher noticed my boner pushing against my pants in class and i got sent home. i was really lucky when i was sent home because the school couldn’t get a hold of my dad so they just told my stepmom Demii what happened. i was sitting at the kitchen counter when she walked into talk to me, she as always was super cool and just asked me to explain everything to her, so i did. when i was done talking demii told me that we would figure everything out, she wanted me to go do my home work and get a good nights rest while she went and webMD the problem. the next morning i was laying in bed, i had to get up for school soon but i was really dreading it. there was a knock on my door and Demii came in, she was wearing a while bathrobe and had a nervous look on her face. she told me that the only thing that would help would be me having a orgasm, and she was gonna help me do that. i was shocked into silence as Demii dropped her robe, she was only wearing a sports bra. she slowly pulled my blankets off until i was lying in front of her naked, then she put some lotion in her hands and started stroking my cock. my sexy stepmom didn’t have one problem getting my to bust a nut, i hope she helps me tomorrow before school.

Part 2:
I was having a lot of problems at school and the main reason was sexual frustration. i was sent home and told my awesome stepmom all about and she said since just my regular masturbation was cutting it she would help. i didn’t know what that meant till the next morning and jerked me off only wearing a bra!since that day Demii has jerked me off every morning before school, ive been loving it but i have been building up my stamina and it was taking me longer and longer to cum. i pretty sure Demii was noticing it too and i was afraid she was gonna stop helping until what happened this morning! Demii came into my room as usual and she told me she noticed how long i was lasting, she said she was gonna do more to help stimulate me. she dropped her robe and was completely naked, then she got up on the bed between my legs. she lowered her head and started sucking my cock! my beautiful stepmom sucked my cock dry and sent me off to school with a smile on my face!

Part 3:
This morning before school my stepmom Demii came in like she has been the last couple of weeks. my mom has been helping me cum before i go to school every day, but each week my stamina has been increasing a lot. so Demii has been uping the level of stimulation to the point now she gets naked and sucked me off. this morning was going the same way the last week has been going, Demii was hurriedly sucking my dick trying to get me to cum. i decided to push my luck, i told her i really appreciated all her help but its had already been a couple minutes and i wasn’t close to cumming. she stopped sucking, pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked what we should do? i went for broke and just asked her for sex and to my surprise she agreed! now every morning before school i fuck and cum deep in my sexy stepmother!


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Your mom is in the laundry room when she calls you in to see if you have anything dirty she can throw in to finish a load. You smirk, stripping off in front of her. Her eyes grow wide as she blushes, “I didn’t mean right now, what you’re wearing!” she giggles. You tease her, standing stark and bare in front of her. “C’mon,” you say, “you love looking at me.” She smiles wider, her eyes darting towards the kitchen, the stairs that lead to the second floor, where your father’s office is. “Your father is home!” she says, incredulous at your brazen behavior. “We can’t!”
You move closer and you can tell she is desperate. Being in the same house and unable to touch, to grope, to fuck – it’s near impossible! See, you’ve been fucking your mother for years. Ever since you were a senior in high school, when you caught her…well…she blushes at the memory. You love making her blush, making her face and her chest fill with red desire. You want to push her against the wall, peel her tight, tigh jeans from her body and fuck her right there. You want to fuck her the way you used to skip school to do.
She pulls you into the laundry room. “Ok,” she says, “but we need to be quick!” she leans into you, pulling your hardness towards her, quickly slipping you into her mouth and then rubbing your wet cock against her hot, pulsing cunt. You’re both panting in want as you recall to one another some of your favorite moments, favorite fucks, with each other. You feel her pussy, your mother’s wet hole, envelop you as she rides you, precariously balanced on a hamper as she shushes you, moans, tries not to get caught!

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This was a custom order – no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.
Don’t worry, your father is at church. I told him he could go to Christmas mass by himself because I had things to do around the house. Really I just wanted us to have this time together. Just the two of us. I can’t think of a better Christmas present than this right here, right now. This is something you’ve always dreamed about, isn’t it? Me too.
Hi I would like a 5min video. Would like u to start out in a white blouse, strip down to bra then bare breasts. Whole vid my pov looking up at u on top of me, me in you/my cock in you. Mom to son, passionate. Whispering into ear is hot. Also in my vid, could u talk about how dad is at church while u are fucking me??

ASMR, Cheating, MILF, Mom, Mom & Son Fantasy, Mom Fantasy, Mommy Fantasy, POV Kissing, POV Sex, Role Play

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When I married my husband I thought everything would be magic forever. Unfortunately, it turns out my husband is kind of boring. He definitely doesn’t impress me like I thought he would. I don’t even let him fuck me from behind because I know it wont do anything for me. That is ok though because my husband came into our marriage with a horny as fuck son who cannot seem to get enough of me. Every time my husband slips out of the house for some errand, I know my step-son will come find me and blow my mind with his cock. To make things extra spicy, we decided to fuck on my marriage bed. I even let him fuck me doggy, something I do not let his father even attempt. I ride him so good that when I start to cum, I squeeze him right out of my tight pussy. When he dumps a thick load in me, I spread my pussy to let him admire his creampie. I might make his dad eat me out later, he wont even know.

Big Boobs, Big Tits, Cheating, Cheating Wife, Horny MILF, MILF Fantasy, MILF Fucking, Pornstar, Step Mom

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Hey sweetie. I just wanted to check on you before I go out with your Father… Things got pretty crazy this weekend… But I know you’ll keep this a secret. Baby, please, we can’t do this at home… That’s over now. We’re back home with your Father, there’s no way we can possibly get away with this… Son, don’t touch me like that, your Father is waiting for me, please…. pt.3 of 3

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Honey, don’t be like that. This is our weekend to have fun, just you and me. We don’t have to worry about your Father or school or anything… Come on baby, please just come down to the lake and go swimming with your Mother… Fine, be like that, take a nap. I’ll just have to have enough fun for the both of us…. pt.1 of 3

Category: TABOO

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