The pantyhose step-mum returns this time in even more nylon… I come home in my usual secretary work uniform but this time I have a second pair of gloss nylon pantyhose with a pair of white stockings in between them. I couldn’t help myself but rip the middle out so I’m ready for fun as I’ve been super horny all day. I notice that you; my step son are peeping on me playing with myself. It’s so hard to stop these urges, you know we cant be doing this!? These nylons just make me unbelievable horny! I don’t know what it is about them! Fuck. Your father has booked for me and him to go out for a meal so I really can’t be long but I tease you with rubbing my nylons along your cock, whilst fucking you (my step son) I get messages from him telling me he is going to come in if I don’t hurry up, I don’t care. I just need you cock & I’ll take as long as I want! We fuck, then I make you fuck my pantyhose until you cum in them and all in my pussy. I’m not going to take these off when I go on the dinner date with your father… *** This is a custom video – this was directed by the user. The pixelation is for trailers only.


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Your dad recently started working from home which has really put a damper on your relationship with your mother. Before he started his new schedule, you and your mother would spend hours each day, exploring each other’s bodies and making one another cum over and over. She’s sexy, young for a mother, tattooed, wild…did you mention sexy? Being with her is second to nothing else in the known universe, and without your alone time, the sexual tension between you two is off the charts, so when dear old dad announces he has to go away on a business trip, you two feign disappointment, telling him how nice it’s been to have him around, while you secretly celebrate the forthcoming alone-time together!
When the day comes, you waste no time, going directly to her bed and finding her laid out already. She immediately crawls towards you, pulling your already hard cock out, stroking your desperate throbbing cock while she dirty talks you, a skill she has mastered completely, making your cock-head drip with pre-cum as she teases and draws you in, pulling you forward onto the bed and on top of her, guiding you deep inside her and imploring you to fuck her, fuck her harder, until her already soaking wet pussy gushes around your cock and she orgasms hard, moaning loudly, lost in herself. She wraps her arms around your shoulders, pulls you in tighter, coaxing you gently, telling you to cum, kissing you gently and gasping as she feels your hot load erupt inside her.


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Ariella comes home from working late and is surprised by her son Nathan. He is acting so strange, almost like a jealous husband. He starts accusing her of sleeping around and Ariella realizes he is very serious and she has lost all power in the situation.

Ariella is working late at her office. She is trying so hard to balance work with her demanding son, but then Nathan shows up at the office and demands she submit to him right then and there.


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You’ve planned this all out, right after you saw her listed on the escorting site – your stepmom. She waited to set it all up, waited until she thought both you and your Dad were going out of town. You stayed back though… and scheduled the meetup with this “escort” – your stepmom. The cheating slut.
She arrives and doesn’t see you at first, just notices how nice the hotel room is and feels comfortable. Then she sees you and almost bails. But you let her know that you’ll definitely tell on her if she leaves the room. After a little bit of time, her trying to argue all this, she accepts and says she’ll do whatever you tell her to do.
So you tell her to strip. And she reluctantly does. Then tell her to walk to the door and back, and she does so unenthusiastically. So you make her do it again. And she struts, making your cock so hard for her. You tell her to bend over and she does it. Fuck, you need to get your dick in your stepmom now.
And you do. And she LOVES it. She’s so reluctant initially, but then you can tell that she’s loving it. Her eyes are rolling back as she tells you how much better you are at all this, compared to your Dad. And she even lets you blow a massive load in her hot, slutty cunt.


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My Mom came home from a party she went to with my dad, when she walked in i could tell she wast super tipsy. she asked me to help he undressed and get her into bed, once i had her dress off i noticed she was wearing a matching black bra and thong. once mom acting pretty goofy and when i got her into bed she felt the raging hard on i got when i was checking out her thong! she grabbed my dick and started playing with it, i knew it was wrong but god i wanted to fuck her. i ran to my bedroom really fast a grabbed a box of condoms and ran back. mom was still laying in bed, i dropped my pants and walked up to the bed with my boner leading the way. i fucked my tipsy mom like i knew she wanted me to and i loved it. a little while later me and mom were still laying in bed, she had a guilty look on her face. i started reminding her much she seemed to enjoy the sex, she mentioned that i had a bigger cock then my father. i told we should keep having fun and dad would never have to know, she said we couldn’t keep doing this for to long. i showed her the box of condoms and said how about we keep having fun until we use up the whole box, mom agreed and we started a really naughty affair!


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Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 1
I got to go home early from school the other day and when i walked up to the house i noticed a car in the driveway that wasn’t my mom or dads. when i walked inside i heard someone moaning and it was coming from my parent bedroom. i crept closer to the door and what i saw shocked me, my mom was bouncing up and down on my best friend’s dad’s dick! i didn’t know what to think but for some reason the only i could think to do was film it, while filming my cheating mother something else happened, i got a raging hard on. the next day the only thing i could think about was my hot sex mom and how awesome it would be to fuck her. so when i got home from school i found mom in the kitchen and confronted her, she of course denied it and got angry at me for evening thinking she would do something like that. then i showed her the video and her face turned white with panic! she tried to grab my phone and told me to delete the video, i said no and i told her i already had it back up somewhere else. she asked me what i wanted to delete the video, she offered me money, a car and anything else i wanted. i told her i wanted her to do to me what she did to the guy in the video, i wanted to fuck her. she got angry and said NO! i told her id let her think about it. i found mom in the living room later on and asked her what she decided. she offered a Handjob and i figured that was a good starting point so she went and got some lube and took my pants off and sat down on the couch. she came back and was a little stunned to see me with dick in my hand on the couch. she was a total bitch the whole time but my mom jerked me off and it felt like a dream! she thought we were all good but i told her id want some more tomorrow!
This is part 1 of Mom Blackmailed By Her Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Blackmail Handjob scene.

Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 2
When i got home from school all i could think about was find my mom and making her do some more naughty stuff. i caught her cheating on my dad and filmed it and the other day i confronted her about it. i told her if she didn’t do what i wanted then i would show everyone the video, she was pissed but in the end she agreed. i made her strip to her bra and panties and give me a handjob, boy did it feel amazing! i found mom reading in her bedroom, i came in and said hi, needless to say mom wasn’t happy to see. she asked if i deleted the video yet and i said no, i wanted to have some more fun first. i made mom strip to just her panties so i could see her beautiful tits and then told her she had to suck my dick. she was pissed and tried to fight it but in the end my cheating whore of a mother swallowed my nut!
This is part 2 of Mom Blackmailed By Her Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Cuckold Blackmail Blowjob scene.

Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 3
I went into my parents bedroom to say goodnight to mom, we haven’t been on the best terms since i caught her cheating and started blackmailing her for sexual favors. when i walked into her room she was laying on the bed in a sexy nighties and she looked kinda upset. i asked what was wrong and she told me she wanted to surprise dad with some naughty fun but he just called and said he was working late. i figured this was my chance to have some more fun, mom was horny and sad and i still had some dirt on her. it didnt take much convince/ blackmailing before mom was riding my dick like the horny slut she is, thanks for working late dad!


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My parents went out of town for Christmas and instead of having to stay at my grandparents house i was allowed to stay with my best friend and his family. i went to my friends Jason’s house and put my bags in his room, i went to find Mrs Price and thank her. i found her on the couch and we started talking, after i thanked her i asked where Mr Price was. Mrs Price or Helena as she prefers i call her told me that her husband was still out of town on business and wouldn’t be home for Christmas. she told me she was going to start making dinner soon and she also mentioned that Jason would be going over to his girlfriend Ashley’s house for dinner so it would just be me and her eating. after dinner i went back to the room to play video games then i noticed how bad the weather was getting and went and asked Helena when Jason was suppose to get home. Helena told me that the weather was to bad for Jason to drive home so she told him to stay at Ashley’s house. i told her we could still hang out and watch Christmas movies together, that seemed to cheer her up. a couple hours later we finished a movie and i noticed Helena was feeling sad, she told me she just missed her husband and was upset Jason wasn’t going to be home for Christmas eve. she had been drinking wine most of the night and i could tell that was making her emotional, i tried to cheer her by tell her that i was happy to spending Christmas with such a beautiful woman! that made her blush and smile, she told me that i didn’t mean it and we started flirting, before long i pulled her hand over and let her feel my hard cock through my pants. a couple of drinks of wine later Helena was topless on her knees between my legs sucking my cock! once she swallowed my whole load we both went off to our beds. the next morning what Christmas and i opened my eyes and saw Helena walking into my room with 2 cups of coffee. before long we were fucking like crazy, Helena let me fuck and cum in her all Christmas morning!


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