Sarah can’t believe she walked outside to find her son’s car about to be repod. She’s kll him if he wasn’t at his dad’s for weekend. She tries to reason with the repo man, but he isn’t hearing it, he needs to collect something or the car is gone. She isn’t prepared for what he demands, but she doesn’t see a choice. She is ashamed but a little flattered that he thinks she looks good enough to want what he wants. She goes a lot farther than she wanted, but she never told him to stop even when he was rougher with her than she expected. And all she bought was a some time to come up with months of missed payments.
Sarah is coming out of the shower and is surprised by the repo man waiting in her bedroom. He is there to collect again, and this time he demands more than before. He uses Sarah every way he wants before he is done.


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My mom is talking to my dad about walking in on me masturbating. She has been really uncomfortable around me but my dad says she needs to talk to me about asap. She says she will. Now my dad is trying to say she liked watching me? She is appalled at the idea at first. She hangs up the phone angrily. I walk in the room and she admits it has been a weird time for her but I apologize. She tells me there is nothing to be sorry for but dad is angry with her. I ask why and she says he thinks she secretly liked watching me. She asks me how long my cock has been as big as it is. She hasn’t seen it in so long. She admits it turns her on and I tell her sometimes I think about her when I touch myself. She wants to see my cock again! I pull it out and she gets on her knees and licks it. She sucks me until I am hard and then fingers herself in front of me and lets me finger her too. She bends over and wants my cock deep inside her. I fuck her from behind and make her cum then put her on her back and make her cum again! She makes me cum and then licks my cock and tastes me. I love fucking my mom!


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CLEAN TO DIRTY – HAVING INTIMATE SEX WITH GIRLFRIEND AFTER A SHOWER This was a custom order and the name Jimmy is used throughout the clip. No dildo’s are used in this clip, implied blowjob, pussy licking, implied kissing and virtual sex, which came out very realistic looking. I’ve just come out of the bath, wet hair and body wrapped in towels. I jump on to the bed with you, and unwrap myself, and tell you to touch my smooth clean body. Then I kiss you, now I want to go down on you and give you a blowjob. I love sucking your cock! Now it’s my turn, lick my pussy till I orgasm. Now I want to ride you, I ride you, big tits bouncing, and intermittently kiss you while your cock is inside me, then I lay on my back and let you ride me. You have sex with me while I’m on my back and you kiss me deeply and we both cum again and you cum deep inside me, giving me a creampie. Order description for greater clarification: a virtual sex POV style clip (no dildo visible or at all) with whispering and name Jimmy said throughout. Also, lots of slightly off to the side/bottom camera kissing. I prefer to let your creativity fill in the rest as it’s more organic that way. It’s nice to have something to point you in a general direction so here’s a little more in detail of what I’d prefer: – a grounded/believable scenario that is intimate and passionate with girlfriend in bed – start off with wearing a towel and a towel head wrap. Also, if your hair was wet like you came out of the shower that’d be excellent. – virtual BJ & pussy eating – shots of you on top and on bottom – implied creampie while kissing towards the end Dislikes: anal, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, 69


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My Aunt Addie decided to check up on me, but on thing lead to another and next thing I know, she’s groping my balls! I had no control over what happened next, my cock grew bigger and she just wanted it in her mouth. Watch me fuck my Aunt deep inside her MILF cunt. She looks so good as she slides her wet pussy all over my big shaft. It’s so hot seeing her throw her head back and moan with pure satisfaction from juicy big cock.. I finally fill my aunt’s pussy up with my cum and make her promise not to tell my parents!


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My mom has been fucking all my friends to feel closer to me. She loves the way we smell. I ask her about it and she gets uncomfortable. I follow her into her room and get her to admit she thinks about me when she is with them. I touch her and make her feel horny. She gives in and lets me stuff my cock in her and make her cum. I love fucking my slutty mom!


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Scene One: Mom Helps Me Study for a Test
Johnny is sitting at the living room table doing his homework, when his step-mom walks in. He is trying to study for his Chemistry test and his step-mom offers to help him study. Johnny keeps getting the answers wrong, so he tells his step-mom to please leave the room so he can just study by himself! Cory offers to teach him a little differently than his science teacher at school does. Once he gets an answer right, his step-mom pulls her shirt off to reward him! “If you get the next answer correct, I will take my bra off next!” she tells him. He gets the next answer wrong, but she stands up and starts to pull her skirt down while she continues to teach him. He gets a few more answers wrong, but when he finally gets one correct, she pulls her bra off and exposes her tits to her step-son. Johnny tries to focus but his step-mom is making it really hard for him! She strips out of her panties next and she tells him that she really wants him to get an ‘A’ on his test! She tells him that if he gets an A, he will get rewarded by having some fun with her sexy, MILF body!

Scene Two: Mom Clears My Head Before Big Test
Johnny walks in to the kitchen before school and he tells his step-mom that he doesn’t think he is going to get an ‘A’ on his test today! His step-mom starts to rub his shoulders and she tries to help him relieve some stress before he leaves for school. She pulls his belt off of his pants and she tells him to stand up so she can pull his pants down. She pulls his cock out and she starts to suck his cock! She wants to make him cum in her mouth so he will be completely stress free by the time he gets to school! She starts to quiz him on his chemistry notes while she sucks his cock. She throws her black, silky bathrobe on the ground and she continues to suck his cock. She takes her big, Silicone-enhanced tits and wraps them around her step-son’s cock. She titty fuck’s him while teaching him about silicone and the other elements in the periodic table! She jerks his cock with her hands before she goes back to sucking his cock. She tells him how she really wants him to cum down her throat. She titty fucks his cock some more, before he cums down her throat and she swallows all of his cum! Johnny starts to get nervous that he will be late for his test now… He quickly puts his pants back on and runs off to catch the bus!

Scene Three: Reward for Good Grades
Johnny is sitting in his bed when his step-mom walks in to his bedroom. She is eager to ask him how his Chemistry test went, and he is happy to show her that he got an A+ on his test; All thanks to her help! She is ready to reward him with her body since he did such a great job on his test! Johnny is nervous that his dad will find out and get mad at him, but she promises not to tell his dad. She pulls her blouse off and he starts to touch his step-mom’s big tits. “You can kiss them! Go ahead!” she exclaims. He starts to lick her nipples, and then she pulls her panties off. “We’re going to have so much fun and relieve a lot of stress today!” she tells him. She pulls his cock out from his boxer shorts and she starts to give her step-son a blowjob. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, she asks him “Should I sit on your cock?” He tells her to suck it for a little longer first! Then she hops on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she flips around and rides his cock in the cowgirl position while she kisses him. She licks her pussy juice off of his cock and then she asks him if he’s ready to fuck her now. She lies down on her back and her step-son starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He leans down to kiss her and thank her for all of her help with his test! “Fuck mommy nice and deep!” she whispers in his ear. She hops back on top of her step-son in the reverse cowgirl position and he fucks her pussy hard. “I want you to feed me your cum!” she tells him. He fucks her in the missionary position until he gets close to cumming. Then, he pulls his cock out and jerks it off in to her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much of her step-son’s cum as she can!


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