She was just trying to reach her shoes that were way under the bed for some reason when she catches her hair in gets herself really stuck under the bed, which is embarrassing because she is in her panties and the only person in the house to help is her stepson. he is a total perv and won’t help though and says he would rather let her stay there. so she has to coerce him with her pussy. he can have sex with her she says as long as he doesn’t cum in her pussy, but of course he does….

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Miss Lisa Hype may be the Hottest Teacher in the World. In fact….Miss Lisa Hype is possible the Hottest Girl on the Planet!! After class…..a class in which Miss Hype repeatedly crossed Her legs….with no panties on…a young, lovestruck student presents the breathtakingly beautiful Teacher with an apple…and a love poem!! Miss Hype accepts the gifts graciously…but when the boy tells Her that he is in love with Her…Miss Hype explains that, it’s not love….but just a case of “Hot For Teacher Syndrome”. Miss Hype gives the awestruck young boy a chance to get a very close up look at Her stunning pussy…and then invites him to lie across Her desk and accept a vigorous masturbation from the sexy Teacher!! The boy cums fairly quickly and easily for the Goddess…and She sends him on his way. WOW!!! This is a HOT TEACHER!!!

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Scene One: Is mommy still tight?
“Can you make sure I look good in this?” Sydney asks me as I play with my toys. “I don’t know” I respond half halfheartedly. As she shows off her body in her tiny bikini she asks if her hard body makes me hard. I freeze in shock as tries on another bikini, stripping in front of me. “Put your clothes on” I whisper in fear.
She tells me it will be alright, getting close to me. I can feel the heat radiating off her body as I touch her. Something inside me burns and I feel my body go stiff with anticipation. “Look how hard you are” She whispers, slipping off her bottoms and pulling out her perky tits. “Look what I can do to you” She smiles touching my penis with her warm hands. “This is what mommy wanted, to taste you” Her tongue runs up and down my cock as her hands stroke me. “Oh baby, fill me up” She moans as she gets on top of me and fucks me. Her body and pussy are so fucking tight. I can only fuck her for so long before I feel my body shake and cum inside her.

Scene Two: Mom needs stress relief
The next day and my world has been turned upside down. “Mommy had such a long day, I’m so stressed” Mommy tells me as she walks into the living room. My eyes pop out of my head at her tight red dress. “Can you help mommy release some tension?” she asks and unzips the back of her dress. This is what I’ve been thinking about every second. My body starts to quiver.
Her lacy red underwear makes me want to cum right there in my shorts. She’s so fucking hot. “Do you like when mommy teases you?” She smiles. Spreading her legs she guides me into her warm wet pussy. My lips tasting her and driving me wild. I can’t stop myself from getting on top of her and fucking her. “Just like that” She moans. I fuck her endlessly on the couch, making her cum again and again. I cum deep inside of her, making her orgasm from the feeling of my hot ooze. “Let me taste it!” She yells in passion and I let her clean up my wet cock with her hungry mouth.

Scene Three: Mommy Swallows
“Dad’s in the garage working on the car” Mommy says to me, sneaking into my room. She’s wearing lingerie that makes me obey her every command. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this with dad around but she starts masturbating and touching that tight fit body of hers and I melt with lust.
Sliding onto the bed she pulls my hard cock out of my shorts and slides me into her sucking mouth. I could burst right there as she looks up at me with her loving hungry eyes. Mommy begs me to fuck her, to make her cum. “Yes baby!” She screams, her perky tits bouncing to my thrusts. Her pussy is so tight, her body so perfect. “Please let me taste you, fill my filthy mouth, give me that cum!” She can barely talk between my hard fucks. Her pussy clamps down on me as she cums and I pull out, exploding all over her face. She swallows me down, so happy to have a strong young man to use.

Scene Four: Blackmailed Aunt Cory
Sisters Cory and Sydney have always had a special relationship. But when Sydney’s son gets a hold of compromising pictures of the two of them, it’s big trouble. He’s blackmailing his sexy aunt Cory. Furious Cory confronts Sydney and pleads with her to help. Sydney suggests they go with the blackmail and give him exactly what he wants.
Terrified and humiliated, Cory watches as Sydney puts her son’s cock into her mouth. Cory has no choice but to be guided and used, her mouth being filled by big cock. The girls strip each other, part of Cory screaming no while part of her screams yes. Cory’s legs are split and he gets what he always wanted. He fucks them both, making them moan and cum. Their hot and fit bodies riding him, being wrecked by him, cumming with him deep inside. When they let themselves go they find that it’s the hottest fuck they’ve ever experienced. Hot liquid lust squirts onto their faces in endless waves as they swallow it down, starving for the delicious taste. They kiss, in love with him and desperate to be blackmailed again and again for the rest of their lives.

Scene Five: Principal Blackmail
Sydney has been called into her son’s principals office. She has know idea why as her son is a perfect student. “See your son dropped his phone” He says showing her the phone. On the screen, are nude photos of her and her sister. Having these pictures at the school are going to expel her son and have protective services called on her to remove him from the home.
Her body shaking Sydney looks at him and pleads if there’s anything she can do. His strong hand rests on her thigh and a shiver of disgust runs through her. She swallows it down and smiles at him, “I think we can work something out” She says. Getting on the counter she spreads her legs and feels his hot breath and wet tongue on her pussy. She strips naked, exposing herself to the cold dry air of the office. He’s fully dressed and in control as he fucks her naked powerless body around the office. Sydney moans in delight at being used like this by the powerful principal, his hard cock destroying her and fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. She gets to her knees and takes his cum into her open mouth, humiliating herself for her son’s education.

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My Sister has always been jealous. She has always thought she was better than me at everything. We got horney one night and she thought she was a better cock sucker than me. We called out my son and took turns sucking his cock in a blowjob contest. After we got him nice and hard we both wanted to share his come. He blew his load all over our faces. What a yummy treat. We were still hungry for some so we had him fuck us both doggie and give us BOTH creampies. He was tired after that day.

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Things are really starting to heat up between me and my new girlfriend. I think I really like her, we’ve been spending a lot of time together, we’re barely apart. There’s only one problem…. she doesn’t really put out. I’m a decent guy, and I don’t want to ruin things but I do have wants and needs and I just feel like I’m missing out.
My Mom seems to be rather unhappy I’m gone so much too. I think she can tell things are really starting to change for me…. but it turns out that she missed me far more than I even realized. She longs for the times when I’d be around with her all day again. She seems so lonely. Naturally of course I love my mom and I’d do anything to make her happy.
Things seem different this time between us though, it’s almost like Mom is jealous of my new girlfriend. Her hands start to glide along my inner thigh and I can barely even comprehend what is happening. My own mother is rubbing my now throbbing errection. She wants my attention and time all to herself and she’s willing to do anything to get it back. Before I even fully know what’s happening, I feel the warm, soft embrace of my own mothers lips wrapping around the shaft of my cock and taking me deep into her throat. Even if I wanted to resist there’s no way I could.
She wants me inside her now, pounding that hot milf pussy like I’ve never fucked before. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I’m fucking my own mother.

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I walk into the kitchen to tell his step-mom that I’m meeting with my colleague at work. I smell tobacco in the air, it’s scent is thick and brings back memories of his stepmom years ago. I bluntly ask her, “Are you smoking again?”
Cherie’s spine stiffens, “No.. of course not,” she forced a smile.
“You’re lying. I can see it all over your face.”
Cherie bows her head, it’s something cute my stepmom does whenever she knows she’s been caught. She should know she can’t hide from me, she’s too transparent to keep a secret, let alone lie about the thick cloud of smoke in the air. Cherie exhales, “ok.. so I just had one.. two cigarettes, that’s all.”
“I can’t believe it, you haven’t had a cigarette in years.” “Oh I know, baby. It’s terrible. I swear I’ll quit it. Do me a favor and do not tell your father.”
I nod. Does she know I hate it when she brings up “my father,” I’d rather not think about my father at all when I’m with her. I don’t know why.. maybe it’s because I don’t think he deserves a woman like her.
Cherie, “I was really looking forward to you coming home, for months I was counting down the days. I want to spend time with you. I miss you, you were always my friend, and I really need a friend, baby.”
I smile, “Aww I missed you too. I guess I’ve been a little mixed up lately,” I rub the tension from my forehead. Cherie looks at me in warm empathetic way, “Lizzie really screwed you up?”
“No, it’s not all that. I guess I’ve been avoiding you on purpose.”
Cherie looks confused.
“I came home and saw you sunning yourself, it kind of through me for a loop. I didn’t see your face, just your body, and I thought you were some other woman”
Cherie smiles and looks at me curious. Is she encouraging me? What am I even doing. It’s like my mouth is moving without my brain’s permission.
“I’ve never seen you do that.. sun yourself outside, in a bikini.” I grow erect just thinking about it. I shift my weight on one leg trying to hide my bulge.
Cherie lifts her head proudly, “I’ve been working out since you last saw me.. I feel a little more confident to wear a bikini now.”
“That’s great, well you look… amazing.”
“but you’re avoiding me because I look.. amazing?”
She’s noticed I’ve been avoiding her? “oh man.. I’ve said too much. Let’s just say that I saw you as a woman for the first time instead of just my stepmom.” What did I say? My God.. I am such an idiot.
Cherie looks him in the eye and leans forward a bit, “I know exactly what you mean,” her voice drips with sexuality, low, smooth, sultry. It’s hard to describe unless you hear her whisper, it’s both beautiful and tragic,hardened with years of heartbreak, love, and experience.
I keep my eyes locked on her’s eager for her to speak to me again, please in that tone, please ask me to kiss her.
“I came in yesterday to offer you soup and I saw you on your bed.” I know I was masturbating.. I stammer, “uh… you did?” Cherie nods, “you look great too.. amazing.”
I laugh awkwardly, not quite understanding what she’s talking about. She gets close to me, so close I can feel her warmth. I freeze, but still she moves closer. I just keep my eyes locked on hers. She moves her hands underneath my hair, I close my eyes, yes.. that feeling of her stiletto nails massaging my scalp gives me goosebumps, and feelings that no man can describe. I feel lips on mine. I open my eyes and recoil. “Oh!” She looks horrified, “I’m sorry.. I’m very sorry.. what was I thinking?”
Her hands shake as she reaches for her cigarettes hidden in a drawer. I get up and take them away from her. “It’s ok. don’t smoke, please.. it’s really alright.”
“Well we can forget this happened,” she tells me, her eyes are filled with tears. I want to comfort her. I want to kiss her. I learn in close, I put my hand over her shaking hand. I feel her soft pillowy lips against mine. I taste her. I want her. I need to make love to her. I don’t care if it’s wrong.

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Pt.1 Mommy’s Little Helper – Baby, don’t just stare at me, come help me stretch. I don’t care if you think yoga is stupid… You better watch your tone mister, I’m still your Mother… All you ever want to do is have sex and Mommy’s pussy is sore right now. Stop whining, I don’t want to have sex, I want you to work out with me… Son, stop pulling down Mommy’s pants… Okay fine, but just for a minute and then we’re going to finish working out… – pt.2 In The Dark – Mom, what are you doing up? It’s late. What if Dad saw you like this? Don’t say that, you don’t know that for sure… But I’m here for you no matter what. Mom, stop it. I didn’t mean it like that… That was a long time ago. I have a girlfriend now… Mom, you know we shouldn’t start doing this again…. – pt.3 Mother’s Touch – Relax… Son it’s fine. He’s asleep. We’ll be quiet… Your Father won’t hear us. I know you want this. Doesn’t Mommy’s pussy feel good? We don’t have to pretend that we don’t need this. Son, you’re right where you belong… That’s right baby, let your Mother make it all better…. ***Starring Ashley Fires & REAL creampie from her son***

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I’ve always wanted a girl that was crazy about me, but my girlfriend, Cherie is taking that to a whole new level. She knocks on my door and I was surprised to see her. Did I ever give her the address to my step-mom’s house? How does she know where I live? These thoughts run through my mind as she invites herself in. My step-mom is coming home in a couple hours and she used to hate it when I would bring friends over unannounced. I try to be polite and make a little casual conversation with her about the house that I grew up in, but she wanted to take a tour.

I hear myself stutter and I try to pull it together. I always stutter when I get nervous, “oh of course. but maybe another day?” Perfect, I kept it simple! Cherie turned her back to me and walked towards the hallway to my step-mother’s bedroom.
“Oh I have plenty of time.. Is this your mom’s bedroom?”
“Yeah. She notices if I go in there, I don’t know how she does it.” I hope Cherie takes the hint but she walks through the door and plops down on my step-mother’s perfectly made bed. My step-mom’s the type to iron her sheets, place the pillows just so, she’s a total neat freak. I cringe as I see Cherie’s bring her stilleto heels on my mother’s brushed satin duvet cover.
“Eww.. pink,” she sneers and shrugs, “I guess most women love pink.” Her eyes glance towards me, can she tell I am having a total panic attack? “The bed is comfortable though,” she shimmies her body under the covers.
“Woah.. hey!”
Cherie sits up on her knees, she pulls my body next to hers. Her perfect breasts pressed against my chest, her warm breath whispering in my ear, “have you ever fucked in your parents bed?”
I stutter, again.. I am so nervous, but so turned on, “no.. of course not”
“It’s so naughty, so hot. Let me show you.”
I can’t believe Cherie. Weren’t older women supposed to be mature and elegant? She wants to fuck me like some 18 year old hormonal girl in my step-mom’s bed? “What’s into you lately?!”
She kisses me and all the frustration I had towards her melts away. She is a goddess. Cherie purrs, “I always wanted to turn a good boy bad” I laugh, she has me. I’m totally her’s. She looks at me with hunger, “Take off my clothes, fuck me like a dirty whore on your mother’s bed.”

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