Natalie Wonder Clips - Mommy Shows You How Lovers Are Made, Not Born

Natalie Wonder Clips – Mommy Shows You How Lovers Are Made, Not Born

Mommy knows when something is bothering her sweet boy. Talk to me, you can tell me anything sweetie. Ohhh okay, I see. You have a “one minute man” type of issue. It’s totally understandable, especially with an eager, horny boy your age. Naturally you’re so excited to fuck a girl & before you know it you’re cumming. Then that girl will tell her friends & you’ll never hear the end of it. Your father was the same way sweetie. But I guided him & he became a great lover.
You’ve heard the phrase “great lovers are made, not born”, right sweetie? Of course. Mommy would be more than happy to guide you on how to last longer. It’s not just about cumming. You should slow down, take your time & focus on the buildup instead of the end result. Trust me, it will be so worth it. For yourself & for the lucky women who will get to be with you. Mmmm that boner is telling me you’re eager to learn what mommy has to teach you. Let’s take your dick out. I want you to slowly, very slowly, stroke it for me exactly how mommy says. We will take our time. Savor that feeling. Mmmm you’re doing great sweetie. Nice & slow. Mmmm you’re getting mommy’s pussy so wet & horny. I want you to stop stroking & taste my pussy. Make that cock throb & ache with desire as you lick mommy’s clit. You want it so bad. Mmmm mommy will give it to you. I’ll ride your cock as I bring you to the edge & keep you there. Remember, ladies first. Feel mommy’s pussy cum while you’re inside her. When mommy finally lets you cum you are going to explode so hard. Mmmm mommy’s great lover boy in the making.

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Natalie Wonder Clips - Mommy Shows You How Lovers Are Made, Not Born

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