Tara Tainton - It Can Happen So Fast When It's Your First Time

Tara Tainton – It Can Happen So Fast When It’s Your First Time

It happened so fast and yet… we didn’t see it coming. I didn’t. My step-son couldn’t have. It started so innocently… In fact, it started as a horrible afternoon, a dreaded conversation with his teacher at school, trying to explain to my step-son that he must be careful what he says to his friends, that he can’t talk about his feelings for me – about us – that way. He was being so naughty… but then, I just felt so bad! After the lecture, after seeing his little face so soured by self-disappointment, I made him go straight to bed after dinner. But I had to visit him in his bedroom, had to make sure he knows that I still love him… that I treasure his compliments, that I love how much he loves me. We made each other smile… then laugh… we were just “us.” It was all so natural, so gradual… NO ONE could’ve known what was going to happen, where all our love and fun and affection would lead. But when it happened… it felt so very right. I didn’t want it to end…


Tara Tainton - It Can Happen So Fast When It's Your First Time

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