Kenzi Foxx - Mother Wants Son to Impregnate Her Son Impregnates Mom

Kenzi Foxx – Mother Wants Son to Impregnate Her Son Impregnates Mom

Step-Mom had been single for a while now. Step-Dad was no longer in the picture, and she hadn’t met anyone special. “You know how I’ve been wanting to have a bigger family,” she started to say, “I want a baby now, and I need your help.” She knew how awkward and uncomfortable the request was, but you were the only person who could help her. If she met someone, it would take years to develop a relationship and eventually have a family. “I just need your seed,” she said bluntly, “you wouldn’t have any responsibilities. Can you help me with that?” In order to make you feel more comfortable, she took off her shirt in hopes of getting you excited. “Do you like Step-Mommy’s boobies?” she asked. She invited you to grope and suck on her big tits. She then encouraged you to jerk off to get your cock hard and your balls full so you could empty them inside of her. She wrapped her soft hand and warm mouth around your cock to stroke it and suck it for you. “Doesn’t that feel better?” she asked. “Just pretend I’m that girl you have a crush on at school. Now I feel your cock getting harder.” She reminded you not to get too excited because she needed your cum inside of her. “Wanna help Step-Mommy get wet?” she asked, unfastening her shorts and slipping off her panties. “Come lick my pussy.” You put your head in-between her legs and she moaned for you to lick and suck on her clit. Once the two of you were ready, she instructed you to penetrate her. She rode your cock, then had you fuck her missionary style so you could cum deep inside of her. “Fuck me really hard and deep,” she said, “get in there all the way.” When she saw that you were getting close, she reminded you to plant your seed as far as you could inside of her. “Cum in your step-mommy’s pussy,” she moaned. Once her pussy was full of your cum, she lifted her legs to make sure every last drop went all the way down. She praised you and thanked you for a job well done.


Kenzi Foxx - Mother Wants Son to Impregnate Her Son Impregnates Mom

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