MsBiancaBaker - Mommy Wants A Baby

Ms Bianca Baker – Mommy Wants A Baby

I really want a baby and Daddy won’t give me one, he says I am to old since I have grown . You understand sweetie my need to produce more babies. I love being a Mom and now that all my babies are grown up I really want another but your step-father keeps turning me down. He doesn’t cum inside of me or even listen to me when I tell him I really want another one. I have this need inside of me and I know this may sound awkward but I really need your help baby boy.. I need your seed, would you consider helping Step-Mommy? I know you love to please Mommy and make me happy at all times. I really need you to help me…Please! Oh am I turning you on? I didn’t know this would happen!! I knew you would be a good boy and help Mommy out. I really need your seed and I know you can give it to Mommy like a good boy. Pumping me full of cum and giving me the baby I really need, that I really want. Oh and don’t you worry about Daddy I will get him tipsy one night and get him to cum in me so he has no idea. Wait until you feel Mommy’s tight pussy. Since your cock is so hard, why don’t you come here baby boy. I slide your hard, big cock inside of me and feel you grow even more. I slide in and out of you pumping your hard cock inside of me. I then get on top of you and ride you as I beg for your cum. I know you want to unload in me and give me that massive load.


MsBiancaBaker - Mommy Wants A Baby

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