Goddess Celine - Horniness Pill Chapter1

Goddess Celine – Horniness Pill Chapter1

There is a storyline and settings but you don’t need to follow them if you find they are difficult. as i said – i am happy for you to use your own creative ideas. there are only three fixed and important things. one is that the characters are related mother and son. this must be made very clear in your words and actions. the next is lots of nudity and great views of your beautiful body – especially your bare breasts, legs, hips and bum. the last is your taboo talk (words regularly used words like ‘Mother, Mommy, Mom, Son’, and phrases like ‘Fuck your mother’ ‘You’re so much better than you’re father’ ‘I love my son’s cock’ ‘My beautiful son’ etc).now here’s the story…Celine is a sweet housewife and mom. One morning she is in the kitchen making breakfast for her son. He is taking the day off because he says he is ill. The horny young man can’t help sneaking peaks at his mom as she moves around. She looks great in her pretty dress and apron. When she isn’t paying attention he slips a ‘Horniness Pill’ into her cup of tea. Celine it and everything seems normal at first. But later she is in her room and she starts to feel hot and excited. She strips out of her dress, down to her lingerie, then to total nakedness. Her skin glistens with a sexy sweat from a sudden burning desire. Little does she know that her son is peaking on her again at the same time. Lying on her bed she writhes and caresses herself. Presently she walks naked into her son’s room where he is now settled down. She tells him she is horny and wants to fuck. The pill has really made her wild. Coming over to her son she pulls out his cock and sucks and fucks it. She is full of passion. On top, missionary and doggy, she fucks him hard and loud, talking dirty, telling him he is better than his father, encouraging him to fuck his mother with all he’s got. After both of them have come hard, she lays back happily beside him. Mother and son have the whole day ahead of them for further hot taboo fun.notes:you start out wearing a pretty dressyou get totally naked and your full body is often on view. your bare breasts are seen from lots of angleswhen you are naked your skin glistens as if oiledyou suck and fuck a big dildo. there are even pussy flashesyou often say Mother, Mommy, Son, My Sonyou say ‘fuck your mother’ ‘fuck Mommy’ ‘such a good son’ and many other taboo things like thatthe scene does not have to all be pov – even during the sex. some ‘voyeur’ views would be great.

Goddess Celine - Horniness Pill Chapter1

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