Kelly Payne - Crazy Hippie Mom

Kelly Payne – Crazy Hippie Mom

Your mom is a hippie, she’s also a meditation coach, energy healer… whatever that is and a sex therapy/healer… You mostly do your best to ignore as much of your moms “work” as possible. But today you feel off, and when you interrupt your moms meditation session she can feel something isn’t quite right. She starts checking your aura and energy centers i your body, saying your sacral chakra is out of balance and asks bluntly if you’ve been jerking off. She convinces you to lay down and let her heal you, her tits basically bouncing in your face, and when mom notices your boner she reaches down your pants and starts stroking your cock telling you this is needed, and human nature. She removes her top and strokes, sucks, licks and climbs on top of you… she’s not going to allow her son to have an unbalanced chakras.

Kelly Payne - Crazy Hippie Mom

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