Natalie Wonder - The Messy Truth - Stepmom Agrees to an Ass Pounding and Pushes Out Stepsons Big Creamy Load

Natalie Wonder – The Messy Truth – Stepmom Agrees to an Ass Pounding and Pushes Out Stepsons Big Creamy Load

Step-Mom has always had a curious dirty desire to experience what it feels like to get fucked in the ass. She bought a suction cup dildo and is going to fuck it. She sticks the dildo onto a chair and prepares her asshole. Just the thought of it stretching her tight ass has her very horny. She straddles the dildo. She guides the head into her ass and slides down. Very very slowly. Just as step-mom is sticking the dildo into her ass….her step-son has quietly walked in. Step-Mom is so focused on fucking the dildo that she has no idea her step-son is watching. Step-Son watches as step-mom’s asshole stretches and takes in the dildo. Step-Mom lets out moans and says how good it feels. Step-Son gets extremely aroused. He wants to take step-mom’s ass right then and there. He stands quiet…still watching step-mom slowly fuck this dildo. But then he makes a noise. Step-Mom realizes someone is behind her and lets out a gasp. She turns and sees her step-son! Step-Mom is mortified! She quickly stands up as the dildo slides out her asshole. She grabs a towel to cover up and hides the dildo. Step-Mom is so embarrassed! She scolds her step-son. They need to talk about what just happened. Step-Mom admits she’s always wanted to know what a dick felt like inside her ass. All her life she’s been too shy to ask a lover to fuck her in the ass. It’s taboo. Step-Son admits he’s aroused right now. Step-Son says she should of asked him to fuck her in the ass. Step-Mom gives in to the temptation. She’s too horny and curious to pass this opportunity up. Step-Mom gets on the bed doggy style. She spreads her ass and invites step-son to stick his hard cock inside her tight little asshole. Push it in…go slowly…it feels good. Step-Mom feels her asshole getting stretched by step-son’s cock. She wants him to go in deeper…harder…step-mom pushes her ass up against her step-son and he is balls deep inside her ass. Step-Mom is in ecstasy…letting out moans and rubbing her horny pussy as her step-son pounds her in the ass. Step-Mom begs for more until she has a quivering orgasm. Now step-mom wants to feel step-son’s warm cum shoot deep inside her. Step-Mom’s eager to experience this. Fill step-mommy’s asshole up real good. Step-Mom’s ass bounces harder and faster until step-son orgasms….shooting all his cum inside step-mom. She feels it, there’s so much…it’s incredible! Her ass being stretched and filled at the same time. Step-Mom enjoys the feeling of being filled for a minutes but then gets the desperate urge to push the cum out. How is this going to feel bursting out her ass? There’s so much! It’s never ending cum! Step-Mom pushes…her asshole pulsates out and shoots a stream of cum out. She lets out a messy fart. Then it dribbles down to her pussy…down her thighs…onto the bed. Step-Mom plays with the cum as it spurts out her asshole. So dirty and messy but feels so good.


Natalie Wonder - The Messy Truth - Stepmom Agrees to an Ass Pounding and Pushes Out Stepsons Big Creamy Load

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