Xev Bellringer - I Dream Of Mommy

Xev Bellringer – I Dream Of Mommy

I woke up between my son’s legs with his cock in my mouth?? I must have been so tired after- Oh dear, how could I admit what I did to him?? He needed me so badly that night… Moaning in his room all alone, dreaming… Stroking his cock so furiously I just had to stop him! But as soon as I tried, he clamped his hands around mine right against his throbbing cock!! My son… he made me finish him all over my breasts. I couldn’t stop it!
And every night since then… well, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t take care of him?? How could I say no… especially when he pushed my head down onto his shaft. But was he dreaming about me?? Did he actually imagine cumming deep inside of his mother’s throat every night?
He had to know exactly what he made me do in his dreams… what he needed my body for. I squeezed his cock. My lips parted and took his swollen head into my mouth. My pussy quivered in anticipation… I wanted to taste his cum again, to reach between my legs as his drained cock and balls rest in my mouth… to rub my pussy with him in me still.
A mother shouldn’t encourage her son like this… a mother shouldn’t enjoy her son like this. But… I needed to know… was it me he was fantasizing about all of those nights? Was he dreaming still… even now? His cock stiffened again… he groped my breasts… threw me down onto the bed… groped my big ass… tasted me. This is what he wanted… this is what he always dreamt about. Fucking his mother’s wet pussy.


Xev Bellringer - I Dream Of Mommy

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