Mommy Has To Stip OR Else - Bianca Bakers Fetishes

Mommy Has To Stip OR Else – Bianca Bakers Fetishes

I caught my Mommy cheating on my Dad and I confront her. At first she completely denies it and keeps telling me I have no idea what I’m talking about. I keep telling her I know what a big slut she’s being. She keeps denying it and she keeps telling me to stay out of her business. I know how bad Mommy has been and I’m going to make her do something for me. I always stare at her and I know how hot she is and since she is fucking everyone in the neighborhood and they have seen her naked I feel like as her son I deserve the same thing. I saw naked pictures of her fucking the neighbor on her computer and she can’t deny it anymore I have plenty of real evidence. Once Daddy see’s these pictures he’s going to leave her, he will take all the money and she will be left homeless. So I decide that I’m going to make her strip for me. I have her take dress off. Her tits look so amazing just like I thought they would look. Her smoking body is just amazing and I can’t keep my eyes off her. I have her take her bra off next and I try and grab her tits and she slaps me away so I back away just like I should. She keeps covering up and is so red and embarrassed but I know she doesn’t want these pictures out. I have her take her panties off next.. I am just so stunned on how beautiful my Mommy is. She keeps covering up and is asking me if she can get dressed..


Mommy Has To Stip OR Else - Bianca Bakers Fetishes

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