Sydney Screams - Back from College BJ from Mommy Sydney

Sydney Screams – Back from College BJ from Mommy Sydney

Oh it’s so good to have you home from college! Mommy wants to hear all about it!! Did you have a great time? Did you meet any girls? No? Oh, that’s a shame but don’t worry sweetie. Mommy will make you all your favorite foods to cheer you up. Did you maintain a good GPA like we discussed? I told you that if you maintained a 4.0 or higher, I’d give you a nice reward. Oh sweetie! Look at these grades! Mommy is so proud of you! You must have spent hours in the library. Is that why you didn’t have any time to meet girls? That’s ok. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and relax and let someone take care of you? I’ll start massaging your legs while I remind you how proud of you Mommy is. Oh sweetie! Is that an erection popping up while I massage you? Would you like Mommy to take care of that for you? Yes? Good! Mommy pulls your cock out and starts to rub it before running her tongue up and down your hard cock. “Mommy loves making her good boy happy” she says before taking your cock into her mouth and sucking. Mommy worships your cock, complimenting it and sucking it. Mommy wants to make you cum! She pulls her big 38E cup tits out and wraps them around your cock so you can shoot your load all over Mommy’s big boobs! If you keep those good grades up, we can do this again next semester! INCLUDES: POV, Momma’s Boy, Mommy Domme, Sensual Domination, Blowjobs, BJ, POV BJ, POV Blow job, cock worship, big tits, tongue fetish, MILF, Sydney Screams


Sydney Screams - Back from College BJ from Mommy Sydney

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