Wade Cane - Family Breeding

Wade Cane – Family Breeding

Family Breeding – 6:45 Today is a very special day. Your little sister has finally come of age. I sneak into your room and wake you. Your father and I are very excited that this day has finally arrived. We can’t wait to hold your cock together and put it inside your sister for the first time. I take my special alone time with you, stroking and sucking your cock, getting it nice and hard to present to your sister as I remind you how important it is to perform well for her. You have a big responsibility. This will be her first time. I tell you how important it is to have a big load for her. I also want to see you make her cum. I can’t wait to see that look in her eyes as she realizes her brother can make her pussy so wet. You tell me that you are nervous, that you need more practice. I let you slide your big cock inside me. I know you love mommy’s tight hole. I tell you how important it is to impregnate your sister, soon. Just as you, your father, and your grandfather did me. Oops, you just came inside me! Now I must get you worked up again so you can fuck your sister.


Wade Cane - Family Breeding

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