Theemilyb - Mommy's Money Slave

Theemilyb – Mommy’s Money Slave

Honey, you’re giving me all your money. You know why you have to go and work your ass off every single day at that high paying corporate job. You know why I put you through a top tier college and made you get perfect grades right? No, it’s not so that you would have a better future. It’s so that I would have a better future. I don’t like working. So I won’t be working anymore. That’s why I married that rich step-dad of yours, so that we would have the money to put you through top colleges and schools, so that you would have connections to the big firm you’re working at and start earning the big bucks from a young age. So now with your multiple 6-figure salary, that will only increase as you move up, you’ll be giving 80% of it to me. You earn a lot, so even with just 20% you can still have a decent life. So son, hand me over the money you made today, and every day. You owe it to me. I can’t wait for your payments.


Theemilyb - Mommy's Money Slave

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