Goddess Shawna - Jerk and Eat Your Cum for Step-Mommy

Goddess Shawna – Jerk and Eat Your Cum for Step-Mommy

Can you make mindfuck video that is a cum eating instructions video. Make it a cum eating instructions video where the viewer needs one load of saved cum before the start of the video. Role play as Step-Mommy please. Have viewers edge a couple times so they will beg to swallow cum for you. Have the viewers put the saved cum in their mouth at start of a countdown to swallow the cum near the end of the video so they can’t chicken out. Tell them to imagine its your boyfriend’s cum. Make them look into your eyes and beg to swallow for you. During countdown pause a couple times, and make them beg to swallow for you because they can’t cum unless they swallow. Ask them how badly they want to cum for you. Make sure to prolong the countdown a little bit to make us beg. If they are a good boy and follow your commands to swallow cum, then allow us to cum shortly afterwards as a reward after we thank you. Make sure everyone thanks you before we can cum. Ass tease a bit during video also.

Goddess Shawna - Jerk and Eat Your Cum for Step-Mommy

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