Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina, Anastasia Rose - Mom Wants Son to Impregnate Daughter POV

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina, Anastasia Rose – Mom Wants Son to Impregnate Daughter POV

Carmen Valentina, Anastasia Rose, mother, son and daughter, brother and sister, POV, mom tells son and daughter that she wants to have another baby but she is unable to, she wants them to have sex so that her daughter can carry the baby, mom will raise the baby as their little brother or sister – all they have to do is make it and carry it, son and daughter are weirded out but they finally give in because they love their mother and want her to be happy, they are embarrassed to strip down in front of each other, mom tries to make the situation more comfortable so she “joins in,” mom strokes and sucks son’s cock then has her daughter do it too, he needs to be hard in order to impregnate his sister, virtual handjob & virtual blowjob from mom and sister, virtual sex, missionary, brother fucks sister, mother encourages son to cum inside of his sister, brother creampies sister, brother impregnates sister, mom wants them to continue having sex until she knows for sure that her daughter is pregnant, breeding, impregnation, impregnate, siblings, MILF, older woman, mom son, mom daughter, inbred, inbreeding, family threesome, family sex, fauxcest, boy girl girl, BGG, embarrassed naked female, ENF** “You know I’m not with your father anymore,” Mom started to say, “it’s been a while…and I wanted to tell you guys that I want another baby. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another sibling?” Unfortunately, when Mom had went to the doctor to discuss her options, they told her that she wasn’t able to have a baby. “I want a baby that’s within the family, that has the same genes,” she said, “so, I was wondering if you could help me out, you and your brother.” Of course she’d raise the baby as your little brother or sister, but she would need you two to help make it. “If you guys could have sex, you could impregnate your sister, and she could carry the baby.” “Are you seriously asking this of us?” Anastasia’s face dropped and her eyes widened in disbelief. “This is crazy, right?” But Mom reassured you two that it wasn’t that weird. She’d do Anastasia’s homework during the pregnancy, she wouldn’t have to go to school, and no one would ever know about this. “It’s been my dream to have one more,” Mom looked down, “and I don’t want to adopt or anything. You guys love me, right? You would do it for me, right?” Defeated, you and your sister gave in, and Mom cheerfully wrapped her arms around Anastasia. “Thank you,” she smiled, “I’m so happy.” “I need you guys to start having sex,” she said bluntly, “I know you guys know how. But first, we gotta get your brother hard.” She wanted you two to strip down. It was an awkward and embarrassing situation, so Mom decided to “help out” to make things more comfortable for everyone. She pulled down her top, then wrapped her soft hand around your cock. “Don’t you like that?” she smiled, her hand stroking your shaft and head. She invited your sister to do the same, and then they went on to suck your cock. Once you were throbbing, Mom had Anastasia lie back on her while you fucked her. “Put all of your cum up inside your sister’s pussy,” she said. “I don’t want you to take it out at all. When you have to cum, you cum all the way up in there!” Once you finished, Mom lifted Anastasia’s legs up to make sure every last drop of cum went deep inside of her. “We’ll have to do a pregnancy test,” she said, “but in the meantime, let’s keep trying every day!”


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina, Anastasia Rose - Mom Wants Son to Impregnate Daughter POV

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