Tara Tainton - You Should've Known What Your StepMom Is Capable Of

Tara Tainton – You Should’ve Known What Your StepMom Is Capable Of

I’m so glad you decided to join me for dinner tonight instead of going out with your friends… I’m just so lonely. Your father’s working late again and… would you like to have some wine? It’s okay, darling… you know I wouldn’t steer your wrong. It’s okay. Go ahead and drink. You know you want to… oh, did my poor son-in-law pass out??? Oh, you poor thing. Well, no matter. It was just the powder I slipped into your drink. Well, it causes that AND your heart to slow until it stops all together IF you come. Yes, if you ejaculate, darling. After one hour, the powder won’t work anymore… Oh, you’ll just avoid coming, then daddy will be home, and he’ll realized how fucked up I am and just divorce my ass??? Honey, language!!! No, I’m afraid I lied about that too. Your father’s not working late he’s… well, he’s . Yes, he’s a goner. It’s just down to you and me now and … well, I have another confession to make. Your mother didn’t just fall into the pool and … no, I pushed her. You see, I found out your family is rich and well, I just HAD to have all your money. Now, you ARE good at distracting me and making me pass the time! No, no, no…. the hour will not end with you still alive. I’m going to make you come. No, honey, you can’t resist me. I’m going to pull down your pants so you can stroke your cock if you want to… Trust me, honey. When you see how convincing I can be, you’ll be so overwhelmed that you just won’t be able to resist. NO ONE can resist me… I’m going to slowly strip off my clothes now, and…

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Tara Tainton - You Should've Known What Your StepMom Is Capable Of

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