Tara Tainton - Doin' It While Step-Daddy's on the Phone

Tara Tainton – Doin’ It While Step-Daddy’s on the Phone

I can’t wait to fuck you. That’s right… I’m gonna fuck you so hard… It’s been too long. That’s why your cock is SO hard for Step-Mommy, isn’t it. Yes, my beautiful boy, you’re gonna get exactly what you want. Oh, and how I love to tease you with my body: the only body you crave, the only body you get so hard for. You want me, don’t you. You want your Step-Mommy so bad… and I want you to. Wait… Was that the phone? I gotta get it; it might be your step-father. “Hi, honey! Yes, you’re so sweet for thinking of me. I’m just… doing some household chores actually. Yes, very hard work; it’s making me sweat! (and pant… and moan…) What’s that, honey? No, no… I don’t need you home too soon. Just take your time. We’re fine here. Who? Oh, just us. Yes, he’s helping me with the chores. Oooh, ooh, ah!!!! What, honey? No, I just… hurt myself, while mopping the floor. Yes. I can’t… oooh!!!!”


Tara Tainton - Doin' It While Step-Daddy's on the Phone

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