MissAmellia - Step-mom CEI

Miss Amellia – Step-mom CEI

Do you like my body ? Do you like how fit it is ? That’s exactly why your [email protected] hired me as your m0 mmy’s personal trainer .. so I could help her lose some weight .. haha it was so fun to see your m0 mmy struggling with her sessions .. while I constantly flirted with your [email protected] your [email protected] .. was always checking up on me .. he liked my gym clothes and my fit body too .. it’s not my fault I look better than your m0 mmy ..I actually warned her .. I warned her that if she didn’t worked out harder.. another , superior woman would come and steal your [email protected] .. and along with your [email protected], stealing his big dick and fat wallet as well away from her ..so .. she can’t say I didn’t warned her ! I don’t even get it why she was so shocked when she caught me and your [email protected] fucking like savages .. hahah ! And that’s the story of your [email protected] divorce ..haha of course your [email protected] divorced her right away , leaving her peniless …


MissAmellia - Step-mom CEI

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