Tammie Madison - Tucked In

Tammie Madison – Tucked In

Mom is throwing a dinner party and has sent you off to bed early. Just as you are settling in and getting cozy, starting to feel your sleepy erection popping up, Mom enters the room to check on you. She lays on the bed to tell you just how pleased she is with your behavior tonight. Her guests were thoroughly impressed by you and, by default, her as well. Mommy is so happy with you.
As she lays her body across your to tuck you in and kiss you good night, she notices your hard shaft under the covers. Rather than being embarrassed, Mom praises you for this as well. She is so proud to see her boy with a healthy nightly erection. She wants you to drift off to sleep feeling fully relaxed. There is no way you can do that with an unsatisfied boner, but she thinks this is something you should take care of yourself. However, there is no denying how wonderful you have been tonight, so Mom is happy to help you out a bit.
She starts by unbuttoning her cardigan so you can enjoy her gorgeous cleavage. Even though you try to hide it, Mom has seen your gaze resting on her breast on numerous occasions. Right now, she wants you to fully give in to that urge to stare at Mommy’s tits. Since her body is already lay over yours, she starts to rock on you a bit. You can feel her hips pushing down onto your cock through the duvet. Very quickly, it is clear that Mom is enjoying the sensation as much as, if not more than, you. So, she removes her sexy panties in slips under the covers to feel closer to you. The feel of flesh against flesh is almost too much for her to handle and it all progresses so quickly from there. Despite the squeaky bed and her guests downstairs, Mom is determined to send you to bed the right way. When you feel you cock sliding between her wet lips you know this will be the best tucking in you have ever had.

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Tammie Madison - Tucked In

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