Natalie Wonder - Theres No Place Like Home

Natalie Wonder – Theres No Place Like Home

It’s been months since stepmom moved away with stepdad. He got a really great job promotion and like a good wife, followed him out there. But she’s so far and there’s been someone missing…YOU, her boy. Stepmommy’s been missing you like crazy. She can’t take it anymore. She wants to GO HOME and put her arms around you…then her lips…her legs… Stepmom sits down and tells your stepfather the news. If he loves her, he’ll let her go. They’re married but the relationship spark faded years ago. Stepmom tries to contain her excitement. She boards tonight and by the morning she’ll be back home with YOU. She can’t wait. After she delivers the news, she gets up and goes to finish packing. Stepmommy is FINALLY BACK HOME… Sweetie??! I’m home! Come here and hug me like you’ve never hugged me before. God I’ve missed you so much. You look even better than when I left you. Can I…can I give you a kiss..? You KNOW what kinda kiss I mean. Mmmmmm these lips…I’ve missed everything about you. I can’t keep my hands off you. It’s felt like years even though it’s only been a few months. Your stepfather? I told him the truth. That I was leaving him to come home to YOU. I felt so lost out there without you. And now, here we are, back together. The way it should be. Mmm you smell incredible. God I can’t wait to rip your clothes off. We have lots of making up to do if you know what I mean. Wait shhhhh talk later…I’m desperate to have some very sexy and VERY naughty fun…the fun that only a very bad stepmother can have with her very bad boy. Let’s make love and fuck all at the same time. Take me. God I love you…


Natalie Wonder - Theres No Place Like Home

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