Sasha Curves - Can't Stop Dreaming of Mommy

Sasha Curves – Can’t Stop Dreaming of Mommy

In your dreams, mommy is fucking you. Her big boobs bouncing up and down, her soft moans filling your ears, her hands holding your face so you can gaze into her eyes and her lips touch yours while she moans that she loves you. You can feel your end coming as mommy begs you to cum inside her…. Cum… cum… come on, wake up! Your dream is interrupted as mommy wakes you up to come and get breakfast. You can’t stop dreaming of her though. You’re so in love and addicted to your mommy that she’s infiltrated your dreams, even sneaking into your daydreams as you zone out and fantasize about her curvy body while she talks to you. You lay down for a snooze and mommy comes and joins you for a cuddle, but the feel of her plump ass pressed against you gets you rock hard and you’re soon back to dreaming about fucking her. The temptation is too strong and you just want to cum inside mommy so bad…

Sasha Curves - Can't Stop Dreaming of Mommy

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