Step Mom Has A Gambling Problem - Ashley Alban

Step Mom Has A Gambling Problem – Ashley Alban

You come into the kitchen and find your step-mom having a meltdown. You have a feeling what it’s about. You ask her how last night went. As usual, she launches into a story about how she was winning at the casino and thought she could make up for all of her losses, but she ended up losing everything. She tells you that you can’t tell your dad. She even asks you to cover for her since she withdrew more money at the casino and lost it too. She asks if you can say it was you, and says that you can fuck her again if you do. Just as she says that, your dad walks in. She immediately changes her tone and tells him she’s going to cook some food, and he leaves to take a shower. Your step-mom turns back to you and asks if you want to continue the arrangement.
You say yes, and say that you want to fuck her right now, in the kitchen, while your dad is showering. She is exasperated because she knows there isn’t much time, but since she is desperate for your help she agrees. She tells you to get your dick out and start stroking to speed up the process. You ask her to show off her ass while you do it. She leans over the counter and starts to shake her ass. Her legging are so see-through that you can see exactly what panties she is wearing underneath. After teasing you for a bit, she pulls her leggings and panties down and tells you to come get your payment. You slide your dick in a fuck her doggystyle. You ask if she likes it, and she tells you that this is just an arrangement to get your help. But, as you pound away, she begins to moan. She can’t help but get into it and she is soon begging for you to cum inside of her. After, she quickly pulls up her leggings and fixes herself up so it looks like nothing happened.

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Step Mom Has A Gambling Problem - Ashley Alban

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