Lanie Love - Mom's Guidance

Lanie Love – Mom’s Guidance

Your mom is here to help you with something, but you don’t know what. She beings to tell you how your girlfriend has called venting to her about how you two don’t have sex. Why would either of them be talking about this to each other? You don’t know. “Look honey, I love you guys and I want you to work out. So Mom’s going to give you some guidance and once you agree, you have to give me complete control, okay?” Of course you give her control, she’s your mom and she definitely knows best. She turns around and shows off for you telling you it’s okay. She wants you to get hard for her. She pulls down her pants showing off her perfect ass in her thong. Your mom is insanely hot and always has been, she really takes care of herself which you’ve always admired. “Go ahead Son, take it out, I want to see you stroke it for Mommy”. She teases more then gets on her knees, “See hun, I’m going to make you cum today and you’ll remember this. Think of me every time you think of saying no to your woman. You’ll be instantly hard from this and will never have to worry about sex problems again”. This is too hot and you want to explode. Maybe she’s right, maybe this WILL work.


Lanie Love - Mom's Guidance

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