Rhea Sweet - Mom and Son Family Visting

Rhea Sweet – Mom and Son Family Visting

Annoyed, I pull my son into my bedroom where I can talk to him alone. We have a house full of people. Our whole entire family is here right now, and he keeps staring at me the whole time! What is he thinking?! Oh he’s telling me he has a problem. What kind of problem is that, son? Looks down? What is he talking about… ? Oh. That kind of problem. Wow. He is rock hard. Okay, well, he needs to go take care of it then. He wants my help? No, first of all, That’s a little inappropriate. There are soooo many people here. Our entire family is here! What if someone just walked in and caught us? Oh, yes, of course I love my son. Okay fine, as long as it gets him to cum faster so we can get back out there. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Okay, I tell my son to unzip his pants and pull “him” out for me. Oh, wow. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. Now Mommy is just going to start touching it a little bit. Oh that’s good. Hmm now he is looking at my tits. Hey, what does he think is going on here. Let’s just focus on the task at hand. Now I get it, why he was staring at me. So I turn him on? No, I can’t be turning him on. That’s crossing a line. Yes, I do want to help him, but Mommy is just wrapping her head around this. Yes, I guess it’s okay for him to stare at Mommy’s titties. I probably did nurse him for too long. I wish he would just cum already. We have a whole family waiting for us. He says I should use my mouth. I don’t know, we have so crossed a line already. He says he’ll cum right away. You promise? Okay, Mommy will do that, but we have to be quick okay? It’s been a while for Mommy, so I just… go down here? and put my son’s cock in my mouth? Wow, I’m a little nervous. I mean, this is how he was conceived. Well, at least how it started. I get on my knees and slide my son’s cock in my mouth. He says it feels good! Oh good sweetie. We need to hurry this up. He wants to keep going. Well, what will speed this up? Mommy’s pussy? No, I think that’s way too far. Somebody could still walk in on us. I don’t know, once you cross that line, you can never come back. But he is my son, and because I love him so much, we’ll do it. But we HAVE to be quick. It would not be good for the whole family to catch us. I’m sure it would help to pull Mommy’s titties out too. I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m about to have sex with my son. Yes, Mommy is really wet right now. I guess Mommy is enjoying this too. Okay, I’m ready to have my son inside of me now. I slide down on my son’s cock. It feels so nice. His cock feels so good inside of Mommy’s pussy. I try to keep quiet, knowing that the whole family is just on the other side of that door. Oh Mommy is close to cumming, but this isn’t about me. This is just supposed to be about my son. Oh, but Mommy is going to cum. Mommy cums all over my son’s cock. I cover my mouth to stifle my load moans as my son makes me cum on his hard cock. My good sweet boy took care of Mommy, even though this was supposed to be all about making him cum. I can’t believe how good this feels, but it’s his turn now. He needs to cum for Mommy. He keeps fighting cumming, wanting to be inside of Mommy> He needs to hurry up, as someone could walk in soon. I ride my son’s fat, hard cock, bouncing my titties in his face to get him off. Wait, I hear footsteps! They’re walking towards the door! Shhh! We have to be quiet now! After a moment, I can hear them walk away. Oh my god that was close! That would have been so bad for someone to walk in on us like this! I start riding my son hard again, getting him to cum for me. He says he’s getting close to cumming, and he wants to cum somewhere specific. He wants to cum on Mommy’s face. I guess it’s better than having him cum inside of me. I mean, that would be bad. I talk dirty to my son, getting him nice and turned on. I keep telling him to cum on Mommy’s face to get him to cum. I pull his cock out just in time for him to shoot a massive cumload all over my face, in my mouth, and dripping down my titties. Oh my goodness, this is so much cum! Now I need to clean up and act normal. What a good son he is.

Rhea Sweet - Mom and Son Family Visting

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