Rhea Sweet - Lawyer Mommy Blackmailed by Son

Rhea Sweet – Lawyer Mommy Blackmailed by Son

As I’m getting ready to leave, my son comes into my room to show me something. He better be quick because I need to be across town for a legal meeting in about 30 minutes. He hands me his phone and says “watch this.” I click play to start the video on his phone. My moans echo through the room as I watch myself getting fucked in this video. Holy fuck. This is a video of me cheating on his father. Okay, clearly he wants something. I’m a lawyer, I know how this works. What is it that he wants? Does he want to stay out later, more of an allowance? He says he wants to “see more of me.” What does he mean, like be home more. Oh. He means… MORE of me. I don’t understand. Where is this coming from? He says he has feelings for me. He knows that’s wrong, right? I mean, I’m flattered, but that’s just something that mothers and sons shouldn’t do. So I tell him to think of anything else. But he says he doesn’t want anything else. Well okay, if all I have to do is just show him, I guess there is no harm in that. He used to see Mommy naked all the time growing up. I unzip my dress, showing him the black lingerie underneath my dress. Is this what he wanted, what he was hoping for? Okay then. Now I tell him to delete that video. He’s seen enough. Not enough? How much more does he want? He wants to do the things he saw in that video with me. Son, he knows that’s wrong. But he starts getting handsy with me and pulls me into him. Well, I guess it’s better than his father finding out. Both of us lawyers, things could get messy. If this is what my son wants, then we might as well. Looks like he’s learned a little bit too much from me. I unzip the rest of my dress to show my son my full body. I admit I’m getting a little turned on by this power game. I realize this is what he’s been thinking about this whole time. Then honestly, I’m surprised it took him so long to act on it. And blackmailing me? It kinda turns Mommy on knowing that he’s learned so much from me. Nobody’s been able to do that to me in a very long time. So of course it would be my own son. Rubbing my hands on my body, I am enjoying showing off my body to my son. Does he think he can handle his Mommy? Of course he does, but we’ll just see. Well so he’s getting what he wanted with him Mommy. As long as he promises to delete that video and won’t tell his father. I bend over on the bend and tell him to pull his cock out. Oh my god, my son’s cock is such a big boy! If only I’d known. I wrap my lips around my son’s fat cock, getting it nice and wet. I can barely fit my mouth around the head, but it’s such a nice cock, I keep working it deeper into my mouth. No, I’m not going to tell him if it’s bigger than his father’s. Well, maybe we should move on to the next course, since I can tell he’s about to cum everywhere. I mean, he can cum right now if he goes ahead and deletes that video for me. Yeah, I didn’t think I would be able to convince him. He really wants Mommy’s pussy wrapped around his big cock. I lay on my back and tell my son to come get some of Mommy. He wants to take charge of Mommy. I tall him to shove that big fat cock in side of Mommy. He rubs it against my pussy, teasing me. I tell him that he knows what to do. Shove that cock inside of Mommy. Yes, stretch your mother’s pussy. But now it’s my turn. I take over, pushing my son down and flipping on top of him. I ride my son’s cock so hard, telling him how wet he makes me. That’s something else I did right, giving him that ability to stretch his mother’s pussy. I ride my son until I want him to take me again. I bend over, telling him to take his mother from behind. My son lines up his big fat cock as I shake my ass for him, telling him to give it to his mommy. He stretches my pussy again, making me gush wetness all over my son’s cock. He fucks me hard from behind until I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to cum, and I want him to cum with me. Just as I’m cumming, he pulls out and shoots his cum all over my back and my ass. The thought of his cum all over me makes me cum that much harder. Now that we’re done, we’re even now. I tell him to delete that video. He better not have any backups either. Trust me, I’ll know. I’m one of the best lawyers there are. And don’t go telling his father either.

Rhea Sweet - Lawyer Mommy Blackmailed by Son

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