Penny Barber - Mommy Diapers, Plugs, and Cucks You

Penny Barber – Mommy Diapers, Plugs, and Cucks You

It’s been a while since MommyDom got good and properly fucked, not that I don’t enjoy your soft little mouth. But sometimes MommyDom just needs to get reamed, you know? You’re so eager to finally get what big boys get that you start tugging at your diaper, but not so fast! Your job is to just sit quietly and watch while MommyDom takes a real man. First I’m going to put a pretty, glass butt plug up your tush. You just make the cutest expressions when you have something in your butt! Then you need a pacifier to make sure that you’re nice and quiet and don’t start crying while I’m taking my bull’s fat dick. And I’m going to tie you up because…why not? This is happening, sweetie, so you might as well enjoy it! Was that the doorbell that I just heard? After I answer the door in my lingerie, I lead him back to the bedroom and show that big, hard stud how much I love a big, hard dick. I know you’re jealous, sweetie, but some dicks are just better than others: some need pussies and some need diapers. It isn’t all bad news, though. Since you were such a good little cuckybaby I’m going to let you lick a creamy treat out of my pussy! Timestamps: 4:19 Diapering you 5:10 Bra out 7:58 Putting a butt plug in your cute little tush 10:44 Pacifier and bondage 16:58 Bull arrives 17:20 Stroking his big cock 17:53 Blowjob for my stud while you watch 22:11 Titty fucking 23:42 More blowjob 24:39 Playing with my tits 26:00 Even more blowjob! (MommyDom just loves to suck bull dick.) 28:26 Doggy style sex 32:28 MommyDom cums on her stud’s big cock 34:11 Missionary sex 37:19 MommyDom orgasms while being filled with bull jizz 38:18 Making you lick cum out of my pussy.


Penny Barber - Mommy Diapers, Plugs, and Cucks You

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