Josie Cairaway - Stepmommy’s Feet Hurt JOI

Josie Cairaway – Stepmommy’s Feet Hurt JOI

Oh good, you’re home. I have had the hardest day today. I was on my feet way more than I planned and these heels have made my feet so sore. Would you mind giving me a foot rub? I hate to ask but I could really use one. You don’t mind? Great, let me get these heels off. I have been wearing them all day so sorry if my feet smell a little. Oh, you like the smell? Interesting. Hmm, just like that. Rub harder, really work your thumbs up and down my arches. Now, rub and tug on each one of my toes individually. Yes, just like that. Now, work the ball of my foot. That feels so good. It’s so relaxing, Are you okay? You just suddenly got very red in the face and you look embarrassed. Oh! I see. It’s okay, I like it. In fact, I figured this would happen. I’ve noticed how you’ve been watching me around the house lately. Especially when I wear skirts and heels. All those panty flashes that you think were accidental were nott. I wanted you to look. I’ve been fantasizing about you, in your room, jerking off to my feet and panties. Well, we’re both going to live out a fantasy right now. We’re going to play a little game. You’re going to pull out your cock and stroke it for me. When I put my foot in your mouth, you will stroke slowly and concentrate on pleasing me with your tongue. When I spread my legs and flash you my panties, you will rest your nose against my foot, inhale my scent, and stare at my panties while you stroke faster. You will keep doing this until I give you a cum countdown, naughty boy. Now, open wide and let’s begin.


Josie Cairaway - Stepmommy’s Feet Hurt JOI

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