Olive Wood - But Mommy, My Friends are Over

Olive Wood – But Mommy, My Friends are Over

You typically don’t invite friends over. Every time you do, they can’t seem to stop looking at Mommy and you despise the way she seems to delight in flirting with them. To your dismay, it’s your turn to host your friend group’s sleepover and you’ve begged Mommy to stay out of your way. When you arrive home with your friends, it’s clear that Mommy didn’t get the memo. Bent over the floor on all fours in a pair of skintight yoga pants and a sheer bra, Mommy cheerfully greets your friend group and urges them to make themselves at home. As they get friendlier with her, you can no longer conceal your frustration and pull her into the other room for a private discussion.

Olive Wood - But Mommy, My Friends are Over

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