Harley Sin - Loving Mommy's Beautiful Feet

Harley Sin – Loving Mommy’s Beautiful Feet

Virtual foot licking & toe sucking. Cum countdown and Impregnation Fantasy** Mommy found out your secret. She knows you’ve been pleasuring yourself with her pantyhose but she’s not at all mad. Quite the opposite. She’s happy. She’s wanted this for a long time. She starts kissing you and takes her clothes off. Finding her pantyhose knowing what you were doing, turned her on. She wants to know why her pantyhose? Oh. It’s because her feet were in them. Mommy gets down in front of you and starts sucking your cock. She wants you to look at her beautiful feet while she pleasures you. She uses her spit to get your cock nice and wet. It’s her feet you’ve always fantasied about, and she wants you to enjoy them. She wants you to enjoy them so much, she wraps them around you cock. She strokes you with her feet and spits all over you dick for lube. She loves the feeling so much, she begs you to put it in her. Mommy fucks you, slow at first. She wants you to lick her sole, suck on her toes. Her toes curl in your face as you pound her pussy and suck on those long pretty toes of her. It feel too good she thinks shes going to cum. She wants you both to cum at the same time but by counting backwards from 10. She takes her time, counts down with dirt talk in between each number. She wants you to impregnate her. She wants all your seed. Won’t you give that to her?


Harley Sin - Loving Mommy's Beautiful Feet

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