Domina Elara - Sex Psychologist Becomes Your Mommy

Domina Elara – Sex Psychologist Becomes Your Mommy

“What will you do if your sex psychologist makes you call her “”Step-Mommy””? Your sex psychologist welcomes you back. After doing some psychological tests on you she discovers your secret kink and desire… she smoothly unbuckles your trousers and starts stroking your cock. She spits all over your cock, while running her slender fingers up and down your shaft. You can’t help but get hard. She teases you with her full, huge tits… she teases you about the masturbation schedule you’ve been dutifully following. You blush, you get even harder… She pulls down her dress, exposing her full tits and tells you to call her “”Step-Mommy””. She tells you it’s for your own good. She just wants you to do what Step-Mommy says. You stroke as she tells you to. She pulls up her dress and exposes her white panties, gently fondling herself. She gently tells you to stroke for Step-Mommy as she teases you, telling you to be fully devoted to Step-Mommy. Nothing else feels as good as Step-Mommy. She then gives you a naughty task, just for Step-Mommy. It’s so sexy, it makes you even harder. She insists it’s for your own good. For your treatment… She makes you stroke faster as you agree. Making you cum right there in front of her, just for Step-Mommy.

Domina Elara - Sex Psychologist Becomes Your Mommy

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