Natalie Wonder Clips - A Dutiful Mom Never Says No

Natalie Wonder Clips – A Dutiful Mom Never Says No

Baby, I’m not sure if right now is a good time. Daddy’s right upstairs. You’re right, he probably won’t hear us…but…sometimes when I let you fuck me, I can’t help but let out those loud moans. What if you’re fucking me and I moan too loudly? Your father will definitely know something sneaky is going on and he’ll come down. Oh sweetie, I can feel your hard cock rubbing up against my leg. You’re super horny, aren’t you. I’d love for you to fuck me right now but mommy’s so nervous. I dunno…should we risk it? Oh who am I kidding, I can never say no to my boy. Okay, fuck me. But quietly. And where will you cum? You can’t leave your cum juice splattered all over just in case daddy comes down. Inside my pussy? Perfect. No evidence left behind. Shhhhhh let’s whisper…rub your hard cock against my pussy first…I want to feel your cock head rubbing against my clit. Mmmmm how bad do you want to fuck your mommy…tell me. Oh I LOVE hearing those words. Slide it in…oh fuck…your cock is already glistening with mommy’s pussy juice. Look how it slides in and out…I love watching that. Pump mommy nice and slow while I rub my pussy…ohhhhh it’s incredible…am I being too loud?? I need to be quiet…low moans…deep, slow thrusts and your warm cum filling up my pussy…

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Natalie Wonder Clips - A Dutiful Mom Never Says No

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